My message to Wargaming

This is not a news piece, but more of a personal rant. I encourage everyone to share this article anywhere you think a WG employee could see it – and to comment below your opinion on the main WoT issues. Voice your concern. Why did you stop playing? What would make WoT viable again?

Wargaming, use the new EU Supertest as an opportunity to finally improve and fix the game, getting it out of the hole formed in the last 7 years of poor decisions!

I have been a WoT player since 2011 and I have seen the hopes and dreams of the early years shattered by poor gameplay decisions. The absence of new tank lines (and too many OP premium ones, which theoretically should be weaker than their normal counterparts), gold ammo remaining OP (make it maximum 15% better), the lack of new maps (make no map appear twice in a row and we need open maps, not corridor ones). The game is still too pay to win! And some tanks are too exclusive. The clan wars meta is mainly 5-6 tanks, unlike before. Please buff underpowered tanks like T110E5, Type 5 Heavy and many others. And nerf the wheeled tanks already! Bring back weakspots, especially for higher tiers. Make Team Battles a thing again (7v7). And make special equipment available not only for bonds, but also for credits. Maybe some missions to earn gold? Return to the origins and make the game better, rewarding and enjoyable for anyone playing it – no matter his winrate. Make some interesting game modes, the game became stale and boring in the last years. End the 3 minute roflstomp matches too and revert the tech tree compression!

Where are the historians making sure the vehicles are historical? What are their credentials and what are they working on? Who makes the current  historical monstrosities? Wargaming seems to be very compartmentalised, nobody knows who is doing what in the same project.

Dear WG, bring some hope in the game. The change of focus to EU is the perfect opportunity to do so. You can also start working on the Swiss tree.

And about WoT Console – it currently looks like AW or some MOBA games – it lacks any real imagination or ideas for the future.

Think of the players too! Make it win-win, if you want the game to survive, and that means your wallets too will survive.


50 thoughts on “My message to Wargaming

  1. The reason why I stopped playing:

    Reward tanks. It’s OK to reward players with tanks for accomplishing events, but they should als be researchable in the tech tree for everyone.

    Also: better equipment only as a reward for playing ranked.

    And don’t get me wrong. I own some of the OP reward tanks myself and I’m skilled enough to get through ranked but:
    1. I don’t want to be forced to play a game mode I don’t like to get certain tanks to stay competitive.
    2. It’s just extremely unfair for players who are not good enough to obtain said tanks.

    That’s why I did quit the game about 4 months ago.

    1. maybe make reward tanks available for free XP. It could be a reciculous amout of free XP but at least in theory people are able to get them. And if people spend Gold to convert XP even better for WG and Gold/Credit balance.

  2. While I agree on some of the points made in that article, like the balancing of a lot of tanks and the wheeled ones on particular, other points, I totally don’t get.

    What is wrong with the premium ammo (pure gold ammo doesn’t exist for a lot of years now, so stop calling it like this)
    You can afford premium ammo without any gold and if you play well enough and have one tank you can use as money maker, you can even use it without premium account. And as most players just can afford it, there is no reason to need it. Also as you know some kinds of ammunition not only have advantages but also disadvantages. So in my opinion, the premium ammo, with a few exceptions is balanced.

    Another point I can’t agree on is new vehicle trees. You complain about balancing, so the last thing the game needs is a lot of new trees. If they are op, people will cry, if they are perfectly balanced people will cry that they are too week.

    Also on Fake Tanks: I don’t care if it is 100 real. It is a game afterall.

    1. Haha, nice try but premium ammo will always stay premium ammo, no matter how WG renames it or that you can’t buy it directly with gold anymore.
      It is wrong and will always be wrong because it enables even brainless monkeys to penetrate armor they could normally (because of lack of skill) not penetrate. It ruins this otherwise great game in which you had to use your brain and experience to be successful.

      1. I think he was simply pointing out that “gold” is the wrong descriptive term from premium shells now. They used to only be available for purchase with Gold so we started calling it Gold ammo back in the early days of the game. However, it is no longer exclusively available to gold purchase and as such “gold” ammo (u can no longer even use gold to buy it) is an inappropriate descriptive term and premium shells or something similar would be more accurate.

