WoT: 1.22 Update Rumours | Part 2

According to WoT Express, Update 1.22 is expected to launch on RUBY region’s «Мир танков» around Sunday, 6th of September 2023. Since this also coincides with the final day of Battle Pass: Season XI in the EU region, it can likely be assumed that the update will arrive sometime around this date (perhaps the Monday-Wednesday, 7-9 Sept?) for the EU/ NA/ASIA regions as well. As a reminder, this update will bring the new branch of British wheeled mediums, along with the final season of Battle Pass for 2023 (Season XII) and more. If you wish to get a head-start on saving XP for the new branch, it is suggested to accumulate around 13,500 XP on the tier V Covenanter.

Supposedly “This will be the biggest update of the year”.
There will be tank rebalances (List Of Expected Tanks To Be Rebalanced In 2023),

Phase 2 of the cut Crew 1.5

wot2023plansPart1-020 wot2023plansPart1-021 wot2023plansPart1-022

A new fan mode (Overwhelming Fireall the vehicles of the game mode with a small description
and much more. – WoT Roadmap 2023 Episodes [1.,2.,3.]

15 thoughts on “WoT: 1.22 Update Rumours | Part 2

  1. This is bullshit because the RU region is a different game run by different people

  2. Got the exp on the Covenanter, ready to jump on the new line. 🙂

    I’m hopeful about those “rebalances”, the game has become quite stale by now with the same few tanks being spammed over and over again. I thought WG did not want stuff to be too popular?

  3. Here’s my prediction for August 2023 in WoT:

    1st, 2nd or 3rd August – launch of 1.22 CT 1.
    Early August – Summer lootboxes, featuring the brand new UDES 03 alt 3 and GSOR 1010 FB.
    New iteration of the CT in roughly 10 days.
    Second half of August (~20th) – Assembley shop for the KPz 07 P(E) a.k.a. tier X Shovel.
    Last iteration of the 1.22 CT (CT 3) from 24-25th August untill the end of the month.
    Release of 1.22: as the article stated: In the beginning of BP season 12.

    Quote me on that, if you want, I’m 99% certain this is all going to happen pretty much in this order.

      1. Oh, yes, I completely forgot there will be a new release of both Frontline and Steel hunter in August. So this will keep us occupied throughout the month.

        1. So we have to find out about events from some nobody on a dead blog rather the actual company website 😂😂

          1. Who is to say I’m not a WG employee umpoading with fake name/email and leaking news? 😂😂😂

            Think about it 🤔

  4. Speaking of which… What happend with the Roadmap series? They told in december that it will be every second month. Where is the June episode?

  5. ATTENTION GAME COMPANY’S! Do not model your company after WG. They have a decade old game they keep updating while never fixing problems from the first year.

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