Sandbox paused temporarily

Official statement: We have collected a huge amount of statistics and a huge amount of feedback, both of which we’ll need to analyze now. We will then start working on the next milestone. Due to this, the Sandbox server will be shut down on the 21st July (~11:00 MSK – 10:00 CEST) temporarily.

The development team is thanking everyone who took part in testing, wrote commentaries and asked interesting questions.

In the next week, we’ll tell you about which conclusions we made and which thoughts occured after processing the information. We’ll also tell what to expect in future iterations of the Sandbox. Watch the news!

We can already say as much: the next step will be adding tier 8 and 9 tanks. We plan to fix most of the bugs found by you and continue work on game mechanics which were already implemented. More information about the changes and launch date will come in the future.


Q: You have stopped testing after one month already, how come?
A: Besides working on the Sandbox and the new balance we have to further develop and support the live servers. Thus, the decision was made to pause Sandbox to handle statistics and feedback and focus on the tasks on the live servers and resume running Sandbox after tuning of tier 8 and 9 tanks based on the collected data has been conducted.

Q: Why can’t you leave the server open while balancing work is being done?
A: We don’t want to diffuse the players’ attention, since there will be a new patch and other activities on the live server.

Q: What about the forum?
A: The forum will continue to function, since we’ll need time to analyze the players’ feedback. Moreover, we’ll publish additional information about changes applied on the Sandbox: we want to make the decision-making process transparent for the players.

Q: Does pausing the Sandbox mean that tier 10 balance is satisfactory?
A: Not quite: the current balance is acceptable to continue testing while adding tier 8 and 9 tanks to tune balance on several tiers. The testing “in a vacuum” was necessary to determine a starting point for further development.

Q: Are the current penetration, precision and penetration loss over distance values final?
A: No, they are not. We tested these parameters only in tier 10 battles. To make a final decision on these settings, we have to see how tier 8 and 9 vehicles perform.

Q: Will there be a wipe after resuming Sandbox?
A: Exact information will be available shortly before the start of testing.

Q: Will participants of Sandbox be able to participate in the second iteration?
A: We’ll allow access for all players who have it at the moment.

Q: What are the requirements to participate in the next iteration?
A: The decision about criteria for selection will be available shortly before the start of testing.

Q: Can you announce some approximate dates for the start of the next iteration?
A: Currently the date is not final and we’re not ready to announce it yet, but it’s planned for somewhere in the middle of autumn.

Q: Why can’t you allow access for all players?
A: Firstly, we’re limited by technical constraints of the server and cannot allow acces for everyone. Secondly, we have to attract various player types at different times, this will be even more important when testing tier 8-10 tanks. Despite these limitations, we expect that everybody who desires to play on the Sandbox server will get this opportunity.


21 thoughts on “Sandbox paused temporarily

    1. WG doesnt test stuff – ppl mad.
      WG does test stuff – ppl mad.

      WG learned one thing that all should learn – dont listen to people.
      Business isnt idiocracy.

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      1. I’d be okay if they weren’t testing absolute bullshit and idiots didn’t give them positive feedback on that bullshit.
        But apart from that I agree, I can’t think of many games that are good and were largely based on player’s feedback.

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    2. The whole point of the sandbox was to allow you to give them your feedback. Hopefully more constructive than “I hate it.”


      1. That’s nice, if developers listened to relevant feedback however, they would get rid of shell distribution changes, atleast tweak the penetration dropoff and scrape the whole idea of role based system day after they introduced it.
        You tell them that changes like these completely kill anything that doesn’t have armor, they respond with “oh it fits to different class, you just didn’t get it”.
        I said this many times, the problem are not even individual changes, it’s the whole idea of what they think is wrong with the game and how to fix it that’s wrong. Hard to change this with feedback, especially if you are not from RU.

        Correct thing would be to contact WGL players and ask for their opinions, you know, those that know the game and the maps in and out, understand game mechanics and know what’s wrong and possibly even have ideas how to fix it. Then let the plebs test it.

