Grand Finals tank that has not been revealed yet!

WG is trolling again, this time with 70 euros VIP ticket that gives you:

  • Entrance to the venue one hour before everyone else.
  • Dedicated queuing, allowing faster entrance to Torwar Hall.
  • A dedicated premium seat.
  • A goodie bag with a special Uber voucher.
  • The premium British Tier V Heavy Excelsior.
  • Two Tier VIII premium tanks: the heavy IS-3A, and a very fancy Grand Finals tank that has not been revealed yet!


World of Aimbot – Update #3

Seems that all the noise created by the most recent Aimbot video out there, finally made WG EU Staff react. On my previous update, WG Staff replied to me agreeing that the mod is indeed illegal. Now someone else in WG EU Staff agrees that the mod this player was using is illegal, and some WG EU Staff didn’t send the correct information back to the players who reported this situation.

You can check the Official EU Forum Topic if you want to see everything. Also WG EU Staff kindly reminded us that there is an official stance on mods, and players should use common sense to figure out themselves which mods are illegal.

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