Which tanks are the most fake?

I am asking you, the reader, to write in the comments which tank you think is the most fake tank in WoT. Let’s create a top 10! This article will be updated with the results soon.


1. Polish tanks (5 votes)

2. Chinese TDs (4 votes)

3. T28 Prototype (4 votes)

4. Japanese heavies (3 votes)

5. Progetto 46 (3 votes)

6. Czech heavies (3 votes)

7. Waffentrager E-100 (3 votes)

8. Progetto 65 / Italian TDs and heavies (2 votes)

9. GW E-100 (2 votes)

10. E-50M (2 votes)

11. Caernarvon Action X (2 votes)

46 thoughts on “Which tanks are the most fake?

    1. I guess Sebastianul has to update with:

      «which of the tanks WG CLAIMS are real are the most fake?»

      those should not count because WG always said those were fake, those were released outside of China when the PLAYERBASE asked for them, those are our* fault

      *by “our” I don’t say ALL the playerbase but the most of the casuals

    2. FT doesnt mean Fake Tank. It means Anti-Tank in chinese (Fan Tanki or something like that is anti-tank in Chinese).
      Its perhaps badly worded, but FT literally doesnt mean Fake Tank in WoT’s Chinese Tech Tree.
      Now, some of the machines there are almost certainly fake, but others who HAVE FT in their name – are real machines.

  1. The Japanese heavies. I remember there were a drawing somewhere, but it looked more like the dream of a megalomaniac, than a real project. Everything, from their design to their size, screams “one day this country will spawn Akira, Gundam and Kaijus!”

    1. Same goes for the Maus, and they still built two of those.

      At least the Type 91, Type 95 and O-I were real. The O-Ni and O-Ho are based on artists impressions of the O-I (later known to be incorrect). And the Type 4&5 Heavies are of questionable authenticity (main source being soviet documents detailing their engine cooling).

      If anything, I’d have to vote for the T-34-2G FT as being the single most fake tank in the game. It is a tank destroyed based off a medium tank design that never existed either. Even the Edelweiß from the Valkyria Chronicles collaboration is more real, imo, since it was based off the Panther (II).

    2. (sorry if you see this post twice, I am having issues posting.)

      The japanese heavies are a complicated case:

      Tier 3 and 4 ones are 100% real.
      Tier 5 is a fake version of the Tier 6 made to fill a slot.
      Tier 6 one is real, we got plenty of documentation, including an account of every part of it being built, though not fully assembled.
      Tier 7 and Tier 8 are based on post-war misinterpretations of what the Tier 6 one was actually like.
      Tier 9 and 10 ones are tricky because, while the turret was 100% real, we only have fragmentary info about the hull.

  2. Chinese TDs(T26GFT to 113GFT), Italian HTs, Prog 46, 65 and upcoming TDs, Czech Heavy Tanks, WT E 100, T25/2, G.W. Tiger (P) and G.W. E 100

    1. The tier 5 and 6 italian TD’s are based on the Semovente M41 and M43, both of which were real.

      The only japanese heavies that are outright fakes are the Tier 5 (downtiered and weaker version of the Tier 6) and the tiers 7 and 8 (based on post-war misintrepretations of the Tier 6).
      Tiers 9 and 10 are complicated but we know for a fact the turret was real. How much of the info on the hull is reliable is another story.

  3. Chinese TDs have to be the most fake…most of the others at least seem to have some “napkin” designs as a basis.

  4. Polish 53TP, just read the description and you will understand how fake it is. So poles, somehow, managed to create a prewar heavy tank so advanced that it looks like from the cold war? Or perhaps WG got to fill the tier 8 so why not base a fake tank on the IS3 and call it a day.

    1. The 53TP is based on a set of documents that are supposedly from 1939, whether they actually are or not is a different matter. However, it should be noted that according to those, the stock turret is the right turret, the fully upgraded turret is just an IS turret that does not match the hull.

  5. Polish tanks past the 10TP (although I love the 60TP and the BUGI). Zero sources lol.

    1. 25TP was a real project though and there are sources for the DS Pzinz, BUGI, 53TP and the 40TP. Whether those sources are real or hoaxes is another matter althogether.

      The 50TP and the 60TP are based on proposals made by academy cadets. Each one was only a few sentences long and didn’t have much beyond the weight and some general info. 90% of the tanks were designed by WG.

    1. Except those two Chinese TDs are also fake…
      And the Semovente 75 was real, although they changed the Semovente Bassotto slightly with a 102mm gun instead of 105mm.

    2. All of the czech mediums are based on real projects, the only true fake there is the tier 9, since it was created as a mistake by an historian. The rest existed at least on paper.

      The 25TP was a real project. The DS Pzinz, BUGI, 40TP and 53TP all have some kind of info floating about them online, but whether that info is genuine from the 1930’s, or a modern hoax, is a more complicated story.

  6. E 50 M is also an invention by Wargaming (iirc copyrighted). Although since it is somewhat based on the E 50 one could argue it is not as fake as others.

