WoT Tankfest Q&A (27.06.2017)

Interviewed were Thaine Lyman (L) (ex-Activision employee, now at Wargaming) and Vyacheslav Makarov (M).

Q: First, I’d like to ask about the event itself, and then we can look at the questions of the Facebook users.
L: A great achievement is the Tiger collection here at Bovington. To see them in reality, especially Tiger 131, in working condition and in the game, fills us with pride and happiness.

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WoT Q&A 18.07.2017

Anton “Evilly” Pankov interviewed by official Polish WoT Youtube channel:
– We wanted to add Polish content in the past already, and now we have a particular candidate to add into the game – Pudel. We’ve searched for quite some time for a fitting model and eventually settled on the Panther, the tank was captured by Polish resistance fighters.
– We certainly know about the attention that the “Rudy” and the according TV series is getting and understand that this is important. With the addition of the Pudel, we won’t take measures to move the “Rudy” to the Polish tree at once. We’d like to offer players the option to keep the “Rudy” as a Soviet tank or to move it to the Polish tree, but this will be done much later.
– We currently have a prototype tree. We’re searching for unique tanks of this nation and have quite some successes in this regard. Also, we’ll have to solve the question as of how the Polish tree will interact with other European trees, which we’re thinking about right now, how the crews will work.

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Victor Kislyi interview about closing of WG LLP

Viktor Kislyi was interviewed by the Belarussian portal “Onliner” regarding the recent closing of the Wargaming.net LLP office in London, and several other crises that are allegedly plagueing Wargaming in general. Here is what he had to say.


Q(uestion): – World of Tanks is not the same, profits at Wargaming are dropping, the London office is being closed. We’d like to hear your commentary.
Victor Kislyi: – Unexpected. I’m joking, of course. Such news appear from time to time at other big companies as well, and believe me, they do not influence their work in the slightest. Matthias [head of development department] and I just returned with our families from a trip to Finland, and from our perspective, this trip is the most interesting news today. But of course, everyone else finds profits more interesting.

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WoT GF interview with Anton Pankov

– Not many know this, but apparently you have a department called “Happiness of the player”. What is this and what do they do? – Yes, we do. This is quite a new department, they are monitoring how and why problems occur.

– On Supertest, the 100th premium tank got introduced. Where is the game going with this? There was the trade-in experiment, but no official results about this. What will follow: tank rental, or tank exchange program or something similar? – Trade-in was deemed quite successful and will be introduced as a core mechanism. We do have tank rental as well, but we use it mainly in Asia and China. No other plans for now.

– You have a good audio department. Can we expect audio updates for WoT, especially regarding soundtracks? – Yes, certainly. They are currently working on soundtracks, among other things.

– There was some talk once about interface 2.0 for the hangar and the same for chat. But I want to ask about the following: at Blizzard, they have a huge amount of emoji in chat. Can you at least expand the “default” ones? – Well, chat is a huge topic in itself. Its’ developing quite slowly, there are many problems. Interface is slowly being upgraded, the first part comes in 9.19. Emoji are not a priority.

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WoT Grand Finals Q&A – Part 4

– There are some problems with economy on mid-tier tanks. We’ll analyze and fix the problem;
– We want to implement pneumatic suspension for the STB-1, it’s planned;
– With the new graphics, we want to optimize it so the FPS remains the same as it was with the old graphics;
– There will be no additional equipment slots, only one for ranked battles;
– We do not plan to change premium ammo mechanics and introduce limits on their amount;
– In 9.19, Brothers in Arms will work together with Sisterhood of Steel;
– Erlenberg will most likely be removed, we know about its’ problems;
“Arty is a perfectly fine tank class for autists, what do you dislike?” – Slava Makarov; [TN: seems this answer is a public favourite]
– We do not want to collect money from people to give it to other people, so there will be no compendium like in Dota 2;
– Statistically, less that 5% of all shots are premium rounds;
– We’re working on an updated version of our (WG) rating, there will be separate indicators for each vehicle;
– Murazor is working on buffs for Soviet vehicles: Obj. 268, IS-7, Obj. 140, T-62. Premiums will also be affected: KV-5, IS-6 and others; [TN: what a joke…]
– The first season of Ranked Battles will start on July 5th on the RU server and will last about a month;

Q&A – 10th May 2017

Small batch of answers by developer Falathi (Polish WG representative):

– WG has plans to introduce wheeled vehicles in the future. The first prototype was shown in the “Convoy” game mode;
– Development of new maps is currently not a priority. The team is currently working on HD maps;
– Work on Historical Battles is paused, this team is working on “Front Line” now;
– No comments on the ST-II;
– The first try at a 30×30 mode was successful, the next goal is to adjust it, taking into account Sandbox player comments;
– WG has plans for introducing several nations into the game, Poland has a high chance of being one of those nations;
– HD maps are high-priority, but there is no certain deadline yet;
– EU3 server is unneccesary, the problem there lies in the infrastructure;
– Special offers in the premium shop not only depend on the region, but also on the tank’s popularity;
– The changes in 9.18 were a right decision to make. Now, data is being collected regarding these changes and fixes will be introduced in the future;

WoT Q&A – 8th April 2017

Answers by Anton “Evilly” Pankov on livejournal:

– Will the personal mission changes for SPG’s not come in 9.18? – They will, read more closely;
– Great work on community communication, posting a branch which will not be released on the server, 10/10. You did not happen to rethink about releasing the Chinese TD branch exclusively for Asia? – No, we did not;
– I don’t think it’s time to worry about HD models, since the game could be dead very soon [talking about 9.18]. – Nah, it won’t be;
– Anton, when will the Strv S1 be sold [on the RU server]? – Not soon;
– There is info about the assignment of gun marks on tanks being a bit off. During sessions with good performance, the gun mark % is not growing or growth is very small. – We’ll check that;
– I’m interested in the RBT-5, whose icon was floating around the internet for some time already [available here], are there actually plans regarding rocket armament? – The tank is modeled and lying in the internal archives. There is also a Hotchkiss with rockets;

Answers by Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin:

– The mean number of artillery pieces per battle ranges from 0 to 2;
– The new matchmaker does not take the team’s HP into account. You’d then also have to take into account the potential damage a tank can deal, and also the map;
– For the matchmaker, Karelia in Assault mode and Karelia in standard mode are two different maps. If you have modes enabled, you’ll have to be prepared for that. But, for example, Prokhorovka and Fiery Salient count as the same map;
– We’re currently actively working on maps to rework then into better quality and are currently not planning to introduce new maps into random. For game modes, in particular for “Front line”, there will be a huge map. You could say it’s 9 new maps, since the map is 3x3km;
– Besides the maps which were already shown, Murovanka and Prokhorovka are also almost ready;
– No plans to sell the E25;
– The maximum stun time in battle has the Maus with 27s, other tanks have less;