Speculations About The New City Map

According to WOT Express, map makers haven’t added any city maps to the game in the past 7.5 years (since 2014)

  • One of the last city maps introduced into the game was Stalingrad (0.9.4 — November 2014).
  • In March 2018 (1.0) it was completely removed from the game for all regions.
  • The last urban map brought into the game was – “Minsk” (1.1 – August 2018).
  • Over the past 6 years (since January 1, 2017), about 60 maps have passed through the supertest. And of these, only:
    • 2 semi-urban locations (“Avenue, Kharkov);
    • 1 completely urban location. (“Kassel“).

Since we already know all the maps from the “Recon Mission” mode (Canyon, Volga, Outpost, Oyster Bay, Avalanche, Foothills, Place of Power, Far East, Airshipyard) it’s not going to be chosen from them.

Please do not confuse city maps such as (“Himmelsdorf”) with semi-city maps (“Berlin” – outdated WG page, not going to link it).

8 thoughts on “Speculations About The New City Map

  1. My first question is what is the current makeup of the current map rotation? That should dictate if another urban (or any other type) map is needed. Also, the maps need to be larger for tiers 6+, 1k x 1k just isn’t big enough for the upper tiers when it comes to view range.

    If I was in charge I would have maps be the size of frontline maps, then use dynamic play area sizing that sizes the “map” to the tier (say 2k x 2k for tiers 8-X) and randomly selects the play area from the whole map.

    1. The problem with that is that the maps would be four times the size of a normal map and thus more resources the computer would need to run the map.

      Why do you think Frontline is a temporal feature, pal?

      1. Incorrect, the computers would only need to run play area and not the whole map if they code it correctly.

  2. Yes the reason why there are no new city maps is because nobody fcking wants them!
    Despite WG ever trying to get players to “brawl” in heavy tanks .. yawn

    1. But but “players” demand balanced maps.
      So WG make every map mirrored.
      But but “players” demand maps are different and … Balanced.
      So WG … Do nothing

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