WoT – Which tanks are the most fake – Results

The results from the comments of the previous article are here, the most fake tanks according to you are:

1. Polish tanks (5 votes)

2. Chinese TDs (4 votes)

3. T28 Prototype (4 votes)

4. Japanese heavies (3 votes)

5. Progetto 46 (3 votes)

6. Czech heavies (3 votes)

7. Waffentrager E-100 (3 votes)

8. Progetto 65 / Italian TDs and heavies (2 votes)

9. GW E-100 (2 votes)

10. E-50M (2 votes)

11. Caernarvon Action X (2 votes)

7 thoughts on “WoT – Which tanks are the most fake – Results

  1. Seb, but the E-50M isn’t as fake as people think, as Germany had some plans to remount motors in existing and future vehicles with a rear transmision mounting.

    Didn’t you read about the Wesserhütte Tiger II variant with the motor and transmision in the rear, which was going to be tested in the future vehicles of Germany in World War II?

    So please, i demand the E-50M to be excluded from the list as it actually has an historical project basis.

  2. Japanese heavy is only 3rd lolwat?

    It’s literally a child’s drawing in shitstain on toilet paper. And anyone with 70 iq can see that it’ll never move in real life without breaking down or catching on fire every 2 min or 10 meters.

    It can’t get anymore insulting than that. At least Wargaming’s fakes don’t pretend to be real by pointing to a drawing of a 5 y.o. with diarrhea.

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