      2. That’s not even how penetration works in this game, premium rounds really only help against non-angled armor.

        My wish list for WOT would include;

        reverse the HE nerf
        never implement Crew 2.0 or anything like it
        T9 Premiums should be tech tree tanks with economic bonuses
        +1/-1 matchmaking would be nice, at the very least T7 shouldn’t see T9
        more ways to earn gold would be nice
        bring back tank rewards
        give low tier tanks better gun handling
        wheeled vehicles have effectively the best armor in the game when they should be squishy, fix that

    2. This guy more worried about semantics then the fake tanks. I bet he complains about the clown cars but yet doesn’t want more historical realism in the game. Funny because that historical realism would fix many issues in the game. Players such as this guy is why the game is in the state it is and it’s a mess.

      1. You would be surprised how often I get this moot argument, both in the forum and in the in-game chat. These people either have nothing else to say or are genuinely deficient in critical thinking skills. And I am more willing to think it is the latter given a lot of servicemen play this game. (Most people know these people are not exactly the brightest. Otherwise, they would not have served.)

        1. @budae_jjigae The amount of crap in your head is amazing. Go back to your hole where you came from.

      2. I am curious: What would historical accuracy mean for you? And how would it fix the game? Can you give me an example?
        The game needs balancing but I don’t see how historical accuracy can fix that.

        1. Armored cars. The reason why armored cars were not a great choice for recon is because their cross country ability is generally inferior to tracked vehicles. An advantage of armored cars if they are small size they are quieter and less noticeable then a tracked vehicle. To reflect this in the game you could boost the camo of the armored car but increase the terrain resistance while going over rough terrain.

          1. I understand where you are going with this proposal and it is not bad but it would just make them more of a normal light with less view range (if it stays like now) and better cami.
            I have another proposal to balance the wheeled tanks, which would keep them more dynamic but much less op.
            First, simply let tire hits also do damage and second replace their current speed mode with the turbo mode of the polish mediums. So, they will be much much less accurate while driving fast.

            I think those changes would them enough while still keeping them a bit different.

    3. Gold maybe is wrong because it goes from “being utterly red” to being “auto-pen” and/or to go from “super slow” to “super fast”. That’s why.
      By the way, nope, everyone don’t have enough credits income to compensate the price increase. Can i assume you have a premium account? Or that you had one and is still benefiting from your past income? That you have premium tanks? Because that isn’t free. If you need a premium account and/or a premium tank to access premium ammo then that means it is pay to win. To need hours for an average player, with a techtree tank to earn enough as to play one game full gold isn’t what a definition of balanced is.
      Shooting gold almost always gives an advantage. If premium ammo came with as much disadvantage as advantage it would increase the skill cap. Isn’t that good news for good players? We would show even more who dominates the battlefield. But at least we would deserve it. And noobs wouldn’t be able to penetrate playing like crazy monkeys. All for the better in my opinion.

      “Another point I can’t agree on is new vehicle trees. You complain about balancing, so the last thing the game needs is a lot of new trees. If they are op, people will cry, if they are perfectly balanced people will cry that they are too week.”
      Being weak doesn’t mean being balanced, that’s the point. It would definitely need more work and attention from their part than what is done actually, that’s for sure. But we pay them for that so..

      1. Maybe you should try winning your battles then you might actually make credits.
        Or even try to do more than 400 damage in your Tier 8s.
        Many people have millions of credits without premium time.
        What’s your problem apart from being useless?

        1. Your response: Having nothing to say -> proceeds to insult
          That’s smart…
          Probabilities are high that I do more damage with my tier 8 than you do in your 10, so I wouldn’t brag too much in your case.
          By the way, no, people without premiums tanks and days barely have enough to buy techtree tank on discounts days.

      2. Your argument on gold ammo is sound, but WG and most of the playerbase don’t care. For many it’s an exploitable game mechanic and they don’t give a sh*t that it’s pay2win (and they will be quick to defend it as not being pay2win, anything to keep their cheat button in the game), while others reach out to it in desperation because WG dumbasses think balancing tank armor around gold ammo is a good idea, so sometimes you either load gold or lose the fight with no ifs or buts (does not help that almost all maps that allowed flanking and sniping have been removed, or if they’re still in the rotation have been heavily nerfed to promote face-to-face engagements).

