World of Aimbot – Update #3

Seems that all the noise created by the most recent Aimbot video out there, finally made WG EU Staff react. On my previous update, WG Staff replied to me agreeing that the mod is indeed illegal. Now someone else in WG EU Staff agrees that the mod this player was using is illegal, and some WG EU Staff didn’t send the correct information back to the players who reported this situation.

You can check the Official EU Forum Topic if you want to see everything. Also WG EU Staff kindly reminded us that there is an official stance on mods, and players should use common sense to figure out themselves which mods are illegal.

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World of Aimbot – Update #1

As many of you are aware, I have raised a ticket to Wargaming EU Support regarding the Aimbot video that was publishED today. If you haven’t seen the video and read my ticket to Wargaming, check the World of Aimbot post so you don’t miss anything.

I just got a reply back from Wargaming, and was I surprised with the reply? Hmmm…. No. I got the standard reply, that someone sitting on a chair, trying to decide if he should do some work for the day, just made his mind and copied & pasted it to my ticket and pressed send.

“Stupid is, stupid does.” – Forest Gump

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World of Aimbot

Welcome to World of Tanks Aim Bot.

I’ve been doing some research on cheats or illegal mods as some call them, for World of Tanks, to see to what extension this is actually affecting the game. To my surprise, a friend of mine that plays for OMNI, sent me this video from laponaK OMNI a member of the same clan. What you are just about to see, it will leave you without any comments or most probably will confirm what you have suspected for a long time. Those strange skill shots some players do? Seems no skill is required to do them.

I’ve contacted laponaK and he was kind enough to send me the actual replay file. So, I have sent a ticket to Wargaming with the video, the replay and a long letter asking for some official feedback regarding this.

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