Slava Makarov interview

Interview with Slava Makarov (the brony guy) on Jove stream

Sorry for some confusing sentences, but some of his statements seemed weird. Maybe they’re out of context, but in any case not easy to translate.

– I played console and Blitz, and looking at the PC interface I’m in shock, not about everything of course but it’s different;
– After “Rubicon” we had hearings how it came to this, the leadership of Minsk’ development changed heavily. The lead left us, the designer lead did as well. Currently the decision was made to make me the creative director of tanks;
– “We don’t have such crap on consoles”;

– When we first added arty, we had a specific goal in mind which currently doesn’t work. We have to remake the class so it does. The experiment we made is first of all just an experiment to recieve results. We’re analyzing them and planning the next iteration;
– Balance has to be redone as a whole, maybe we have overdone the scale a bit during the first iteration, but we honestly promised to regard each and every tank, which we did;
– Murazor is helping really well, there is a significant contribution;
– Yes, there is such an term as pace of the game (turbo-wins/turbo-losses, e.g. 15:0, 0:15);
– 5-minute battles are delusions;
– I don’t catch Pokemon, that’s some kind of hell;
– I don’t know what’s happening to maps, I’ve wanted to talk to the programmers for a long time;
– Some new premiums are bad, first we have to make sure who did what exactly;
– Recently I was figuring out why historical battles didn’t work and the answer really surprised me;
– “Czechs are bloody imbalanced”. Here it’s clear who did what, we’ll have to change the approach at testing vehicles;
– I’ll try to explain (that’s my task now) to the mapmakers, designers, sound-makers, balancing department and many others what the general idea is and what we want to achieve, and then decompose this into parts. Which technology we need, which approach we need at mapmaking etc.
– I finally managed to return an old colleague from mapmaking. He made such maps as Himmelsdorf, Karelia and others;
– Redoing maps is really tedious, we’re thinking about it right now and there are no final decisions yet;
– The new matchmaker + rebalancing requires the appearance of tier 10 LT, they’re hard to implement and balance. If it so happens that they’ll be balanced according to old statistics and values, it’ll be really bad;
– We’re all self-educated, there are no fixed rules on how to balance tanks. But we now have Murazor who has some kind of intuition;
– The psychology of a player, how he will behave on a newly made map have to be considered, and that’s exactly where we have problems;
– Honestly – we’ll do something about premium ammo;
– The number of premium shells didn’t inflate much, the problem lies in a general inflation of armor penetration and view range, now everyone shoots across half the map [TN: imo, they have overlooked a slow but steady power creep which started somewhere when the French were introduced iirc and try to revert it with the Sandbox experiment];
– A part of economical desicions in China is made by KongZhong;
– I disagreed with Veider on many points;
– Feedback of players is really helping. We might’ve been living obviously thinking everything’s all right without it;
– When we searched for documentation on Japanese tanks, this was a hellish story. It went something like this: we know that this tank might have existed, now write to all Japanese historians and ask if there is anything on it. This was one of the hardest branches to make;
– Someone who was working but left is returning to marketing, along with Anton Pankov who recieved some authority on this matter;
– Next patch is targeted for September, currently being tested;
– There will be a bigger patch around New Year;
– How statistics are being treated is a story for itself, but that it’s not being treated quite correctly is one of the problems. I’ll try to fix that;
– I think at some point we dived too much into statistics, harming the subjective perception. Statistics are important, but shouldn’t be exclusive;
– Mikhail Zhivets (Storm) will be playing a less important role in the project. He’s still helping us currently, but he is very tired [TN: not surprising regarding how much retarded shit the RU playerbase was heaving at him];
– Personal missions have to be redone, we discussed this topic;
– Master of Orion turned out well;


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  1. Promises, promises. You’ll see this shit done in 2018.
    Its fucking easier for them do make new graphics, physics two times, sounds than to balance the game xD

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    1. Well, like he said, they weren’t taking feedbacks earlier on. See how that bites them in the a** and NOW, of all times, they pay attention and actually work their a** off.

      Bet ya they never started on Havoc or all the stuff they promised until the Great Rubicon Fail of 2015.


