Conflict Begins in Ukraine

There were several explosions in main Ukrainian cities this morning, like Kyiv, Kharkov, Mariupol, Odessa etc. Rocket attacks too. All signs point to a large scale invasion starting. Oil prices have skyrocketed too – 100 dollars per barrel. To all readers from Ukraine: stay safe.

Please write in the comments below if you want me to continue posting updates about this conflict – or not. I’d like to post, especially if videos of tank battles appear.

Also, use this site for news updates, it has also covered many recent conflicts like the Syrian Civil War accurately. Reload until it works:

I sincerely doubt this is the start of WW3. We have yet to see anything yet.

45 thoughts on “Conflict Begins in Ukraine

  1. No, thanks. There are enough News Websites which are telling news 24/7. I’m not interested in reading such topics on my freetime websites as well… Keep the focus!

  2. You fuxxing moron? People die and you think about posting videos of real tank battles? You sure you’re brain is working correct? That’s reality and not a game!!!

    1. @no+Name
      And? People die all the time. All over the place. Everywhere.
      Morn them do not, miss them do not. They have become one with the RNG.
      Life is THE biggest games of all.
      This is the way.

    2. It is our duty to preserve history for the future generations. But I understand your concern. Death is inevitable to us all someday…

      1. “or not. I’d like to post, especially if videos of tank battles appear.”
        I would like to post, especially tank battles.

        I just dont get it. It looks like you are impatient for tank battles to appear so you can post articles about that while people is dying.

        I agree 100% with no+name.

        1. Aye. I won’t do it, instead I will report on weird unique vehicles if it drags on, like the ones in Syria. Doubt it would happen.

  3. We all come here to read news/updates about WoT basically, not even WoWS or any other game despite they’re from WG, let alone this kind of news.
    Keep focusing on WoT news/updates you will keep your readers.
    If you want to expand your site to a larger all-kinds-of-news site, you will need much more than some of these misdirected posts.

  4. It’s tragic but at some point, it will be history like we all will be. I am historically interested, so I’d like to see coverage of tanks. However, please do in no way put yourself or others in danger.

    1. Who the fuck are you?
      This blog is what ever the owner wants it to be.
      Typical Wot player… More concerned about what everyone else is doing…

      1. Who the fuck are you?
        See where this is going? Also i really dont know what the point of being a WoT player has to do with this being a gaming news site, aside from the obvious reason to visit this site in the first place. but then again you would need a functional brain to comprehend this trivial point.

        also @seb; why do you censor minor insults against you while there are people hurling racist and antisemitic slurs at each other? FrEeDoM oF sPeEcH mUcH?

        1. You want an IP ban next time, then? Consider this a warning. I simply have no time for all comments on all articles.

          1. So you have time for someone calling you a turd, what you actually are, but not time for racial slurs and antisemitism. Alright turd, hand over that ip ban.
            You are not better than Putin or, for that matter, the racists in your replysection 🙂
            Atleast a reason to avoid this shitshow.

        2. If seb wants to include articles like this that’s his choice.
          If you don’t like it. You don’t need to come here or even read it.
          But no, you accuse everyone of being brainless, racist and anti Semitic. None of which are even mentioned here at all?!
          I think you must live on a different planet.
          But once again, typical Wot 45% player logic.

  5. Ukraine will be left to its own devices as the US and the EU will not interfere in this conflict. Ukraine was a geopolitical toy for them from the beginning in relation to Russia.

        1. Relax , smartass , now you have that senile child sniffer for president, that retreated the military from afganistan, before civilians, and now he lost ukraine. Have fun 🤣

    1. Joe Biden as vice president visited Ukraine. Biden gave an unscripted speech back then about democracy and democratic values that Ukraine had begun to embrace.

      Joe’s son Hunter began doing business in Ukraine in 2014. Donald Trump in 2019 alleged that Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine were corrupt. Hunter and Ukraine were a big part of the Trump message during the 2019 Presidential elections.

      It would therefore be highly inaccurate to suggest Joe Biden does not remember where Ukraine is.

    NATO Should attack Belarus first, then conquer a limited part of Russia.
    Meanwhile Japan and Australia should attack and conquer East Russia.
    This is the only way to teach de Soviet invaders a lesson they will never forget.

  7. It’s your site sir…so long as you can take the heat it’s your call. I for one, as an NA reader, would be happy to get a regional perspective.

  8. As long as it’s handled properly, I think it would not be a disservice to post relevant info on the war on this blog. AFAIK Seb is Romanian and doesn’t Romania share borders with Ukraine? He has all the reasons to be concerned, as should any EU citizen.

    Reminder, WW2 started because a fake attack on a phone post gave Hitler the excuse to invade Poland. The secessionist regions of Ukraine crying help gave Putin the excuse to infiltrate troops within a foreign power’s borders (and let’s not forget Lukashenko allowed Russian troops free transit through Belarus).

  9. please dont, we have other websites for that and i dont want to have this website polluted by the same discussions and toxicity – we have enough negativity, please keep this website positive and tanks and wars only from the game and historical POV

    1. What you are asking for is to close our eyes and to pretend that the violence on ukrainian citizens isn’t happening.

    1. This is saddly true. Look at Georgia 2008, then Ukraine 2014, now Ukraine again, the next will be the other neighbours. Putin is new Hitler…

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