        When I bother playing I always run tanks with enough armor to defeat gold, if the idiots are so eager to waste a hundred thousand credits per match who am I to stop them. 🙂

    4. Yeah see, the instant you disagree with anything that Overlord Seb says, his simp army is gonna pounce on you. Don’t bother commenting here, mate. It’s just a waste of time, no matter how logical and polite you are…
      (And btw, your comment is full of good points – objectively speaking. But Seb won’t admit it and he won’t allow anyone else to, either. Hope you see my comment before he takes it down)

      1. Man, everyone is free to speak their minds freely! I only ban those who curse way too much, you are free to have differing opinions!

  3. Tank balancing is a HUGE problem.
    Gold ammo indeed needs a nerf to make the game more decisive and more fun to play.
    Tier 10 Light tanks are screwed by EBR 105 indeed, but you can still be just as competitive with Manticore/T-100 LT/AMX 13 105. The rest are more or less trash.
    Maps. Yes the game needs more maps and more map balancing.
    The current crew system is fine but it could be so much better if the Crew 2.0 goes through with again more BALANCE.
    I’m fine with Premium Tanks being more powerful than researchable ones because that’s how they getting sold but if they are once again BALANCED, the game will be way more fun to play since win or lost depends more on your skills.
    All in all, the current WoT has pretty much no balance. That’s why 15-3 & 3-15 happen so ridiculously often and our gaming experience just getting worse and worse.

  4. I’ve been playing less and less over the past few years and I think I’ll let my premium account expire this time – no more renewals when there’s no incentive to keep playing.

    HE being nerfed to uselesness while gold ammo stays the same (and WG will never do anything about the latter) and nothing being done to reduce reward premium tank supremacy is perhaps the last nail in the coffin, a game where battles are decided by who pays more game currency is a fundamentally flawed game.

    Also, sooner or later WoT PC will do what AW has done years ago – halt development of free content and completely focus on premium content. WG pushing for more and more paid events (battle pass, marathons, distribution of premiums with the aim of draining standard and premium currency, and so on) is a good hint. And they already stopped developing artillery lines years ago, light tanks are next on the chopping block.

  5. Thing to remember is that most of the players, or super tests were on RU. And HE change or even crew 2.0 on the RU youtube channel had over a 70% upvote vs the 20% it had on EU. They followed the majority of the players then as such on some matters.

    But… it remains to be seen now that EU is the “main one” if that will change much or not going forward. As in if we will see changes on past changes vs just looking forward.

    1. If what you say is true, then WG claiming 70% of the players welcomed the HE nerfs was not a lie… from a certain perspective of course.

      This is even more braindead than Konami making a unified banlist for OCG (Asia) and TCG (EU, Americas) in Yu-Gi-Oh. OCG plays one way, TCG plays another, unifying the banlist only created chaos and in the end the OCG side always had more influence on what got nerfed because Konami is Japanese.

      One can hope supertest being EU now can lead to better things, but WoT has been going downhill since 2017 – that’s five years of nonstop bullsh*t and counting, who’s going to believe things will change at this point?

  6. Mizutyo sold its Swiss branche to WG 5 years ago, I don’t know what they are waiting for to release it.

  7. You didn’t mention +2 -2 matchmaking which needs to go, it makes the game significantly harder for WG to balance and in my opinion is the biggest issue.

  8. I’ve never really cared about OP premium tanks since anyone can buy them. My biggest issue when I played were the super OP tanks given as rewards to the best players. It ruined the experience entirely. I also never cared for arty but having the reward tanks in the game that could take any shell fired at it and laugh it off just destroyed it.

  9. “Make special equipment available not only for bonds, but also for credits.” No, if you can’t earn them, then you don’t deserve them

    “Maybe some missions to earn gold.” Have you heard of Tournaments?

    “Where are the historians making sure the vehicles are historical? What are their credentials and what are they working on? Who makes the current historical monstrosities? ” I understand this one. However, WOT is 10 years old, WG probably have implemented most historical tanks if not all of them. What historical tanks do you want more? They probably run out of them and they had to come up with fake shit to fill the gaps.

    As for my take, I have only 3 requests.

    Remove the damn arta
    Make the damn maps bigger (2kmx2km or more) while keeping the 15×15 format, this will provide flanking opportunities and so on.
    Remove the armour indicator. I don’t care what you think on this one. Armour indicator is shit and it makes the game worse. because of it we have those over armoured tanks. By removing a lot of players will be forced to git gud at the game which is good.

  10. Its an ARCADE game and the word “HISTORICAL” is therefor idiotic.

    When WT came out they CHANGED tanks to be more historical… and what happened?
    The players became HYSTERICAL.

