Anton Pankov on the Halloween Event Cancellation – Addendum

Thanks to Robopon for translating.

One wotclue commenter posted a screenshot of the events from EU and said “Thank you, Anton! Oh, wait… It’s EU.” And Anton said: “This will be on RU too and even better, to be announced next week.”

Also Anton said:

“The mode wasn’t ready. Releasing it would mean to fail our players, we can’t allow that. Especially after problems with tank race and ranked battles.”

WoTExpress confirmed it’s actually Anton Pankov.


Subwars Bonus Codes



Each is giving 2x personal reserves with 200% Crew Exp for 1 hour. Enjoy and remember to check up the event.


[WT Development] Pyörremyrsky: The Nordic Whirlwind

The VL Pyörremyrsky is a Finnish late war prototype fighter aircraft, developed in an attempt to secure Finland’s independent domestic fighter production in the face of the worsening war situation. Despite never making it out of the prototype stage, pilots will soon have the chance to take to the skies in the highly interesting VL Pyörremyrsky in War Thunder’s upcoming update 1.93!

In War Thunder, the Pyörremyrsky will not only be a highly interesting, unique and no less powerful aircraft in itself, but it will also be among the first vehicles available in the game as premium aircraft part of the new Swedish tree, coming to the game in the next major update. Additionally, being a premium machine available as part of a special pack in our online store, the Pyörremyrsky will offer its prospective owners full access to the Swedish aviation tree for the duration of its initial closed beta testing period in update 1.95!

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