New premium tank on RU

On the 9th August, WoT will turn 6 on the RU server. There are rumors that a new premium tank will make its way into the store on that day, namely the AMX M4 1949, a French tier 8 heavy. Another potential candidate is the Rheinmetall Skorpion G with the exclusive camouflage.
An RU streamer says that the vehicle in question (which name he does not mention) performs outstandingly, even outperforming the famous Type 59.
It is obviously not known whether this will make its way on the other servers.

Below are some screens and stats:

– HP: 1450
– Hull armor: 180/40/?
– Turret armor: 250/120/?
– Engine: 1000 HP
– Max. speed: 40/18kmh
– Hull traverse: 30°/s
– Turret traverse: 36.5°/s
– Pen: 232
– Damage: 300
– Reload time: 8.438s
– Precision: 0.345
– Aim time: 2.59s