  2. agree on most points… arty is too random and annoying for both arty players and those unlucky ones that get one shooted.

    one of the main problems of the game is that since 2-2.5years ago, all the maps have been changed for worse, and almost every new map is terrible…. no balance no flanking no nothing except 30-100m shooting

    still no words about all the cheats in the game, that shit already ruined the game -.- , they should do like the ESL did… sniff for a few months who used what, and then perma ban those Mother F… i bet 80% of “purple-blue” players would get banned, just for the use of the “predictive”, “tundra”, “laser” and other mods… and that is without talking about aimbots.

    the actual map-maker and map-balancing teams should get their asses fucking fired…. everything they’ve done is for worse.

    overlord=> who the fuck had the idea to add that beach? … really…. remove that shit and make the map bigger

    Westfield => one of the few maps where tanks with turret had a real advantage… but ofc tomatoes cryed and they had to remove it; plus the disaster they did at south at td-med zone…. now meds have to go face to face vs whatever they find at middle- south city- long gone forest

    Pearl River => it was a half decent map until they changed it…. after the disaster north base had the advantage at both defend and attack…. south base had nothing. GREATTESTING AND BALANCING…… NOT

    Komarin => so many versions… 4?5?6? and every one of them was worse than the previous one… see a patern?

    Siegfried Line => oh you want to play with vision? too bad, we better remove the few bushes it had and change 1-2 line so you are fucked

    Murovanka => when the forest was the key zone, no one wanted t go there, and ofc you will lose…. now that the forest is almost useless every idiot want to push it…. its frustrating

    Port => change a few things and bring it back, it was a funny map

    Province => one of the best maps at low tier… new people would learn that not everything is “yolo yolo siema push push”…. sniping, spotting and getting a good position is more important than a brainless push… but tomatoes cryed and they removed it.

    Redshire => every change they made was to give more importance to 1-2 line…. still almost useless, its not gonna happen, never.

    Northwest => the first version was decent… but then they had to add that easy wat at south from base to base with no chance to shoot them until you have them at your face…. FAIL.
    the last change they amde at north was great, but with that cancer at south the map was still terrible. ofc they had to remove it.

    Hidden Village => who the fuck had the brilliant idea to give the heavy zone the advantage of
    height???? heavys can shoot meds, meds cant shoot heavys, or flank them… or def, or attack or shit -.-

    Serene Coast => the first version was way better than this one… and it was bad. solution? remove 7-0 zone, and make the rest of the map bigger… that corridor is terrible, specially when your team is full of idiots and 2/3 of the team goes there.

    Swamp =>….. really…. this gave me nightmares… who what and why? ok the map had too many draws but they turned one of the maps based on patience and tactic into a senseless yolo push push to castle die and lose.

    Tundra => again, first version of this map was tens of times better than the actual one, and yet it wasnt a fantastic one… north base can climb a hill, and def/attack 9-0 WAY easier… the corridor at 1-2 is just a joke.

    Widepark => just remove it…. from south side you have a big hill with bushes and almost full vision to the rest of the map, you can attack and defend from there… at north side you eat dick hard and pray that no1 knows about that hill.

    South Coast => … ok it was a decent map, not good but not terrible…. just change south base so it can have the same addvantage as north while defending.

    Stalingrad => just… remove it…. another map made with the moto ” be heavy or be useless”

    Windstorm => really? another retardness… heavy zone? 70% of the map… med zone? 15% of the map…. river-mountains? 15% of the map…. and tds? lts? or meds that want to MOVE instead of going face to face vs whatever the other team sends north? fuck them….

    Arctic Region => too many weird changes, and people keep doing the same retard movement…. aka pushing south when the other team has tons of tds and/or arty… ofc you know that you will lose from min 1.

    Sacred Valley => “we want to make this map more dinamic, every one is going to the heavy zone at north” and what did they do?… its WG so ofc they destroyed every place for meds, lts and tds and their chances to get a decent game at the south hill, or even the south base…. north base never had a place for tds, so nothing new there.

    Severogorsk => the only problem with the first version was the camping hills at base…. remove them and the map was great, one of the few maps with diagonal shooting….
    but ofc every toamto cryed and they had to change it into 3 retard corridors with no chance to shoot anyone at more than 100m -.-

    Kharkov => same as stalingrad… REMOVE IT, be heavy or be useless.

    Sand River => you want to make the former river playable? ok…. but at least make it like 1-2 zone at lakeville, so they suffer and go REALLY slow… right now its an easy way base to base.