    Historical? Sure, lets use fuel and have gears break down and then you cant use the tank for 20~30 hours…
    oh and we need the WT damage model and so on…

    What a bunch of nonsense.

    However: what they COULD do… what would MAKE SENSE is giving the players more informations about vehicles. shows you 90% of the missing information, without many would be clueless to the mechanics one HAS TO KNOW in order to succeed.

    Also UI elements in the garage are sub standards and the MAIN CHAT is trash. literall trash.

    those are the most BASIC tools for a community to work with
    information and control of the game

    not some artificial nonsense about “oh but i found a drwing wherei ts 0.53 inch thick! bla bla bla
    that does not help to BALANCE TANKS IN A TIER’ED MATCHMAKING that does HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HISTORY and the circumstances in which they were used

    where are the AT guns, soldiers, traps and whatnot? ugh. historians are idiots<.<

    How about we start listening to ACTUAL GAMERS that want to improve the MECHANICS AND CODE and not rub ourselves off for studying books nobody actually cares about… (otherwise SuddenStrike would have the 20th release – instead of games like COD)


    I do agree with weakspots
    I disagree with wheeled tanks. My god auto aim is enough to kill it (learn how circles work, and when it turns away from you, shoot… srly. that ez)
    Its like whining about artillery and how mean it is : WHILE PARKING IN THE OPEN to get shot 3-5 times

    Not like they listen to any feedback this was a big waste of time for all of us 😀

    1. The issue is the idea of arcade. Arcades traditionally are meant to be played fast. They are relatively simple games and follow predictable game play. WoT is easy to play but hard to master. That is the problem. Players such as yourself want games to last longer but yet at the time will shill about it being an arcade game. You can’t have it both ways. WG needs to make the decision if this is an easy to play game or a slower and more historically correct one.

  11. Today’s corridor-brawling meta really isn’t my thing. Not just because I prefer other roles, but because it always seems to come down to two obnoxious gimmicks. One is having idiot-proof armor that lacks weakspots. The other is having to spam gold to deal with armor. Regardless of which one prevails, the whole exercise has been drained of entertainment value as far as I’m concerned.

    Besides this, the new rule of thumb is that high-scoring battle results somehow tend to become even less profitable than a generic uninvolved win. The gold ammo situation might be relevant, but in any case its insufferable to think that the new paradigm is that the better you perform, the more you’ll be financially punished.

    One other thing is that in the randoms, the WR stat has been absolutely cancerous for the casual WOT community. Don’t get me wrong, WR may well be the single best aggregate of overall performance, but even so, it has done more harm than good to the pubbies who are the lifeblood of the playerbase.

  12. A long, long Game ago.
    I can still remember how this game used to make me smile.
    And I knew mm had my chance.
    That I could make those heavy’s dance.
    And maybe we’d win games for a while.

    But February missions sucked..
    With every one shot I’d delivered.
    Bad news on the updates.
    I couldn’t play one more game.

    I can’t remember if I cried.
    When I read about redone mm.
    But RNG screwed me deep inside.
    The day this Game died.

    So bye, bye,unicum stats.
    Drove my heavy to the levee but the enemy just capped.
    And them good clan boys were playing meduims and lights.
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that team dies.
    This’ll be the day that I lose.

    Did you play the tank in game.
    And do you have faith in RNG above.
    If the coders tells you so?
    Now do you believe in rolling on rocks?
    Can team save your heavy’s soul?
    And can you teach me how to play real good?

    Well, I know that you’re in platoon with him.
    Cause I saw you playing in a random game.
    You both team killed your lights.
    Man, I hate those stupid noobs.

    I was a lonely teenage broncin tank.
    With a h.e. shell and a apcr one too.
    But I knew I was out of FOCH’s.
    The day this game died.

    noobs started singing.
    bye, bye, unicum stats.
    Drove my heavy to the levee but the enemy just capped.
    And them good ole boys were playing meduims and TD’s.
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that team dies.
    This’ll be the day that I lose.

    Now for 10 years we’ve been on our game.
    And shells bouce off them like a rollin’ stones.
    But that’s not how it used to play.
    When the jester shot at the enemy heavy tanks,
    In a tank he borrowed from his friend.
    And a big profit that came from you and me.

