British Heavy Tank Historical Rework

By SovietTenkDestroyer
The heavy Brits are not the most liked tree. Except, for the recently buffed Conqueror. So to make them more likable, I composed a reworked tree that will make less of an actual chore to grind them and make them actual enjoyable tanks. So far, the Brits aren’t the most accurate. The FV215b is an example. Completely made up by WarGaming. Here is my proposal but no Churchill replacement but at least a good one.
Tier 5 Premium or Normal: A38 Valiant
Valiant Tank.jpg
If you don’t know about the Valiant, I’ll tell you. THIS tank is probably one of the biggest failures… It’s a failure for it’s time, I mean. So if it’s a failure why are you proposing it? Well, most of  the things that made it a failure are not represented. This tank was supposed to be based off the Valentine tank but ended up being a large redesign. Only a few things were kept the same as the Valentine. It was meant to be used in Asia to fight the Japanese in the far east. The Brits wanted a tank that would help the infantry that they already had… I’m talking about the Sherman. It was also meant to have the thickest armor while keeping the weight down, which to be fair, they kinda achieved. Well at least compared to tanks that were present on the battlefield. So what made this tank so bad? It was an ergonomical nightmare… Sources say that you can get very, very tired just by attempting to drive it and 3 people had to fit into a fairly small turret with a 6 pdr. There’s also many places where the pedal can catch your foot, causing you to get injuries and sharp edges that can damage your skull if the tank ever rocked too much. The driver was in the worst position. The range of the vehicle was abysmal…  Not to mention that the 27 ton tank was powered by a 210 horse power diesel engine. Barely after using the tank, the commanding officer quickly cancelled any hope for this vehicle and now stands for tank engineers as a way on how NOT to design a tank.
Hit points: 500-600
Weight: 27 tons
Speed: 20/?
Engine: 210
Power-to-weight: 7.8
Hull traverse: 18
Turret traverse: 22-24
Viewrange: 360-370
Hull armor: Possibly 114mm on the front. 114/?/?
Turret armor: 114/?/?
Gun: QF 6 pdr (57mm)
DPM: 1600-1900
Penetration: 110/180/30
Damage: 75/75/100
Aim time: 1.9
Accuracy: 0.38-0.41
Depression: ?/?
Tier 6: Black Prince
Black Prince tank.jpg
The black prince in tier 7 is mediocre at best. It lack speed, mobility, firepower, penetration, and even the armor. There’s many guns that can penetrate it easily in tier 7. So, I thought it was logical to move it to tier 6. The Churchill VII is also mediocre at tier 6. Having the same problems as the Black Prince. The Black Prince will be a historical Churchill VII with a pretty good turret and extra penetration. Also, the alpha will not be as big of a problem as it is in tier 7.
Hit points: 860
Weight: 51 tons
Speed: 20/12
Engine: 350
Power-to-weight: 6.86 Terrain resistance to balance it out.
Hull traverse: 25
Turret traverse: 30
Viewrange: 350-360
Hull armor: 152.4/95.3/50.8
Turret armor: 240/95.2/101.6
Gun: 17 pdr Gun Mk. VII
DPM: 1800
Penetration: 171/239/38
Damage: 150/150/190
Aimtime: 2.3
Accuracy: 0.36
Depression: -8/20
Tier 7: FV221 Caenarvon

The Caenarvon is a decent vehicle to some and a mediocre at best to others. You lack DPM, turret armor, alpha damage, mobility, and speed. It was slightly unhistorical until the Action X turret was placed. Prior to that, the only thing that was unhistorical was the gun. It never used the OQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel. It’s an upgrade over the Type A barrel with a fume extractor to go with it. The hull armor is pretty good, however when you angle, you’re pretty weak, side armor shows. Not to mention that the lower plate is butter. So why not remove the Action X turret and the Type B barrel and just move it a tier down. Sounds like a pretty good tank to me.
Hit points: 1100-1300
Weight: 60 tons
Speed: 34.3/12
Engine: 810
Power-to-weight: 13.5
Hull traverse: 22
Turret traverse: 30
Viewrange: 360-370
Hull armor: 130/50.8/38.1
Turret armor: 152.4/88.9/88.9
Gun: QQF 20 pdr Gun Type A Barrel
DPM: 1600-1900
Penetration: 226/258/42
Damage: 230/230/280
Aimtime: 2.4-2.7
Accuracy: 0.33-0.36
Depression: -8/15
Tier 8: FV201 with 4.5 inch (114mm) gun
FV201 tank.jpg
So I know this won’t be the most popular of choices for tier 8 but it’s basically a FV201 that is already in tier 7 as premium but with a 4.5 inch HV (High Velocity) gun. Meaning that it’s basically FV201 with a pretty big gun. It was just a proposal, no actual documents have been found, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was never designed. Maybe some digging into the British archives can find them as it has found the Super Conqueror. I wouldn’t be surprised if more tanks exist. So it will have superb gun handling. Basically, a FV221 with weaker hull armor but a powerful gun.
Hit point: 1500-1700
Weight: 56 tons
Speed: 35/16
Engine: 800
Power-to-weight: 14.28
Hull traverse: 28
Turret traverse: 37.5
Viewrange: 380
Hull armor: 76.2/50.8/38.1
Turret armor: 152.4/88.9/88.9
Gun: 4.5 inch HV (114mm)
DPM: 2200-2500
Penetration: 225-235
Damage: 350-390/350-390/450-460
Aimtime: 2.1-2.4
Accuracy: 0.33-0.36
Depression: ?/?
Tier 9: Unnecessary Upgrades: Conqueror (14mm spaced armor) or Super Conqueror (Turret)
14mm burster plate upgrade.jpg
Super Conqueror turret.jpg
There are two possible upgrades. The Super Conqueror (turret) or the 14mm spaced armor. There are two Super Conquerors that seem to exist, the turret and a Conqueror that was fitted with 20mm + 14mm armor
to a regular Conqueror (See tier 10 candidate paragragh) So the Super Conqueror which I think WarGaming wants to implement as the FV215b is not a good choice. It’s better if they put it as a turret upgrade. However, you’ll have to lose 5mm of armor but you get 13.5 inches of turret armor and 7 inches of side armor.  Meaning that you will only have 125mm of armor. On the other hand, there is a possible hull upgrade that can be used greatly with the different hulls idea. 14mm spaced armor plates were commisioned to all Conquerors but since it was peace time, there was no need. However, there is no need for these upgrades. The Conqueror is a great tank.
Super Conqueror (turret)
Turret: 342.9/177.8/?
Hull: 125/50.8/38.1
Tier 10: Chieftain or Super Conqueror (14mm spaced armor + 20mm applique armor)
Spaced Armored Super Conqueror.jpgHere is the other Super Conqueror that was used as a target. It’s basically a tier 9 Conqueror with the 14mm spaced armor and with 20mm applique armor. That’s basically it. You get 164mm of upper front plate armor. There’s also the Chieftain that was delayed… Granted, WarGaming has said that they wanted tier 11 tanks not necessarily with modern tanks but the Chieftain might be a tier 11 tank or they’re saving it up for a mini-branch.
Official stats
Hitpoints: 2300
Weight: 55
Engine: 720
Power-to-weight: 13.09
Maximum speed: 42
Hull traverse: 40
Turret traverse: 30
Viewrange: 390
Hull armor: 85/50/25
Turret armor: 350/140/30
Gun: 120mm L11
DPM: 2927
Damage: 400/400/515
Penetration: 270/310/140
Accuracy: 0.307
Aim time: 1.44
Depression: -10/+20