World of Aimbot – Update #3

Seems that all the noise created by the most recent Aimbot video out there, finally made WG EU Staff react. On my previous update, WG Staff replied to me agreeing that the mod is indeed illegal. Now someone else in WG EU Staff agrees that the mod this player was using is illegal, and some WG EU Staff didn’t send the correct information back to the players who reported this situation.

You can check the Official EU Forum Topic if you want to see everything. Also WG EU Staff kindly reminded us that there is an official stance on mods, and players should use common sense to figure out themselves which mods are illegal.

Of course this is crap, because it doesn’t tell us exactly what mods are illegal, but if you read it carefully you can see that:

“(…) Mods that totally alter *how* you play the game (…) When you’re being fed information that is not normally available either from your own eyesight/field of vision, and are basically relying on your mods to dictate what you should do and when, that’s when things are going too far. (…) a default client, you would clearly have an advantage over them as you’re getting game data they don’t have (…) Even if this information was estimates, it’s giving you too much detailed info that normally you’d never know. At that stage it’s less about you playing the game but more about you playing your mods and the game is a secondary factor.

This means, mods that show you where internal modules can be (even if just estimated), armour thickness of your opponent, timers with reloading time, falling objects in your mini-map, etc. All of them are illegal and if someone reports you with strong evidence, you will be banned. I would advise players to carefully read the topic so you know what the WG EU Official Statement is on game modifications.

To be honest, this just makes it harder for players, because it’s in your hands to decide what to use and what not to use. Also it creates extra work for WG, because when players are reported, they will have to investigate and it will take a long time, also some Staff don’t even play the game and they don’t know what they are looking for.

My opinion is that WG EU should make a list on what mods are illegal and keep this list updated. Also it would be good to have some kind of checking measures on what mods you run, but that’s an extra topic if we go there.

According to some sources, the player in question got a 7 days ban and I could confirm that he has either left or been removed from his clan. Not the ban he deserved, but still is a ban. Let’s hope that if we keep reporting and making “more noise”, WG EU will finally make some changes.


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