Supertest: Kassel Map

A new map, Kassel, is added to the Supertest.

Kassel Minimap

Battle mode: Standard Battle

Size: 1,100 x 1,100 m

Location: Western Europe

Setting: Summer

Kassel Main Clash Areas

1 – Main clash area for well-armored vehicles. A large number of positions to repel enemy attacks. These positions are at different distances, giving a choice of the most convenient firing point.

2 – An area for a risky maneuver to outflank enemy heavy tanks.

3 – Main clash area for medium and light tanks. Many bushes are scattered about the area. The area is good for vehicles with solid turrets, and guns that feature good depression angles.

4 – Spots to control enemy maneuvers on the map and to repel rapid flank breakthroughs.

5 – Positions for a stealthy retreat. Space for concealed maneuvers during the late stages of battle.

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Roll out!

13 thoughts on “Supertest: Kassel Map

  1. Talking the piss now. Yet another mirror map, with non dynamic gameplay, heavy tanks go here….blah
    All on a map that luckily will not be implemented for 5 years… Because.

  2. Nice. Another higly genius map. Here is the spot for heavies, here the one for tds. Lights go there, meds go there.

    Boring as f.

  3. Wargame map dev ~
    So all the Heavies go here and here nowhere else that’s my plan all looking great!

    Then all the Mediums will go here here and here looking good!

    Hmm then all the Tank Destroyers well they can go and ‘ha ha much loll’s’ go fuck themselves,

    Light tanks hmm to late iv drawn the Map finished, so yes LT can go Fuck themselves as well ah well …

    giggles .. Artillery who cares! only dumb asses in a bush play Arties so lol who cares a bush is a bush wherever da!

    So .. anyways the important slow Heavily armored Heavy Tanks are all ok da!
    another nice symmetrical Map

    da, Wargame Manager ~ very good! the (slow brawling Heavy tanks) are looked after nicely and happy with “HT comfortable play” press “W” key excellent da! and da!
    ~ excellent work again comrade WG map developer …….

    Vodka and coke break anyone?

  4. Imagine the Battlefield games: medics go left, support go middle, anti-tank go right… It seems like WG still havn’t understood that classes are supposed to play together and complement each other rather than doing things on their own.

  5. My initial impression is that this map may play better than it looks, but that is one big dead zone in the middle, with out even the river basin on “Minsk” to work with.

  6. another topic:

    I think i know why the TWITCH was seemingly ‘canceled’
    they introduced the TOKENS and had to re-negotiate the deal.

    just saying.
    Amazon keeps eyes on their deals. lets not offend em

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