World of Aimbot – Update #1

As many of you are aware, I have raised a ticket to Wargaming EU Support regarding the Aimbot video that was publishED today. If you haven’t seen the video and read my ticket to Wargaming, check the World of Aimbot post so you don’t miss anything.

I just got a reply back from Wargaming, and was I surprised with the reply? Hmmm…. No. I got the standard reply, that someone sitting on a chair, trying to decide if he should do some work for the day, just made his mind and copied & pasted it to my ticket and pressed send.

“Stupid is, stupid does.” – Forest Gump

Wargaming still believes they can tell us, “We will investigate (do nothing) but we can’t tell you any information (confirm we did nothing)”. Because I work at a Support Helpdesk, these kind of answers don’t make me very happy. So, I am not giving up, I will keep re-opening the ticket until I get something out of Wargaming. Here is my reply:

Hello Stanislav Tábor,
My question remains unanswered. I asked what is Wargaming doing to prevent situations like this?
Six years of my time, a few hundreds of £ invested in the game, don’t seem to be worth much for you, because, even despite my request, all I got was a copy & paste reply.
I would like to know:
1- Why Wargaming is doing nothing against this mods that are against the rules?
2- Why Wargaming doesn’t tell us what is the conclusion of these “investigations” you have?
3- Why no player ever reported regarding this issue, has been severely punished?
We live in a free World, and I supported the game up to this point. Knowing that the company that asks me to support them, is not supporting me, makes me wonder what kind of company this is.
At the moment I believe and feel I am NOT receiving the game I was promised, and players playing without breaking any rules make no difference to you. So it also makes me believe that the company is lying to its clients, when it claims it’s a clean game and not rigged.
I do hope, this time, I will get a genuine reply regarding this issue. That we, the players, get some serious feedback telling us and SHOWING us that you are dealing with THESE problems.
And I would like to know what is the conclusion of this investigation, because if I reported a problem, I demand a reply, or are you not a Support Service?
Best Regards,
Duarte Teixeira
P.S: In the Support Company I work for, the reply you have sent me, would get you fired.