Trading Caravan May Return Soon – Speculation

Chinese server sources have mentioned that the Trading Caravan event may return around Fall-Winter this year. This is not verified, so it might not turn out to be true.  Rumors also say that a new tank or several old unreleased ones will be sold in various forms. Could only mean CN server exclusives. We will see.

14 thoughts on “Trading Caravan May Return Soon – Speculation

  1. I really DON’T look forward to this, the first iteration was an absolute clusterfuck and I don’t trust WG to work on their mistakes to provide a better experience.

    Hopefully it won’t happen, or it’s CHN only.

  2. I thought they do things in the CN server separately? I recall the WTE100 still being sold on their server the last time I checked.

    1. The real stuff was for free exp or gold I think, the others was pretty useless for credits… 😉


    I WANT THE AUCTION! Everyone wanted it too. Everyone hated the caravan.
    my god… i should have hated on the auction and we get that for sure 5x a year!
    whats wrong with WG ?

    1. Yes, everybody wants to get up at 5am to be on time to see the deal disappear before their eyes.
      I was actually kinda okay with the caravan; got me a HMLS TOG II* from it.

        1. Hey Tajj, you’re usually a tad more friendly. 😉
          And no, it interferes with the sleep I need for my 9-5 work schedule.
          You know, like most normal people.

  4. I got a Cromwell B, Tog and VK 168 for silver from the trade caravan. I thought it was great! 🙂

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