    El Halluf => so many versions, and at the end they destroyed all the map to end up in the same position…. north being a corridor…. and the rest of the map almost useless.

    the one was was at the cheat.. ajem… t-22 mode… i never remember that idiotic map => nope nope nope, unbalanced, small, and low fps map….

    small maps like the t22 and enks should be limited to tier 5-6 …. tier 8+ should NEVER play maps smaller than 1kmx1km

    so…. YES, maps are one of the biggest issues in the game…

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  3. So yes we know and they WG keep telling us they know,

    – that WOT is now utter shit to play (since way back in 2014 to now) that’s if you want any kind of a serious game, y’know where you use your brain and think a little, tactics, flanking or even skill play

    In a 3 or 4 minute 1 sided turbo slaughter mess of battles a brain is nor required at all, that’s WOT now today

    so thanks WG for fucking it all up by ‘over thinking analysing everything’ and ‘letting WG managers and Devs create little power kingdoms’ within the game for themselves

    Bad management from the top down
    and its sad to see and watch the game ruined compared to how it was pre-2014 and what it could have been

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        1. You mean to tell me that so popular WarThunder is better? Gameplay is different but goddamn it awful.
          You mean to tell me that so popular Armored Warfare is better? Its so better – only maybe 1k people play in EU/NA.
          You mean to tell me that so popular Final Fire is better? Welp, its behind a great chinese firewall.

          Maybe open your eyes and use whole 3 neurons next time :D

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          1. Well, I find WT’s gameplay CONCEPT to be fine…
            But the awful angling mechanics, useless devs who add nothing but P2W (T29, Strv 81, German T-34 / KV-2, Brummbar), and OP German tanks (Tiger, Tiger II, Leopard 1, ATGM TD, JagdTiger), and never fix issues, only pandering to idiots by overnerfing everything that kills German tanks.
            Somehow, it made me go back to console WoT and it’s BS overbuffed TDs.


  4. “– “Czechs are bloody imbalanced”. Here it’s clear who did what, we’ll have to change the approach at testing vehicles;”

    Back handed slap at Silentstalker?

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    1. Nah, SS didn’t balance the vehicles, he just gathered the historical info/gun options/etc. I think Makarov was referring to the seemingly-useless balancing department.

      Like, ahem, how did something as horrendous as the Pz. III K get passed through the balance department without ANY changes?! And on the flipside, stuff like the WTF100 (now removed, obviously) and the TVP T50/51 gets through with no changes whatsoever before their releases (NOTE: not saying the T50/51 is as OP as the WTF100, but as a former driver of one myself, it’s a little OP imo). Oh, and on top of all this, they tend to add nerfs to tanks that didn’t really need them (i.e. the Rhm. Skorpion’s massive health nerf). Sure, they’ve been getting a bit better in recent months, especially in slightly buffing tanks like the Challenger or 59 Patton and replacing the FV4202, T18, and WTF100, but it’s still a problem (example: 112 vs IS-6, even post-buff; Pz. III K’s horribad stats, where even a tier 4 medium [Pz IV D] outclasses it in most respects; STA-2, which was switched from a somewhat-unique-but-still-mediocre medium to a carbon copy of the STA-1; etc.).

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        1. Yeah… plus, with some tanks, it seems like they balance them with preferential matchmaking in mind (aha, Pz III K or Sentinel I make great examples) but since they’re bent on not making tanks with limited matchmaking anymore, they just release them anyways. :\

          (Cough, buff Sentinel’s aimtime to be faster than its reload, and it’d be nearly-perfectly balanced IMO…)


  5. I lold at “redoing personal missions”. What has to be changed in personal missions? They are made for players that already grinded through most of the tanks, they allowed you to do mission via damage or via class speciality (ie heavies can block or do dmg, lights can spot or do damage). Of course there are missions based on luck, but they simplified it so many times that it’s easy right now if you play game instead of doing missions.

    IMO they should do something about OIs and KV2s in skirmishes, because it makes it retarded, but I’m from EU server, so nobody gives a fuck about what I think.