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        1. the role based system is already in the game on the live server, they just didnt spell it out like on sandbox.
          btw most feedback regarding arty on sandbox,was positive…


  1. the problem with WG is that instead of going step by step doing the changes at some tanks or game mode ( arty)…. they made everything at the same time, and if it doesnt work (and ofc it didnt work); they dont know which of the 67 things they changed/changed/removed is failing

    this has been like that since day1:
    they change ANY tank => that tanks becomes OP or totally useless
    they change a map => they have to remove it because it became unplayable
    they nerf TDs=> instead of going bit by bit, … lets nerf vision, movement, alpha, penetration and camo… all at the same time

    i keep saying that it’ll be better for both arty and non arty players :
    * limit it to 0-1-2 depending on the map (closed city- half city-open map)
    * less alpha damage (40-60% less damage, depending on the arty), but better reload and aimtime
    * more splash (both distance and efectiveness) but make the equipment that protects vs splash more efective (max 70-80% instead of “50%”).
    * add more ammo to some artys… less than 30 bullets is stupid.
    * ERASE the XVM mod and those like it, to prevent the “focus the blue player” tactic

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  2. I like the changes they have going.
    Armor was more of a realistic stat than has been portrayed in this game…and with armor came weight which slowed the tank speed, hull traverse and turret traverse. While trying not to make this a simulation game, i do like how they are making armor more of a #1 stat and playing the roles of each tank based off of them.
    I mean, i see WOT as who has Pen, speed, gun handling and armor as the best tanks to use over the majority of all others. Even with the Heavies as they are now, armor is shit compared to Pen and gun handling. Now, you add in more historicity to the guns and pen of all tanks and heavies, med’s and TD’s are now as they were built….they had 1 or 2 purposes to fulfill.

    I am liking Heavy tanks having the break-through role to bust through and give TD’s and Hvy’s something to worry about in their face. Mediums have the ability to flank and gun handling to take advantage of opportunity and finishing the push. Lights have the sight and gun handling to spot and harass and still be a threat without losing out to Medium’s and heavy’s. TD’s have their own role and obviously weren’t so successful or their would have been Divisions of TD’s winning Germany, Russia or America the war….no, instead TD’s made up 10-20% of the overall armor in a group depending on the role of that group or division.

    Arty i despise since year 1. Arty is for Anti-Infantry not for anti-Tank. I mean we are just now in the age of making select Arty shells hit within 5m of the GPS target. Most MBT or heavy tanks were about 5m in some direction. So to have a Artillery become so accurate 50 years ago when a shell was good to land in a 30-50m radius of plotting, but is intended to hit a tank with near precision is absurd and unhistorical. The need for arty in WOT is debatable, the direction they have with the sandbox and slow 60 second fire rates, less precision, more AoE effect to stun or break track, less than 30 rounds (ex. 1 minute to fire in a 15 minute match = 15 rounds), slow moving, less range AND LESS DAMAGE to avoid 1 shotting same tier……is the right way to go to keep inclusion in this game.
    At least IMO ^


    1. I stopped reading, because you clearly don’t know how to play this game. Armor is still a large part of this game, it’s just that armor and slow tanks are just a bad combination.
      113/E5/E50M is the type of armor you want to play with.
      E 100 in city maps and FV215B, it’s just that the TD’s get hopelessly rekt by gold spam.
      The game needs some rebalancing, but slowing everything down and adding the most cancerous stun mechanic in the game will just dumb it down and destroy the game.

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      1. to bad you didn’t finish cause what you list is why the game is so screwed. To say i’m bad because i cannot type a novel to explain to your low IQ doesn’t mean i don’t know this game or anything it was modeled after.

        I know this is a game, but it is a game based off of History, AND Historically those tanks you mentioned never were that fast as they are in the game. If they were that good they would have been the only tank ever made by that nation. Have you ever been part of a re-enactment group that worked and operated a real Sherman or Tiger? I have. Have you been allowed to sit in museum pieces and operate tanks that still work but are being fixed up? I have. Doesn’t make me an authority but gives me more practical experience in my history Major to be hey, game is cool but so far from reality.

        The fact you label those 3 in particular goes to show how bad WG has allowed this to go as those are 3 of the 7 most dominant tanks in the game imo.

        I didnt speak about gold, yes it an issue and i hate it in game…learn to aim better.

        I didnt speak about the stun mechanic cause it is being tweaked but to harsh in limiting ability to move or maneuver.

        The whole Topic is historically relative due to the race with armor and the guns to penetrate them. Thus you have all these tanks being built with a specific role to perform because 1 tank wouldn’t be able to do them all. Unlike real history 1 or 2 rounds would destroy a tank and you would spend 5-8 shooting at it due to distance and visibility factors. you don’t have those in this game so they make up for it with huge health pools and disparaging gun handling.
        close enough example is in the Movie Fury….3 Sherman’s going for 1 Tiger 1. In game i could whoop all 3 Sherman’s and live…angling, aiming, better pen, better alpha. I real life the Sherman was faster and more maneuverable and its gun weak, but get in the right spot and you’re deadly.