    Oh, and while the Noob was looking down,
    The td’s blew his turent off.
    The clan wars was adjourned.
    No Winner was returned.

    And while cheifton wrote a book on Tanks.
    The Coders practiced in sand box.
    And we played tanks in the dark.
    The day this Game died.

    So bye, bye, rubicon 10.0.
    Drove my heavy to the levee but the enemy just capped.
    And them good ole boys were playing meduims and TD’s.
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that team dies.
    This’ll be the day that I lose.

    Helter skelter in summers Random..
    The lights spotted on the hill a heavy push.
    Eight players dead and losing fast.
    shell landed foul on the grass.
    The players tried for a forward push.
    With the best player dead ragging,in the chat.

    Now the top tier tanks was a premuim noob.
    While the meduims flanked a little to soon.
    We all drove up to shoot.
    Oh, but we never got the spots.

    ‘Cause the players tried to take the field.
    The enemy’s td’s refused to yield.
    Do you recall what was revealed.
    Foch this game died?

    noob started singing
    bye, bye, crews 2.0.
    Drove my heavy to the levee but the enemy just capped.
    And them good ole boys were playing Arty’s and TD’s.
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that team dies.
    This’ll be the day that I lose.

    Oh, and My Team were all in one place.
    Another dam GAme lost in space.
    With no time left to Play again.
    So come on, light be nimble, light be quick.
    light camped at our stupid base.
    ‘Cause a fire aint the heavy’s only friend.

    Oh, and as I watched him kill our Team.
    My chat was clenched in letters of rage.
    No top gun in Hell.
    Could break my Teams losing spell.

    And as the games played on into the night.
    light was the sacrificial tank.
    I saw Bill Gates laughing with delight.
    The day this Game died.

    noob started singing
    bye, bye, rubicon 10.0.
    Drove my heavy to the levee but my team just capped.
    And them good ole boys were playing Arty’s and TD’s.
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that team dies.
    This’ll be the day that I lose.

    I met a girl who played the Tanks.
    And I asked her for a happy Ending.
    But she just shot me and Drove away.
    I went down to the premuim store.
    Where I’d seen this Game years before.
    But the man there said the Game wouldnt play.

    And in the streets, the meduims screamed.
    The Nooby’s cried and cincymike dreamed.
    But not a game was played.
    The churchhills 3 all were broken.

    And the three tankers I admire most.
    The jingles, quicky and the lemming_rush.
    They caught the last train for the coast.
    The day this game died.

    noob started singing
    bye, bye, unicum stats.
    Drove my heavy to the levee but the enemy just capped.
    And them good clan boys were playing Arty’s and TD’s.
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that team dies.
    This’ll be the day that I lose.
    noobs were singing.
    bye, bye, unicum stats.
    Drove my heavy to the levee but the enemy just capped.
    And them good clan boys were playing meduims and artys?
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that team dies.
    This’ll be the day that I lose.

  13. Sorry but it’s too late to fix all this stuff now.
    WG are just in it for the causal gamer.
    There’s no incentive to learn, get xp, climb tech trees, use mechanics etc.
    New players don’t have time for all that shit
    Longer players? WG fck them. There’s nothing left. All tech trees, all tanks.
    No new maps and no new modes just relegates WOT to some hobbyist game.
    Premium ammo – I’ve never been triggered by it.
    Wheeled vehicles – remove them
    WG gimmick tanks – no more
    New tech trees – no as they will be copy n paste
    OP tanks – need to stop with the high alpha auto loading kill in 2 shots
    3 minute battles and corridor made me uninstall

  14. Its night so I will be a bit more brief:

    –Game needs these steps – not a neverending spiral of buffs, but a complex rebalance and many high tier tanks need to be nerfed, not buffed and they need weakspots. Current tier 10 tanks are like tier 11 compared to few years back.
    –Gold ammo is still gold – most of the playerbase buys a premium time for its usage, other arguments are what PR department loves to spread and needs you to think.
    –Anyway, gold ammo needs to do less damage and have somewhat less increased pen compared to regular one.
    –Low tier arta needs to be nerfed or rebalanced – its killing game for newbies – not good, game is being toxic for the most important group of players – new ones.
    –Bit more of HP needs to be considered for all tanks.
    –EBRs needs to have view range bit nerfed and their firepower bit reduced, light tanks need to have edge in more firepower and viewrange, EBRs will have mobility.
    –some CW tanks need to be rebalanced or nerfed, all of them allowed in ranked. Players who disagree with nerfs should be able to be refunded with bonds.
    –Game needs more maps, some maps of 1500×1500 are needed. Not more, there are very slow tanks in the game, but this should make maps more interesting, while keeping momentum.
    –Game should be monetized via premium time, skins and golds, not via OP tanks.
    –fake tanks and design tanks are okay, just dont make OP ones.
    –block any mods, create more options for interface customization
    –make accuracy atleast a bit connected to aiming – fully aimed shots should have more of a chance to hit the central part of a reticle
    –make sixth sense a basic skill
    — make frontline a monthly event
    –make reward tier 1-9 tanks a premium ones
    –tanks which suicide/drown should pay double their repair costs
    –regular account shoud be able to block 2 maps, premium 3 maps

