Sandbox 1.0.4 patchnotes

Based on player’s feedback and as part of SPG stun tuning, the duration of stun for all vehicles of this type was decreased by 25–30%.


We have implemented changes that are aimed at increasing the survivability of light tanks in battle, allowing them to combat Tier X vehicles more efficiently. The mobility of vehicles of this type is high; therefore, there is no need to change it. It is the increase in vehicle durability that will contribute to their better survivability in battle.




  • T-54 ltwt.
    • Durability changed from 1,250 HP to 1,450 HP.
  • T49:
    • Durability with the T49 turret changed from 1,000 HP to 1,100 HP.
    • Durability with the XM551 test bed turret changed from 1,100 HP to 1,200 HP.
  • Spähpanzer Ru 251:
    • Durability changed from 1,200 HP to 1,400 HP.
  • T92: according to the statistics, the T92 was causing a lot more damage in battle that any other SPG. A longer aiming time is meant to compensate for this difference.
    • Aiming time of the 240 mm Howitzer M1 for the T92 turret changed from 6,6 s to 6,9 s.
  • Centurion Action X: a decrease in aiming time is meant to increase the firing accuracy and reduce the time the vehicle stays under fire. This is made to increase the vehicle’s efficiency, as well as to emphasize the technical features, characteristic of fire support vehicles.
    • Aiming time of the 105 mm Gun L7A2 for the Centurion Action X turret changed from 2 s to 1,6 s.
  • FV215b: the collected statistics showed insufficient combat efficiency of the FV215b in its role of an assault vehicle. Increase of stabilization and decrease of aiming time will positively affect the vehicle’s firepower, while increase of durability will allow the vehicle to survive longer in battle.
    • Dispersion on the move with the FV215 suspension decreased by 25%.
    • Dispersion on hull traverse with the FV215 suspension decreased by 25%.
    • Aiming time changed from 2 s to 1,8 s.
    • Durability changed from 2,300 HP to 2,500 HP.
  • AMX 30 B: improvement of penetration with standard and Premium shells allows to increase the distance at which the vehicle can effectively engage enemy targets. In this way, the improved penetration will emphasize the vehicle’s role (firing at the second line of battle) and increase the vehicle’s combat effectiveness.
    • Penetration of the OCC-105-F1 shell for the 105 mm mle. F1 gun changed from 286 mm to 310 mm.
    • Penetration of the OFL-105-F1 shell for the 105 mm mle. F1 gun changed from 270 mm to 290 mm.
  • STB-1: this Japanese tank is an example of a fire-support vehicle with superior damage per minute and good mobility. The vehicle is designed for engagement of enemy targets at medium and close range, as well as for supporting allies. The changes to the STB-1’s gun stabilization will allow the vehicle to cause damage more effectively.
    • Dispersion on the move with the STB-1 suspension decreased by 25%.
    • Dispersion on hull traverse with the STB-1 suspension decreased by 25%.
    • Dispersion on turret traverse of the 105 mm Rifled Gun decreased by 33%.


Other changes


  • The animated icon displayed above a vehicle that is under the effect of stun changed to a spinning ring with stars.
  • The visual notification about the effect of stun is now orange instead of yellow.
  • Fixed the issue where the stun filter was still working after the vehicle was destroyed.

31 thoughts on “Sandbox 1.0.4 patchnotes

  1. so SandBox is running some time already, and no one is talking about radio range and radio mechanics in the game? right now heavys have as good radio range as scouts, and scouts should be the ones supposed to relay enemy positions…

    e100 got 720m radio range, and its a heavy supposed to brawl.
    t49 got 745m radio range, and its a scouts supposed to relay the enemy positions.

    I think it maybe would work nice to reduce the radio ranges of non scout tanks, to like 400m max or a bit more. That way the relay skill would be usefull, and a heavy would not be able to push in the front of the team and relay all enemy positions to the enemys =P

    idk why everyone ignore radio mechanics, even WG staff, its a pretty important feature of the game =P


    1. Oh my glorious steam account…
      That game mechanic xD

      Radios xD
      WG should just get rid of it. Nobody gives 1 fuck about radios.


      1. yup I think 75% of WoT player base don’t even know what radios are supposed to do, maybe even some WG staff don’t make idea what it does =P

        but in real as it is in game, it is pretty important it’s just not noticed since everyone gets like 700+ radio range =P

        put a 300m radio and wander in a flank of a big map and you see how half your team simply disappears from the map =P and you don’t even get enemy spots from the other side of the map


    2. Because it’s stupid to make players rely even more on their team. Majority of your teammates are terrible at the game, adding mechanic which makes you rely on your team would lead to more frustration, and nobody wants that, game is frustrating enough with +/- 25% RNG.

      What it would also mean is that often you’d not see what’s happening on the other side of the map, which is equally bad. Who needs minimap in heavy tank anyway, let’s delete it for HT right?


      1. haha ik there’s alot of things it would influence but two statements are true here….

