Developers' talk for 2016

– the devs understand that the “Rampage” mode didn’t become very popular;
– instead of creating new games, they want to focus on fixes and improvements of existing projects;
– at first, arty was intended to resolve the camper problem and have LT and other artys as their main enemies, however nowadays LT are unable to fulfill this task due to corridor maps;
– “nowadays, there are no weighty reasons to play LT besides completing personal missions”;
– because flanking maneuvers are practically nonexistent in the game, arty makes players stay defensive instead of battling campers;
– because of new consumables/equipment tanks became more precise than 5 years ago, so it’s not very hard to hit a moving LT, whereas they (the LTs) have it harder to move from A to B because of the new physics;
– new physics will come in 9.15, if nothing changes (still needs further testing);
– the map size cannot currently be increased because of tanks like T95 and Maus, however an option for additional spawns for slow tanks are considered;
– corridor maps were a mistake, they were made to increase the survivability of tanks like Maus, however this wrecked the “ecosystem” of the LTs;
– some LT problems could be fixed by map rebalances, however the devs consider this the worse option, instead thinking about rebalancing the vehicle class;
– there are many options considered regarding arty rebalance: making arty a support class, having for example smoke rounds or flares to spot enemies, cassette rounds to do module/crew damage instead of HP;
– it’s possible that the appearance of new maps and weather conditions could help LTs fulfill their role;
– another problem lies in the fact that there are “correct” kits of crew skills + equipment and all others are deemed unnecessary, the devs want to solve this too;
– in the ideal scenario, WG want to give as much choice as possible to the players, to make all the equipment usable and valid; a system is regarded where you can set up equipment configurations and, depending on the current map, choose the suitable configuration;
– the devs consider no problem with premium rounds, but with corridor maps, which force MT to face HT head-on and to use prem ammo; the easy solution would be to nerf premium ammo, but a better one would be to provide flanking options for LT and MT;
– WG wants to bring back the times where each nation had their “signifying characteristic”, as in: Germans are precise, French are fast and lightly armored, USSR – high alpha, low precision, however with more branches and nations, the amount of options decreases;
– a look at crew skills shows that they’re all passive, but what if ckills with active abilities would appear: e.g. providing an instant repair, or if “Sixth Sense” would spot concealed enemies temporarily; such changes are currently regarded;
– it would be good to have viable gun options on tanks, as the Chinese MT have: faster firing gun with lower alpha or other way around;
– the buff of the machinegun turret on the T110E5 during the HD rework was unintentional;
– the tanks statistics should be more available and understandable, especially for new players, who don’t yet understand if 40mm of frontal armor is good on tier 4 or if 0.4 precision is good on a tier 6 MT;
– overall, WG wants to provide more options and choices to the players, there should be less “wrong” options in skilling the crew and outfitting the tank;