  6. *but I’m from EU server, so nobody gives a fuck about what I think*

    WG don’t give a fuck about ‘what anyone anywhere on any server thinks’ you should know that!

    its not you buddy WG are deaf and blind to there players suggestions always have been always will, its a Russian macho-man thing

    only when WG starts giving out ‘Redundancy notices of dismal’ (as WOT dies a sad death)
    this all due to utter incompetence for years from top WG management downwards to there 2500+ staff employees, will they listen

    – then of course its all far to late


    1. “(as WOT dies a sad death)” – it will, and I do think WG has next cashgrab in the hard drives.
      Not this year, maybe not next, but it would be foolish if they didnt.


  7. “now everyone shoots across half the map”
    It’s so sad to see someone who is lead developer or creative meron or who he is but has no clue about how the game actually plays.
    “Czechs are bloody imbalanced” – not really, Skoda maybe, TVP is balanced by penetration and being paper, not many 4/4 clips you can do in normal gameplay situations, perhaps increase the delay between shots slightly


    1. tiers 6,9 and 10 are fucking OP…. the rest are a kick in the balls, so yes, CK tree is imbalanced, some too bad and those 3 too good.


      1. Skoda T50 is too strong, TVP is really good but not blatantly OP. Tiny nerf yes, maybe. I don’t really care about T6.


  8. I agree that it is stupid to shoot from too far distance. This never happened in the old days of wot, where HTs could push flanks and MTs could flank and track etc. Now days on some maps you cant even opush without getting sniped from far, or getting golded to death in close quarters. Arty, gold ammo, and sniping/camping is what ruins wot. So I agree with sandbox changes to nerf accuracy and increase pen drop, since it will encourage people to put effort into winning, not just press 2 or camp/snipe from far and farm damage.


    1. Except you can’t do any IMPORTANT damage when sniping. Only sniping to be done is when your team loses a flank. Only sniping spots are from base. And what the hell are you even supposed to do in paper medium/TD with decent gun, go brawl with heavies?


      1. Also, taking the ability to snipe is not how you balance, taking the opportunity is. Aka don’t change shell distribution and pen dropoff but change maps.


        1. I totally agree with you, to see these changes in the sanbox atm are total bullshit(imo),the game balance is fine except arty shoud need some tweeks. But the biggest problem is maps. some need tweeks others need major fixing for example:

          Lakeville: an okish map nothing to bad about it but just like shooting from the base to the middle of the city (0,9 line) so you cant push or be aggresive is dumb. Put some buildings in front so you coud only do that from E4 F4 so it takes more risk to do that and so you shoud also clear the other teams midside so you shoud need to fight over an advantage point.

          Redshire: i have no clue what they did they wanted to make it a PANG PANG BANG BOOM ACTION map but instead you can camp even better now (imo) but what i liked the most was you coud go to a high risk high reward place K1/K2 if you had some nice turret armor and pretty mobile to get there in time it coud use a rework but this aint making the map better, now you camp on the hill and wait till you can shoot either side because you cant do that much from the middle the 9,0 line is a nice idea to make a heavy side but there arent much/none flanking possiblities

          South Coast: Idk why they removed it i stoped playing for some time, but i liked the map @the start i coud outspot/outsnipe,after/@start you coud rush in to e6 d6 or f5,f6 wich was more tricky but a somewhat high reward high risk spot and if there where guys camping you coud spot them for your team/arty or even kill them(maybe it was to strong? i think it was a good spot because you coud get yolod or shot from any side if you didnt pay attention) and about the camping well if you are a better camper like in know how to use the bushes and know your viewrange camorating compared to the enemy then you need to have some gameknowledge about the beach heavy tanks coud brawl it out or go more up which was riskier. not saying this map was really well balanced but i liked it.

          CONCLUSSION: i think WE need better maps for less dumb getting hit by camper spots like lakeville f.e. and some more maps/reworks with high risk high pay spots, so it wont be a game where everyone is in 200m of eachother and start shooting like dumbasses,that woud take away the skill(gameknowledge,situationalawereness) that is just for people that are crying about how they cant push with the maus in an open field or cant angle there E-100 to bounce HEAT(hard to do but possible), some reworks are ok with areas that are more viable but then they fuck up the other side or something. I hope there are people that think the same


          1. Honestly what maps need can be IMO summarized by one word: opportunities.
            Right now, if I exaggerete it (not much though) on majority of maps you can either go to one big brawling spot and fight there, or camp base where you either 1. don’t get any shots the whole game because your team wins the brawling zone or 2. your team loses the brawling zone and that’s when you start getting shots, if enemy team is not completely stupid you get some DMG but lose, if they are you can actually win because these camping positions are often quite good.