        1- its a great mechanic that’s being ignored, and just lowering view range won’t do really much, since you can go like in a med with a 700+m radio and spot the entire enemy team. since 700m is only used when you rush to the enemy side to aggressively spot.

        2- alot of ppl on WoT have zero Situational Awareness, they normaly just brawl in their heavys and push even in defense modes while the other flank just is wiped off and ppl don’t even care to defend their base =P

        so maybe reworking the mechanic since WG that said that they want the scouts to be the goods at scouting, would make ppl care more about map awareness and how radio works.

        btw, 1000×1000 is the biggest size of maps we got on WoT, and most of the fights Heavys and Meds do are in choke points which are in the mid of the map or in towns or whatever =P


        1. But I don’t know why should scouts be the only class good at scouting. Scouts have mobility and camo rating to use, with standard MM LT’s would be good or even slightly OP on their tier, why should everyone rely on their spots and radio?

          I mean how would people like if TD’s or LT’s were not able to shoot at less than 150m, because they are not made for brawling? Only HT’s would be able to brawl and everyone else has to shoot at 150m+ otherwise you can’t make the shot, the game will simply not allow you. Because it isn’t your role to brawl.
          Sounds retarded doesn’t it? Just like tanks not being able to spot for themselves. It’s not like mediums or heavies can outspot lights, just like lights can’t outbrawl heavies.


          1. ppl would not like at all, haha, the fact is, or WG makes a balance where you rely on your team mates, or WG makes a balance where every tank can do anything and solo matchs, ppl want their class always to do everything, but that is impossible to do in a global balance.

            and i agree if WG wants to make scouts to be the eyes of the team, they can’t be at the same time able to deal lots of damage to the enemy.

            WG wants to balance the game for everyone, but the players want to be able to solo matchs and don’t depend on team play, something that don’t really exists in the game.

            your only scout rushs the enemy and dies? gg your team is blind now and the enemy can outspot kill you all.

            any tank can spot by themselves? so why to have scouts? that’s what I say, our you go and follow a path, or other in balancing, you can’t do both. =P

            WG said, we want to do class specific roles. Then they should follow this path:

            scouts -> support class, spots for the team, tracks enemies, do pretty little damage shooting only the rear of enemies.
            meds -> flanker class, spots for they own at mid to close range, do moderate damage when shooting sides and pen easy rear of tanks.
            heavys -> shield class, takes the shoots for the team, are the distraction the meds need to flank, damage system similar to meds if they get great armor, or similar to TDs if bad armor. Since or a heavy monts a great gun, or it carrys a great armor, both is imbalanced.
            TDs, Artys -> support fire class, shoot spoted targets at long to med range, ignore armor since they sacrifice everything for the gun.

            that is a resume of a class balanced system. ofc its not perfect and full of flaws, but its just a example.

            now the second way, would be letting WoT as it already is, every class can carry a game, every tank can be OP, everyone can do everything alone. Roles don’t exist.

            you can’t do both, having your class doing everything while balancing.


            1. TL;DR just explained motives that show WG is not really balancing, they are confuse, really confuse what a balance means. =P


              1. I wish I had 20 upvotes. You are on the money everytime.

                In a game where 95% if it envolves grinding in Pubs solo, who wants to pick the “SUpport” vehichle or the “Tank that relly`s heavily on team? That is just code for, your gonna get way less wins, exp and credits than if you were in your amazing allround beast like RUs Meds, IS6 or now the E5.

                Whenever these guys try to convince me things like the Leo PTA isnt that great, or the current M60 is great they just have a different role I lol. Yeah your role is to hope and pray you have a team that doesn`t fold in on you immediately, because if they do you are just farming DMG at that point, and even a solid player can only pull a win out 2/10 times.

                Basically, these tanks like the Ru meds are so damned good in every category they become the choice for everyone because pubbies can play like they dont know shit and still do ok snapshotting enemies OTM at 300m away and Unicums have every tool they need in there tool belt to compete with any situation…

                Multiple opponents= 140/62a are great as they spit more DMG than anything and the STB is soft as hell vs them when they dogfight and has bad gun handling so the RU meds will land all there DPM more often. There gun handling also means you can swing turret from one side to another and snapshot…lasers.

                Vs heavies they are amazing as they have as good as a armor layout as a E50 overall but are small and can face hug and side hug, and are as fast as the faster class of scout meds. So they can circle strafe to death.

                Vs lights they fire so fast and si accurate they are the best scout killers.

                Range fighting and scouting they do great as they have best camo there is.

                The only tanks that can threaten them are the light Fast heavies like the E5 and 215b and 113. And in that case just stay back and keep them lit.

                As long as we have tanks like this that do everything well [And Sandbox just made it worse] no one is going to play “Support” vehicles because thats like playing a Medic, its just not as fun.