    1. Arty keeps op machines in check.. they are the necessary evil.. as much as we hate them.. they been here since the launch of the game and beta and alpha days..

  15. WOT is a lucky game where luck has a lot of influence on combat. In these games, players continue to play the next battle for a win that they are satisfied with, like gamblers. I think that’s the biggest reason why this mess-up balancing video games has lasted for 10 years.

    But even if the area of luck is big, it’s too big. So it’s hard to find a victory that you’re satisfied with. “carry” is difficult, and even very good players are often ruined by MM. In the balance between skill and luck, luck is definitely bigger.

    Personally, I am no complaints of the game’s economic system, but I agree that this causes new players to leave the game. Without a premium account and tank, the new player feels unfair and leaves around T6~T8. If this is not solved, WOT will only have fewer and fewer player bases.

    How can we solve this? It’s hard. but it’s so complicated that there’s a lot of writing. So, I repeated wrote and deleted. After all, I don’t know. WOT survived for 10 years anyway, and this is incredible in the video game industry. But it’s definitely a game that doesn’t look stable unlike other 10 year games.

    Anyway, I like this game, so I hope WOT survives. It must be meaningful to share everyones various opinions.

    1. Few years ago WoT (EU) was kinda dead. Only ~15k players combined on both servers during prime time.

      How the hell they managed to bring back so many a players 😀

  16. Cutting down the tech trees was retarded and felt like a severe “anti tank” move. It’s like saying Borderlands has too many guns, or Gran Turismo has too many cars in it. Pain WG-level dumb move.

    My issue with the goldammo/goldspam situation is that the game rewards the dunce that is playing his Bourrasque, E-25 or Defender all day with a full gold ammo loadout, jerking off to his stats without any worries of having to save credits for future purchases, because he only plays the OP stuff he already owns and buys new ones with €€€ as soon as they get implemented.
    Sucks to be a tonk hoarder who has to actually make a few economic decisions while playing to afford his 600th tank’s equipment. Facing players who exclusively spam gold ammo creates neither fun nor credits, since it additionally negates armour as a balancing factor.
    What’s next? Premium armour, premium super-engines and premium camouflage?
    This special ammo for special people is one of the most detrimental things in WoT. I can bear the monotony of having to play each map in a specific way for each tank class, the lack of entertaining new game modes and the less and less rewarding gameplay, but having to play against people that are consciously playing the game in easy mode just seems premium retarded.

    As a simple solution, I’d love to at least see a limit to the gold ammo you could take into the field. Maybe even balance tanks with a specific loadout for balancing measures. E.g., Everyone could get the amount of gold ammo needed to take out one of the top tier tanks in a battle in case they are bottom/middle tier. Same tier battles shouldn’t require any gold ammo at all.

    PS: The threat of an incompetent crew makeover on the horizon makes me not want to get invested into the game too much anymore. As long as sCrew 2.0 has not been officially canceled for good, there is always the danger of completely losing interest in the game.

    TL;DR: Main reasons to quit:
    1. There is always high potential for future self-destructing f*ckups by WG (e.g. crew 2.0!) that could undo a decade of “work” or alter the game in more €-milking ways.
    2. Gold Spammo: Using gold ammo to make up for your own biological deficiencies is wrong.
    3. There is neither variety nor an appealing endgame.

  17. I left the game years ago, because Wargaming as a company and game creator does not care about their customers and players.

    Each update they make a lot things worse and bring so many unbalanced tanks to the game, that it’s just frustrating to play.