            So, gib more opportunities. Some position where I can put sideshots here, some very open but rewarding position there, some bush 300m from brawling spot that can’t be “double bushed”, some route by which you can flank, some enclosed corridor where you can take your HT/TD etc.


    2. I dont see basecampers carry alot of games there winrate is around like 48% ? some maps its dumb yhea but you can outplay them and you shoud know most used camping spots so you can cover yourself.

      About gold ammo well everyone has gold ammo and can use it,you cant spam it all day because you woud lose to much credits, and what about stock tanks do they just need to bounce and die or shoud they also be able to do something the help carry the game. Take this example the is3 is a unicum with the top gun vs a jdpz e100 who has 800 wn8 both are the last tanks alive both one shot for eachother is3 1k hp jdpz 400hp both know where there enemy is is3 loads gold and he pens the lower plate of the jdpze100(because he was still reloading?) so he kills him and wins the game jdpz goes crazy OMG GOLD NOOB SHOOT MORE GOLD GOLD SPAMMER REPORTED IMBALANCED GOLD WAIT TILL NEXT PATCH but the jdpze100 didnt do anything he just stood there waiting for the is3 to peek not trying to back off to get a better position not angling not trying to go hulldown he did nothing just aiming and waiting to click, but the jdpze100 coud angle himself to bounce or atleast increase the chance for a bounce by 70% or go huldown so the is3 coudnt pen him but he did nothing. is3 loaded gold to increase his chance to win the game. still jdpze100 has alot of alpha damage more HP better armor more viewrange it can still outclass a t8 but it cant just be that a much worse player shoud win because he drives a better tank. i cant explain it to well because there are maybe to much variables for this but yhea jdpz e100 coud carry if he did something better earlier in the game. its difficult to explain also in text but i hope you understand me.

      i agree with the arty they shoud fix something about it


      1. Dude really,what you are trying to explain here,is a 1/100 situation.Reality is that nowdays,if your tank has even the slightest amount of armor,u can expect the opposition to have preloaded “skill-ammo”. Wtf,some dudes even fire prem-ammo at my freakin CDC,thats how big this problem is.Too many people too lazy to take aim for weakspots,too devoted to their stats to risk a non-penetrating shot,too many gold for unicums from CW,too much prem spamming in general (ofc also horrible map design,no opportunities to really surprise/flank enemy).Dont get me wrong,i would load gold anytime when im facing an E-100 frontally in my IS-3,specially if i cant see his lfp,but seeing people preload and shoot gold from sec 1,and keep shooting gold no matter what the tank/tier,that honestly breaks the game for me.Like,whats the point in driving heavier armored tanks,which are supposed to give you some kind of protection,when that same armor gets rendered useless with the pressing of ” 2″ button? Whats the point in driving the E-50 vs lets say a T-54 or even worse a T-50 which will load gold and make swiss cheese out of your turret? Just the other day,driving my E-75,and this unicum comes around a corner at 10m in his 140,shooting all skill-ammo at my turret without even having to expose himself longer than 0.5 sec,out-dpm-ing me in 1 min.Whats the point in driving heavys then?That comes from a player with 2.200 wn8,2450 recent,just so you dont think im some sort of noobie crying about gold i cant afford to buy.I can,i will use it ONLY when i need it,typically loading 5-6 gold rounds/ battle,using 2-3 most of the time.


        1. I aint saying gold ammo is balanced but you cant cry about it to much either and that situation 1/100 there are alot more situations where that coud apply.if ppl spam gold ammo consider to not even expose yourself then go back or anything and heavy tanks well just angle like good players can angle the e100 really well so they bounce HEAT,and people cant just shoot all day with gold because that woud rek there credits. and to be fair i dont see any point to be mad at getting shot with prem ammo in your cdc its not like you are going to bounce and what if they loaded it for someone else but he died or cant shoot him, so they only waste more credits then they shoud…


          1. I think its just worse to get shot(focused) by arty every game then just get shot with gold ammo ofcourse you can go arty safe like you can stay safe from someone that shoots you with gold ammo but its less frustrating when you know you can take the shot that does this damage then try to do something for the team go out and get shot by arty for 800hp while your track gets blown of so the other 2 arties can fap you to death,or you get shot for 300 your loader gets killed and the commander next shot again loader dead, or its the first 2 min of the game you lose 1300 hp from the 1500