  7. All the russkie tanks for being overpowered when they where complete crap compared to the western counterparts

  8. U just can’t pick only 10
    There are hundreds of them
    Wot is a fake ass game and when they tell a history to connect it with a new line, makes me laught so hard that i’ve quit wot

  9. Guess Seb’s gonna have a really easy time putting together a top 10, with all these ‘people’ somehow failing to come up with ONE SINGLE VEHICLE as the ‘most fake’

    Btw my vote goes out to the Manticore, simply because there has never been any tank with that name even drafted as a proposal/blueprint/drawing

    1. About the manticore it’s actually very real and Wg somehow got the 105 gun right too it’s a post ww2 British project to replace the WOMBAT 120mm recoiled rifle developed in 1955. The only error WG made was calling it the Manticore as it, in reality was named the Chimera (yes just like the tier 8 reward tank) Wg just renamed it for less confusion

      1. …and that makes the WoT Manticore the most fake tank out of them all, technically.
        You can find at least drawings of any other tank in the game when you search by their name/designation. But not for Manticore (even though it’s true that a nigh-identical vehicle did in fact get drawn. Though you seem to be implying that a prototype got built at some point, and that’s actually false)

        1. Sorry didn’t mean to imply that it was built (I know it wasn’t) but for me the a fake tank implies the vehicle wasn’t even thought up by anyone other than WG just for some branch and it’s confirmed that the manticore is the the Chimera 1955 (they are identical they’re literally the same tank)

          1. Agreed, the tank itself is more real than total fakes like Conq GC for instance, I was just taking advantage of the name technicality ;D

            Also, I’d leave likes to your comments, but it seems I can’t log in with my Google account 🙁 You deserve likes tbh

  10. Pz2j is real funny that lol so is the su76i most of the low tiers are real.. Anyway.. Pz2j.. Buff that standard pen to 46.. And make the prem ammo be 66 or 63 thats all that thing needs xD cause valentines arent fun lol

  11. Well Seb, you opened a pretty big can of worms.
    First off, you should define what counts as a fake tank, because from all the comments it seems that people tend to have a wide range of ideas. There is a range of fakeness, like the Ferdinand couldn’t possibly mount a 128mm gun, but i don’t see anyone complaining about it, on the other end Chinese TD-s seem to be nothing more than a wg/china coproduction entirely for the game.
    Secondly, the good folks at Tank encylopedia did a number of videos on such wg designs. You might want to check those out.
    My personal favourites are: Bourrasque, Lorr 50t, progetto m46, GW E100, FV215b, Caernavon AX,

  12. Most defiantly the conquer GC , why on earth would they put a ww1 obsolete gun on a conquer chasis

    second vote goes to T28 Prototype, it look ridiculous and there was never any need for it

    and my final vote goes to 114 SP2 because it looks so ridiculously and obviously fake

    1. Don’t forget that the T28 Concept is also just a wooden mockup that nobody knows its origins

  13. The BEST FAKE is MAUERBRECHER – the story is SO BAD its AMAZING!!!!

    Its the heaviest prem tank and hard to get hands on too!

    The description was ‘It was found in a german subway and used to break down the berlin wall!” (hands the name ‘Wall-Breaker’)

    PLEASE make it nr 1!!
    its the most unhistorical , post WW II tank there is. it never existed before the war and apparently saved germany from russian occupiesers or something XD

    Its so stupid its glorious!
    Germany began WWII and this fake ‘Ended’ WWII … more or less.


    Look at the skin! ONE BERLIN it reads. so even while you playi t LIES to everyone within sight lol

  14. That’s how they INTRODUCED the tank: with camo AND the name MAUERBRECHER.
    As seen in their official video they just made for this nonsense (and published on their channels)

    The naked prem version came later just like Rheinmetall Scorpion. (vs Scorp G)

    Mauerbrecher is the fakest of fake.

    Its not just a thing that never drove during the war (no matter the name), but also a fake that never drove after, as they claimed. That’s adding a howl level of fakery too it. Claiming this thing partook at the fall of the Berlin wall!! … its INSANE how easy to debunk this claim is.

    Most people partaking in WW2 aint around anymore.
    BUT many many many more that witnessed the Berlin wall/fall VERY MUCH ARE.

    Meanwhile there is the T55-A which i myself saw in MUNSTER (a tank you find in wot!)
    Here: my photo: .https://postimg.cc/gallery/V13yLBz (… eh, the T34 is a bonus, enjoy)

    A true DDR – UDSSR tank with german flag on it… so its not like they are unaware of the truth.

    This is just adding insult to injury. Sprinkles on a dumb a shit-sundea…
    and tomorrow they claim “and this Sherman saved president bush!t” – how could this not make the list?!

    They didn’t just “quietly add it” – nope. this was a full blown PARADE of stupid with marching band and jugglers.

  15. Caernarvon AX, completely wrong. Never proposed or designed at all.

    Even got called out on The Tank Encyclopedia: World of Tanks is the worst offender, however, as they have also mated the turret with the hull of the FV221 Caernarvon and created the entirely fake ‘Caernarvon Action X’, a vehicle that never existed in any form.

  16. Italy: all progettos
    Poland: everything above tier 7
    Czech: all HT’s

    The rest I think have some historical bits:
    UK fakes at least had existing hulls (Caern AX, Conq GC) or turrets (FV215b)
    Japan fakes were based on the best data available for the time (O-Ni, O-Ho)
    French fakes were just WG tossing up existing hulls and turrets together (Bourra, EBR 105)
    German fakes were existing designs just grossly buffed (4502B, 7201)
    Same with Russian fakes (LT-432)
    US fakest tank is either T25/2, which is Jackson on a T25 hull, or T28 Proto, which at least had a drawing

  17. Depending how we are classified “fake”. In term of realism ALL tanks in WOT are fake. For example in real life IS3 dont have gun depression almost at all and EBR’s do not survive direct hit from +50mm cal cannon…and in real life EBR cannot move way they move in the game.

    If we are talking about tanks what have been in real life as they are shown in game..well 50-60% are correct if I have to guess.

    In other hand If we are talking about tanks which appear in the game from blueprints or documents: 30-40%. of tanks are these.

    Lastly is If we are talking about tanks which appear in the game from mystical WG experts researches (far from real, pure fake like some of 2 barrel tanks) I guess there are about 10-20% of these.

    Now’a’days WTF E100 would not be so “fake” or so OP comparing what we have now in the game.

  18. Two that people aren’t mentioning are the T28 Prototype and T110E4. Absolutely made out of thin air

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