Cajun_Terror’s Stream Giveaway

January 16th at
Cajun Terror is a friend of mine, and this is pretty important (free stuff is always important).


North American server only, Prizes must be in gift shop.

For Followers

Tier 8 tank of players choice
Dicker Max
3000 Gold


7 days of premium time
1250 Gold
Dicker Max
Schedule: January 16th
Stream Starts: 3 Pm EST
Viewer Platoons: 4 Pm EST
Giveaway Starts: 5 Pm EST    

Prizes will be given away at random intervals. The tier 8 prize will not be given away unless there are at least 100 viewers.
Winner will have 5 minutes to claim the prize. If the winner does not respond within 5 minutes a new winner will be chosen.
Be sure to follow the channel in order to be eligible for the large prizes.