            1. I dont think u got my point.Point is that when you try to use your skill and your knowledge by using your armor effectivelly,you will still get wrecked by that gold-spamming statt padder or by the lazy noob who is just too retarded to learn weakspots,or just too lazy to get your flank.About E-100,yeah good luck trying to angle your turret to bounce tier 10 Tds with 360 or even more pen (take rng into account also),and btw even if you bounce 1 or 2 shots,good luck when you turn your turret to shoot them back,cuz a couple or more guns loaded with that prem were waiting for that exact moment.Trust me,i know how to play heavys,i got E-100,i know how to angle it,but at the end of the day,you are just a big Hp-snack,you get no exp or money for blocking dmg,and while you get whacked trying to calculate correct angles,beeing afraid to turn your turret to shoot back,someone else in your team gats the exp,the money,the glory,while you get a big repair bill.There are only a handfull of heavys which are gold-proof,like IS-7,ST-1 or T-32 but only when they are hull down,and then still vulnerable to arty or HE.Heavys are almost dead,armor is almost dead.DPM,mobility,and gold ammo rule.So even WG realized that,and are trying to fix it.In the post above,that WG guy even admitts that they have to do something about gold ammo.Im with WG on that one,bring back the importance of armor,f*ck the double-tap-2-button point-and-click noobs/statt padders.


  9. “Heavys are almost dead,armor is almost dead.”
    Very incorrect. Slow heavies suffer a bit, but arty and fast paced battles are bigger killer for slow HT’s than gold ammo.

    “and btw even if you bounce 1 or 2 shots,good luck when you turn your turret to shoot them back,cuz a couple or more guns loaded with that prem were waiting for that exact moment”
    Yeah, so you expose yourself to multiple tanks loaded with premium ammo and then complain that it is OP? You isolate tanks, wait for him to shoot you, then you fire, don’t expose yourself when they are loaded. Geez, and you say how you can play E100.

    Again, people have kinda twisted expectations of how much heavies should bounce. Every bounce you gain something, either free shot, time, or they simply don’t shoot your team and they can fire. But you cannot expect to bounce every single shot. Look at vBaddict. 52% of shots that Maus receives are w/o damage. That’s average from 60k battles in the last 30 days, not from every player on server but not from unicums-only either. That’s huge.
    What do you expect? Do you want Maus to bounce 90% of the shells fired at it?

    Yes, I do agree that premium ammo can be nerfed slightly penetration wise and can have some more drawbacks added (HEAT already has, APCR doesn’t).

    I think WG is going all wrong about it on Sandbox aswell. Right now, heavies have armor and alpha DMG over mediums, mediums have mobility and gun performance over them. Instead of nerfing everything, mediums the most, heavies the least and TD’s somewhere in the middle, buff guns on HT’s. They lack DPM and gun handling, so buff it. They never even tried this, and I think this could be huge. With decent gun handling on heavies you will be able to spend less time exposed and indirectly armor will be buffed. But only if you know how to play, if you are a shitter, you’ll still get rekt, if you are good, you’ll pick your fight and peak wisely, you’ll be able to bounce more.


    1. Yeah, so you expose yourself to multiple tanks loaded with premium ammo and then complain that it is OP? You isolate tanks, wait for him to shoot you, then you fire, don’t expose yourself when they are loaded. Geez, and you say how you can play E100.

      You mean that everytime you peek a corner in your E-100,knowing that at the opposite corner are 1 or 2 TDs and maybe a couple of heavy tanks,like bannana-alley,u can “isolate” an enemy tank?
      Or are you just going to wait a coupleof mins till allopposition has fired at you,all of them reloading at the same time so you can eventually shoot back?andevenif that happens,u think that the enemys gonna just sit there and wait for you to aim and not retrest back while you need an eternity to aim?……
      Dude,the situations where u play 1vs1 an enemy heavy in your E-100 are extremely limited,you shoold know that.And btw,good luck “isolating” an enemy in your quickflanking E-100………


      1. “knowing that at the opposite corner are 1 or 2 TDs and maybe a couple of heavy tanks”

        so don’t go into these positions? you are driving the tank, there is no 1 “you hate go to there in x class” position. Pick your fights. Look at the enemy team lineup, if u see they have lots of heavies and strong TD’s and your team doesn’t, don’t go into banana.
        This is what makes you a good player. Not winning tough situations, but putting yourself into situations where your tank is strong and which you can win.

