8 thoughts on “Confrontation campaign (EU) – Banned Players List

  1. The true cheaters are NOT there, those who use premium hacks/cheats with subscriptions.
    -RNG Adaptation
    -Camo Changer
    -Shot Through walls

    1. All right, put down your tinfoil hat and look up how the calculations and gameplay is done in WoT and rethink your “Cheats” again.
      In Order to “Shoot Through Walls”, “Change Camo” or “Adapt to RNG” you’d literally have to either hack the gameserver itself unnoticed and change values specific to your account/tank/match there or buy a Fort-Knox and play russian Tanks afterwards.

        1. Believe me or not, but no. Any site that offers such abilities for money is just straight up scamming you.
          In the competetive CW Scene you get to know the vast majority of cheats. They can only work with information your client receives. All the game chaning data (viewrange, camo, accuracy, RNG) is calculated server, whilst the only data that you as a client get is the position of spotted tanks and destroyed objects on the maps.

          In theory many things are possible, but in reality those things are pointless to do. The only real way to “spot” unspotted enemies are the following:

          You either have someone on the enemy team using a mod that sends his received data (Team Positions) straight up to you, where your mod decrypts them and shows you where the enemy is. This is highly impractical though for obvious reasons outside of ClanWar at least, and even there its easier to just have a mole that streams via Discord or any other program.
          You have a mod that pinpoints where the enemy has shot from unspotted. This mod is in the game and works best against arty, but also shows the general direction in 3D from where an enemy shot at you

          There is also a mod that 3D renders enemy tanks outside of your render distance, basically just taking the information from your own minimap and putting a 3D Model on the map. The good mods probably can also calculate the enemies speed and show you a more precise marker (if the enemy drives straight of course).

          Go and learn the mechanics of this game before babbling nonsense about cheats and mods just because you either dont understand spotting mechanisms or WG fucked up the placement of yet another bush.

          This is too much text again for something that will be forgotten a few hours from now, if anyone even reads this anyway.

          1. no im saying those are real things.. go play the sa server and triple or double bush your self and the bots will detect you as in your camo goes straight to 0 despite being triple bushed.. said mechanics do exist and wgs been using them ever since.. pretty fucked up..

  2. ARCAN is a romanian clan
    i’ve been in it and i didin’t knew those ppl to have
    this means that who ussess iligal mods realy dosen’t tell
    WG needs to investigate more and ban them permamently

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