        That is the just a weak example of what i am historical vs live game play vs sandbox.


        1. This is a game. Arcade game, not a simulator. I’d say for an arcade game played by a lot of people it has enough historicity. Nobody gives a shit if IRL something else would happen compared to the game. So all the talk about you knowing the history means nothing, good for you if you are interested in it but we’re talking about GAME here.

          What matters is gameplay. If heavies were really really hard to penetrate and would bounce a lot the game would be inbalanced. Another point is, people expect their heavies to be invincible, they think they can drive into the open and survive a long time. Well duh, you can’t. Well played heavy will still bounce a lot, I did a quick check how much heavies bounce in a hands of a good players some time ago, the numbers were around this off the top of my head (this is average damage blocked every game, IIRC excluding shots eaten by tracks and obviously excluding arty, which wrecks HT’s more than anything else):
          Maus – 2,8k
          E100 – 1,6-1,7k
          IS-7 – 1,2-1,5k (it’s quite low, I guess ppl don’t bother shooting it’s turret)
          E5 – 1,2-1,8k (probably depending on how much has who played pre-buff, the number is not so big, I expect lot of DMG eaten by tracks and again maybe ppl don’t even bother shooting it)
          Those numbers are quite a lot I’d say.

          So, get gud, get the historical mindset out of your head or keep it and still be bad at the game :P

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          1. I love it how Oddzballz called me low IQ and thinks I’m a bad player :D
            This is indeed just an arcade and not some IRL simulation, WG made this game with the general gamespeed as it is now, why take that away? It drew so many people including me into it, but will drive them away when you slow things down. This is not WoWs.


            1. Only problem I have with “pace” of the game are 3 minute whitewashes, but they more down to map design and players in paper tanks rushing into chokepoints and getting killed than the actualy pace of the game.
              Majority of balance problems can be IMO solved by redisigning the maps, and changing(nerfing)/hard capping arta to 1. Last step would be to remove XVM and slightly change some stats and you have perfectly playable game and #HappyPlayers :P

              BTW some Sandbox bullshit, anyone wondering why I hate sandbox, look at this battle and tell me Sandbox isn’t fucking retarded, that guy’s aim is pretty bad, he’s from NA after all :P , but still, you can see how random the shell distribution is and how terrible the penetration is. That is not a game I’m going to play. Oh and you can also see me saying how his stream is WG moderated or that he has guidelines by WG :)


        2. You are missing the obvious point here, WoT was never a tank simulator, it is an arcade game with relatively fast-paced gameplay and what Sandbox does is throw that exact fast-paced gameplay out of the window, turning every game into slugfests.
          It’s like taking out the fast-paced gameplay in popular arcade FPS (BF, COD…you name it). You would get slow and tasteless gameplay that the majority of playerbase would despise.


          1. Well, that’s the thing actually… the majority does seem to like the changes to a slower gamespeed, which is why everyone with a voice and brain rises up and shouts “NO!”. We’re the minority, but we’re vocal. Too bad WG doesn’t listen to the community at all, they have their own “experts”.
            *Breakthrough Vehicles* I still topkek at that


    2. TDS wernt meant to be tanks with larger guns, TDS were made because adding a turret cost money, which made tds cheaper.
      tds IRL usually had guns already in service. think about the stugs, its the same gun as the pz4
      same with the american tds, most used the 76mm the shermans did.
      WG are the ones who made the whole tank destroyer = better gun becuz reasons.


  3. “Q: Why can’t you leave the server open while balancing work is being done?
    A: We don’t want to diffuse the players’ attention, since there will be a new patch and other activities on the live server.”

    That wasn’t a problem when they wanted 5k people on sandy box all the time, a while back.

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  4. “make player happy” , but adding pain-in-ass-bullshit stun mechanic, how player can “happy” when get stunned from skycancer, which become more cancer in sanbox ? Get 1-shoted still feel better than get stunned and being raped in middle of close quarter conmbat

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    1. “You don’t like current game? Well you better should or we can make it much worse.” That feels like the main idea of the sandbox.


      1. So u like getting rushed by 3 or more meds while ur stunned which means the reload is longer, driving feels like u drive through a swamp so slow, which basically means that instead of getting 1 shotted u can get 1 more shot of into an enemy before u die.

        So instead of getting 1 shotted u have to wait 20s longer to die anyway.
        Only thing what i remember about sandbox is getting stunned for 20s to 50s and in that time getting rushed by enemy’s, which can easily see that ur stunned because there is a fucking huge rotating icon on top of the tank.


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