        Look at this guy, he’s good in his E100. It’s a long video, I know you will not watch it, but if you would, you could see that he mostly fights 1 on 1, 1 on 2 tops, using his alpha DMG to trade.

        And yeah fires gold bla bla bla, yes, he’s trying to 3-mark the tank.


    2. who said that heavys should bounce all the time?
      But nowdays heavys bounce way less than they did 2-3 years ago.
      That alone shows that armor and heavys are dead.
      How many good players (blue-purples) do you see playing heavys,apart from those trying to complete personal missions?
      A few?
      Now,how many do you see in platooning 140s,T62s,STBs,BCs,M48s,etc etc etc
      That alone shows that armor and heavys are dead.
      Good luck to you sir if you want to soak up damage for the team,be my guest and be the hero who takes the shots for the team,so that i,in my 140,can do the damage,get the exp and the money,while you take a big repair bill to your garage….wtf dude,i am feeling like im trying to prove the obvious here………….


      1. “How many good players (blue-purples) do you see playing heavys,apart from those trying to complete personal missions?”
        I see them play 113, E5 and maybe FV215b quite a lot. And 50B aswell but I don’t consider it heavy. IS-7 is also relatively popular. You see what they have in common? Mobility or gun handling. Slow heavies are not played. Guess why? Because they are slow, and almost all of them have bad gun handling. Not because the armor is useless, but because you are too slow and the gun is too unreliable. And obviously with good stats comes XVM focus, that is amplified when you are in a slow tank. Good players don’t enjoy playing heavies. But not because of premium ammo like you are trying to say.

        Here you have a couple of players I know of that have very good stats in slow heavies.
        Look at his IS-4 stats, FV 215b stats very good aswell.
        Type 5 and 215b. And he’s on NA, where the amount of gold fired is probably highest of all servers. And still manages to average 3,7k DPG in what’s regarded as worst T10 tank, Type 5.
        FV 215b. Very good stats for slow HT.
        Guy who I posted above plays this account, has 3,6k DPG in E100, with most of those battles streamed, which can affect your performance quite a lot.

        Can you see? It is still very much possible to do well even in slow heavies, but they are not enjoyable, you depend on your team and arty wrecks you. That’s why everyone plays mediums, if you make playing medium uncomfortable aswell, there will be very few unicums left playing this game, not because they can’t do well, but because they will not enjoy playing it.


        1. i think somewhere down the path you lost what i was trying to say.
          yes,medium-heavys still can perform good,but thats not the point,cuz game is still dominated by powerfull meds.
          your post about those guys is irrelevant,those guys can perform good even in shit tanks…………..
          And yes,i can play the E100 dude,as mentioned above,i got a recent of 2.450 WN8,which is not amazing but still shows that i dont need you to post vids or stats about E-100,so that i learn how to play this tank.
          My max blocked dmg in E100 is 12.000,if that says anything to you,i know what it can and cant do,but as a heavy it still is underperforming compared to meds,and its role is very limited also.
          And yes,still saying that gold ammo is part of the problem,thats why good players dont prefer heavily armored vehicles,even when driving heavys they prefer quick medium-heavy hybrids who dont rely on armor too much.
          got it now?

          PS:you only answered the first part of the question,you didnt answer how many of those good players you see playing in MEDS…………………………………..


          1. But he answered this. Meds are (usually) faster => you can flex on the battlefield and you have much higher chance to be where you need to be in the time of need. You can’t do this in most heavy tanks. Exceptions being mainly tanks like 113, 50B, even E5 and FV215b – those are not that slow, some call them heaviums or medheavies, they can move *almost* like mediums. That’s the reason why “meds do better”, they are simply more flexible and self-sustaining.

            You can play Maus like demigod but that won’t help you when you can’t make it to crucial spot on time. This will result in defeat in that spot/flank and your Maus being ran over by swarm of more flexible enemies just a slightly later… All the slow tanks are deemed irrelevant in all the non-campy battles. Just go and have fun in Churchills, T28 (Prot), T95, etc. It’s not about the uselessness of armor, it’s about uselessness of the slow platform as a whole.


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