Italian TDs: Total Number of Blueprints Required

The new techtree of  🇮🇹 Italy will soon appear on the Supertest. In the meantime, you can save blueprints from Battle Pass Season 7.

In total, for Season 7 of the Battle Pass, you can get up to 190 universal and 90 national fragments with the purchased Advanced Pass (all 4 chapters of the season are taken into account). The same amount can be obtained in the 8th season of the BP before the release of the Italian TDs.

In total, you will need from tier 5 to 10:
• 480 Universal fragments.
• 150 National fragments of 🇮🇹Italy.

Semovente M41 (Tier-5)
36 Universal fragments.
12 National fragments of 🇮🇹Italy.

Semovente M43 Bassotto (Tier-6)
36 Universal fragments.
12 National fragments of 🇮🇹Italy.

Semovente Controcarro Mod. 1956 (Tier-7)
64 Universalfragments.
24 National fragments of 🇮🇹Italy.

Controcarro mod. 67 (Tier-8)
80 Universalfragments.
24 National fragments of 🇮🇹Italy.

Controcarro 1 Mk. 2 (Tier-9)
120 Universalfragments.
30 National fragments of 🇮🇹Italy.

Controcarro 3 Minotauro (Tier-10)
144 Universalfragments.
48 National fragments of 🇮🇹Italy.

10 thoughts on “Italian TDs: Total Number of Blueprints Required

  1. kinda sad when you’ve gotten Cz blueprints instead cause they made the Cz TD know before the italian

    1. There’s nothing sad. For the moment, they are working on the Italian TDs – hopefully they will make’em balanced and interesting at the same time. The tier 6 (I think) with the 102 mm gun is unique. Can’t wait to find out what alpha it will have. Moreover, they won’t release’em until end of summer / middle of autumn.

      Sometimes, they release tanks that are unique, like the Turan III – Hungarian tank. Still, unless you are a Czech person, I don’t see why you would be so sad. 🙂

      Still waiting for them to buff the Italian heavies (tier 7, 8 and 10). Better gun handling and reload speed on Rino.

      1. I’m Czech and I’m not Sad about it. I’m more frontline, heavy player and I like Italian design so it’s better for me that they come than the CZ TDs when I basically buy the premium one just because it was Czech and I want every Czech tank in the garage

  2. Cool.
    So how much exp per tank?
    I’m half-guessing around 10,5k for the Semovente 75.

    1. Third*

      I heard Georgia sent troops to help Ukraine too. Bet they’re better than rooskies

        1. Well, Georgians liberated the island my mother is from.
          Back in WW2, that is.
          So uh, go Georgia!

  3. Don’t cry

    Czech TDs will come one day and you are already prepared

    Next in line for now are Italian TDs

    And some of us don’t have to spend blueprints…..we just play game and universal blueprints automatically turn to those tank you haven’t had researched yet….without wasting time combining blueprints and national fragments 😀 1 blueprint turned into unresearched vehicle….instead of wasting 12+4

  4. What the hell is Czech? More fake tanks that only useless not cz players want to wank over

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