Andrey Biletskiy has left Wargaming

• Andrey Biletskiy did not publicly announce his departure from Wargaming – this became known from his profile on LinkedIn and Facebook. Judging by the page, he left Wargaming in March of this year. Therefore, his tenure at WG was 7.9 years.
• Andrey started working at Wargaming in 2014 as a development producer, at the end of 2016 he became a creative producer, and in March 2017 he became the creative director of the entire WoT PC.

This is the departure of the second person whom we could observe in large streams which communicated with players. Also, Andrey Biletskiy could easily explain the technical aspects and mechanics of the game, explain the formulas or calculate them directly online. And although it sounded difficult in places and like a lecture, no one else did it.

55 thoughts on “Andrey Biletskiy has left Wargaming

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  2. He did a shit job anyways, the game has turned to absolute shit in the last 5 years.

    Doesn’t matter who’ll replace him. The damage is irreparable.

    1. Buff spgs back to 8.6 levels.. Fallow the 50% rule.. Reward tanks are not premiums… Return maps and old maps.. Un nerf all light tanks…nerf premium ammo return weak points.. Buff type 5 back to old gun days.. Un nerf HE changes…

      Look at that games fixed…

      1. I both agree and disagree…

        I still remember a 2015-2016 game in my M40/M43 on Overlord where I miss 3-4 times the same tank that was sitting still. Arty was never good, but now is disgusting… WTF were they thinking when they came up with the STUN mechanic?!

        Premium ammo is a very hot topic… It needs a long discussion with multiple testing stages.

        Premium tanks should be more or less good than the tech-tree counterparts – very little differences.

        HE spam was a problem back then. The fact that a noob 60TP was able to do constant 350-500 damage to a Kranvagn was a complete brainfart.

        PS Kranvagn needs nerfs, same goes for STB-1 and the tier X wheel chair (nerf to hell those iron wheels)! Rino needs heavy buffs!!

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  5. Game is faling apart and they still dont realise that gold cheating ammo should be removed????

  6. Considering the state of the game currently, he did a pretty shitty job.

    Some issues are very easy to fix:
    – premium ammo has more pen, OK, reduce the alpha
    – arty ruining the game, limit the number of arties to 1 per team if match is up to tier 8, 2 per team for the rest

    1. The only reason that happened is because the special kids in their OP premiums (Chieftain, various Bobjects, etc.) plus other tanks with retarded frontal armor with no weakspots throw a fit every time they take damage. Sadly those same people keep clanwar and other lame tournaments alive so WG has to keep them around or half the game modes would depopulate.

      I honestly agree with Bazil Grimstride above – bring back old arty with massive per shell alpha strike and no stun, would be funny to watch the Chieftain apologists cry.

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