Q&A – 11st August 2016

Answers from Storm on livejournal and some dev on the Sandbox forum.

– I’m seeing lack of communication. Nothing about bugs or fix deadlines. – Communications will be stale in the meantime, sadly 🙁
– Will there be automatic restoration of sold premiums or at least restoration of more than one vehicle per account through support? – No information on this matter;
– 1. Why not implement on the RU cluster the possibility in the client to restore sold premiums? The NA server has such a system; 2. Why is a player (a blogger, even) forgiven for using aim assist? – I cannot answer this. I don’t have information on the first, and no rights to answer the second;

– Slava said that next patch will presumably be in September, I’d like to ask why this raw stump with bugs was released (9.15.1) when you could launch a real patch on the Centennary of Tanks? – Because most changes are better to be released in parts, to handle the occuring problems in parts;
– The attitude to RU players on other clusters is justified, since there are normal, educated people on EU and NA, and here we have schoolkids and gopniks and other losers. There are about 2% adequate people on RU clusters. WG understands this well and cannot do such tricks (like the one with Alina_Rin) on their clusters – permabanning and then lifting the ban after a month! The Americans would sue them for good, but they can do anything they want with our retarded playerbase. – Goodbye. Please complain to the UN and League of Nations;

– I will leave tanks for a bit, will not deal with them 24/7. But I will not leave the company and am not being laid off;

Az1mt on Sandbox forum:
– There will be announcements on the portal regarding Sandbox, stay tuned, I cannot say when however since we’re still working on it;
– There was a small patch, what did it do? – Well, we continue working on Sandbox, but it’s currently closed, so no info on that. Oh, and we disabled starting the game from the launcher.