                And in a game about killing tanks, Why not take the best in all classes over the tank that might bbe best in 2 areas? Or Amx30 that is not best in any area. 2700 DPM vs 3k. way worse acceleration/mobility, butter armor, and not even its historical turret with 9 depression and 300mm frontal protect. Its slower than Leo1 and has way less DPM…WTF did they think would make this thing great?


                1. The thing is, IF they make every tank to only fit into certain role and be fairly limited in what it can do (STB-1 with 0.4 accuracy comes to mind…), what are people going to play? Nobody wants to play tank that is limited because randoms are, well, random, so while right now people mostly play more universal tanks with worse or more limited tanks still being kind of played if you want variety, what are we going to play if every tank is limited?

                  Every tank will be awkward to play, platoons will be rewarded even more than they are now (and even now very best platoons can get 90-95% winrate in decent session), you will have to play your tank the same way every time since it can only fullfill one role….

                  I really hope WG will drop this role system.


                2. One more thing. If they truly want “Support vehicles” not be secret code for “Shit” that earns less EXP, Creds and wins, then they need to get serious about rewarding tanking, rewarding players who finish targets and save a ally doing it liek other games do.

                  150 xp for finishing a enemy if the enemey had a 15 sec aggression clock and your ally is within being 1 shotted.

                  This way M48`s and AMX30`s would truly be support. It would still be harder to carry in them, but at least you get paid for your making up for its bad areas.

                  They also need to separate “Lights” and “Scouts”. For instance a BC25 is really a light the new T9 BC is gonna be a light, the T54L is a light. They are tanks that use there being light to deal DMG 50% of the time and scout 50% of the time and in this role they need to be better than same tier meds meaning they bump there HP to the same levels, but they have vastly diff armor.

                  Scouts, need to get 2x the EXP and Credits they do now for scouting DMG. They need to make 50% more from spotting 1k dmg, than shooting 1k DMG yourself. This would give newbs who you need to spot not yolo all the time in a true scout. So these would be the 13-75, WZ-131/2 and the others that are super fast and light. I think RU251 should fall into scout rather than Light.

                  They need to give players more than just DMG and Kills as expect guys to play tanks that primarily spot. Or who cant last 3-4 shots in its own tier.

                  They need Super heavies to get huge amounts for huge tanked games as it means they are buying time fir the team and giving there team a chance to flank with numbers.
                  So my tanking exp+creits would be a exponential system, based off what Tier is shooting you. So if your in a Maus and you tank 5k DMG from T10`s 2k from T9`s and 1k from T8`s you would get lets sayThe T9 DMg would count for 50% of the T10 and the T8 would be 25% of T10 or half of the T9. So it would add up to 6500 T10 DMG.

                  Now 5000 T10 DMG would get you 20k creds and 500 exp where as 6k would get you 30k and 650 exp. These are just examples, we need to find where the tanking on each tank starts to get in the top 10% and scale from there. It would work similiar to Wn8 where they have expected tanking and expert tanking levels and they might only be 1k DMG diff.

                  Point is they need to make the roles actually get rewarded, otherwise LEAVE THE GAME ALONE. IMO IT WAS JUST STARTING TO GET BALANCED.

                  All except arty, arty should have been changed long ago. But now they are ruining the things we loved about WOT also


    3. I had this idea back when TD`s were OP.

      Limit Comms range to 50m over viewrange so they had to stick with support.

      Your right COmms range is one of the most important mechanics of the game that is ledt behind


  2. Write me now please – what penetration has the CENT. AX now in sandbox? Because, the fact that some stupid spaghetti eater has this pen is turning me. The Royal Ordnance L7 was the first 105mm gun developed by UK. Other nations just copied it. Its bopthering me even now in vanilla game because some unexisting German piece of crap has higher pen with 105mm! Bullshit!


    1. there are only two ways possible to balance the game for WG.

      1- historically there will always be OP tanks because in WAR there is a rush for having the better machine of destruction, that means there would not exist any balance at all.

      2- game balance, that just forgots about physics, and etc when they need to make a balanced game where every tank can do something, this leads to things like a 105 mm gun for example having 310mm pen, same as of the 183 mm gun DeathStar got in the live server, so yeah, or you balance the game and ignore history and etc, or you make OP tanks. =P


      1. Problem with wg is they pick the wrong tanks to match up vs there soviet ones.

        T54 has a 1960`s gun, engine and 120mm hull armor vs a tank designed in 1943 the M46.

        Also the M48 vs the T62…Look at the names lol 1948, 1962.

        Then they pick the weak prototype AMX30 rather than using the one with 300+mm turret armor. So they made it pure glass and then forced it to have huge pen as it only can use range to stay safe.

        Nato tanks in general had nice turrets after 1955. But WG wants them to be soft.

        And since NATO/US entire doctrine was hulldown, it really hurts them.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Buff Maus is hard eh? U can do it, give it better gun, and nerf arty, and change gold. Plus give LT more view range, and better economic, for tanking, spotting etc….But it is WG, easy thinks, they will fix, by fucking everything.


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