Supertest: New Avenue Map

We have another new map entering the supertest!

Name: Аvenue

Game mode: Random Battle

Setting: Germany

Map size: 1000×1000 meters

General Description

  1. Main street. Suitable for heavy vehicles.

  2. A park with diverse landscape for comfortable gameplay in medium tanks and snipers.

  3. An alternative, more dangerous route that allows for flanking the enemy.

  4. A mountain with a castle. Provides a line of fire at the bases and the park area.

  5. Long, straight avenues with little cover. A dangerous route for risky raids behind enemy lines.

10 thoughts on “Supertest: New Avenue Map

  1. WG again proofs they have no idea what they are doing… 1 corridor you can play with heavy tanks… so much diverse and exciting gameplay…

  2. One corridor for heavies….bushes for TDs….open field for mediums….same three holy trinity corridors for every map.

  3. Looks like Himmelsderf mashed together with Pilsen with a dash of Derpenberg. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing…but it is what it is!

  4. Last few years Wargame have given us GARBAGE Maps

    Look what they did to Pearl River i mean how the fuck can THEY call it pearl River?

    its not even similar
    nowhere near as FUN

    Its basically another Wargame Corridor 4min Turbo Battle meme type formula Map

    Then the utter Garbage that is (New) Kharkov
    then more but WORSE Garbage with Minsk

    Wargame WAKE the fuck up your treating your players like simple MORONS

    Almost like WG think ALL the WOT players are spotty nerd Teenagers with 3 min attention spans

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