    They do not listen to the community and older tanks are ignored until death (CDC, FCM 50t, Revalorisé and way more). Same goes for the maps. For example Ruinberg. The middle spots (around E4?) where everyone in the start of the battles yolos into is just annoying. When someone skilled is playing the middle and you sit in your STRV S1 or something you can’t do shit, until you win 0:15 or lose 15:0.

    However despite all that hate and bad stuff. WoT bring a lot joy by giving me some place to play with some funny tanks and meet new friends in the World of Tanks. When I had a bad day I login, equip my Skoda T56 with gold only and destroy everyone without asking their name 🙂

  18. -Restrict the gold ammo to a few shots available per battle, so that the player is forced to use ist wisely.
    – Stop balancing tanks around gold ammo
    – revert the HE changes
    – Tanks need weak spots to be shot at without gold ammo
    – generally increase the accuracy of all tanks to somewhat realistic values to force players to shot said weak spots and use less clown ammo
    – remove stun mechanics for Artillery
    – reward the supporting role of artillery with rewarding damaging enemy tank modules
    – when enemy arty shots, a circle on minimal should appear where the shot came from. with every shot without repositioning the circle should be get smaller
    – when arty shots the same tank again the circle decreasing should be faster
    – nerf guns of wheeled vehicles to make them more scouts and less toxic
    – when a wheeled tank got a hit on its wheels, steering should be much harder and top speed should be decreased
    – to repair the wheels, a stop is mandatory
    – every tank with a strong point should also have a equal strong weak point. i.e. big gun –> Slow and sluggish movement
    – Bigger, more open maps
    – stop using the old scheme to make new maps (Here go the lights, here the TDs, this is for heavies and so on)
    – Revert the menu structure in the garage to the old style. There to many clicks needed to go trough the menus

    –> Generally, players should be more forced to use their brain and think and less to press the 2 Key and YOLO. Maybe, if some of this changes are applied, I would come back to WoT after stopping in February with almost 10 years on this game.

  19. Returned after 2years and the game is even bigger cancer without hinge of balance. The good thing is that half of the population is gone.

  20. “End the 3 minute roflstomp matches”

    The only way they will get rid of that (as well as the lopsided wins/losses) is to include balancing of the team. MM can still grab players like it does, just add code that balances out the good, average, and bad players between the teams. The majority of the games have one team with an advantage due to getting the majority of the good & average players, while the other gets filled with mostly bad players.

    Also, they need to fix longstanding issues with the game like soap rocks. They should also adjust RNG: something like 10% out to 100m, 15% 101-200m, 20% 201-350m, 25% 351m+

  21. What’s the point? Do you guys really think Wargaming listen player base? Gigachad Classic WOT is gone, current WOT is never going to be good as Gigachad Classic WOT. Imagine classic wot without P2W elements, Tanks had actual weakspots such as machinegun ports, driver hatcs some of the parts was weaker than other areas so you can actually aim where to shoot instead of Yolo-ing gold nooob ammo

    Lmao check clan wars, everyone using same tank spamming gold ammo at eachother,oh boy…

    Current Issues with WOT;
    1.Too fast gameplay, super fast tanks even there are heavies with medium tank mobility lmao
    2.Gold ammo spam
    3.No need to aim at weak spots
    4.OP tanks that cannot be penned by standard shells
    5.Hulldown tanks with no weakspots, you literally got 0 chance to kill them
    6.HE nerf literally made hulldown tanks invincible because even FV4005 do 200 damage to them
    7.Relying on Arty to kill hulldown tanks? What? What are you thinking WG?
    8.Wargaming current developers
    9.Wargaming current developers doesn’t play the game
    10.Wargaming doesn’t listen player base

  22. Just make premium ammo do more damage, have less penetration and give all tanks 30-50% more ammo for different loadouts and to compensate tanks having armor again.

    1. I actually really like this idea. Turning the gold ammo argument on its head, making premium do more damage but less pen is genius. Pay to do more damage but you need the skill to make it work.

  23. I want the excessive censorship of the chat to end. It’s unbelievable what you can get chat ban in game and it sure does encourage you not to coordinate with your team in a team game! And now hardly anyone uses the chat. Which is fitting because completes the single player\botting experience of the game.

  24. WG have around 7 years destroing the game and killing the funn in the game, even CC know the game is frustrating and its decayng.
    WG will do NOTHING to fix it.
    I really hope WG will do something about it but its just a 1% chance to happen.

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