WoWS Q&A – 10th May 2016

I would like to tell first that the USS Texas is available on the ASIA server for 23 $. Enjoy.

Thanks to Babykim, Kartoffelmos.

Molotov on sale on RU since yesterday.

Not exactly from the RU server/community, but gamemodels3d has recently(?) been updated with a new test server build. In general:

  • IJN cruisers from tier 4 to tier 6 have had their AA adjusted (buffed), with Aoba getting an additional 10 DPS at long range while Furutaka gets better long range AA (20) as well as better self-defence AA.
  • Furutaka gets an improved third hull with 3 turrets which also rotate faster (one additional deg/s).
  • Nürnberg, Hipper and Königsberg get new/updated top hulls, with Königsberg getting a catapult fighter (at the the expense of AA power, it appears).
  • Roon and Hindenberg get reduced AA.
  • Tier 4 and tier 6-8 IJN BBs get updated AA (buffed, it appears).
  • Secondary guns get their damage output reduced on some IJN ships (100 mm/65 Type98, mounted on f.ex. Zao/Ibuki); the “aura strength” gets reduced from 0.208 to 0,133.
  • Tier 8-10 USN BBs get longer range on their secondary guns (tier-dependant) and updated AA (if I read it correctly, nerfs on t8-9, buff on t10).
  • Nagato and Omaha get updated turrets, not sure if there is anything different with the stats.
  • Iowa and Montana receive a speed buff, the top speed is now 33 and 30 knots, respectively.
  • The 37 mm 46-K gets improved range on all Soviet ships (from 2,0 km to 3,2 km and from 3,2 km to 3,5 km, depending on ship).
  • Tier 7 USN cruiser Indianapolis is also added.