War Thunder Q&A – 10th May 2016 + French B1 Gameplay

I could not resist posting this, sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

From Russian forums.

1) At least two more open-top SPG are planned for German tree on tier 4 and 5 (Waffentrager 8.8 HYPE). Maybe there will be another one (third one) for tier 5;

2) DM has not been changed for the past year. Changes for aircrafts DM are planned in the nearest future;

3) In a few days there will a patch that will boost HE shells (medium and large calibers) performance (finally) on light armored vehicles;

4) There were two Centurion Mk. 10, but they have no plans on adding another one;

5) (!!!) LMS – Last Man Standing may be excluded from WT;

6) Next week there is gonna be a patch that will change bombs and torpedos – they will add (into the bomb and torp info) mass, mass of explosives, radius of shrapnel, and penetration of EVERY bomb and torp in the game!;

7) Later they will also rely on the existing info of effective WWII bomb runs and torpedo attacks;

8) Every rocket in the game will get additional info about its effectiveness, penetration, radius and shrapnel;

9) They don’t think that capturing a circle in the middle of nowhere is a good thing, they are working on smth that will make sense (ammo depots as a cap zone?);

10) In 1.61 (july? august? september?) they will add a bunch of SPAA, early and late (Gepard hype?);

11) Add. armor will never be available for players to place (’cause it will fuck up DM). But they are planning to give add. armor for every vehicle in the game;

12) In 1.59 there will be more premiums for British;

13) 76 mm+ SPAA to come into WT;

14) More armoured cars to come (Puma?);

15) They need more tanks on tier 5, then they see a point in separating Post-WWII vehicles from WWII. If you combine that with info about them working on a lot of Post-WWII crafts…OH BOY;

16) New modifications of leo and m60 to come;

17) FINALLY. Japanese GF tree is confirmed to come out this year, though most likely as a premiums (like with British tanks);