WoT: March 17 Micropatch

Due to the update, the World of Tanks servers and portal will be unavailable on 3/17/2022 for approximately 25 minutes:

Both servers from 05:30 CET
WoT EU1 from 06:30 CET
WoT EU2 from 06:00 CET

In this micropatch:

Some technical issues have been fixed.

WoWS: Clan season “Albatross” – ship restrictions & Closed Test 0.11.3 – Superships in the tech tree

Details about the upcoming ship restrictions in the 16th Clan Battles Season.

After the analysis of battles in the current Clan season, it was decided to implement the following ship limits:

  • Banned ships: X Petropavlovsk.

Restrictions will come into effect on the 16th of March, 11:30 UTC.

By now, Superships have been through several different rounds of live testing, starting with Grand Battle in Update 0.10.5, and followed by their presence in the 5th season of Ranked, in Co-op battles since 0.10.10, and in Randoms since 0.11.0. In Update 0.11.3, Superships will finally exit testing and make a permanent appearance in the national tech trees.

Access to Superships

Even though they will appear as a progression of Tier X ships on the tech tree, Superships are not just a simple continuation of the existing branches, but a mechanically distinct feature altogether. To further emphasize their unique status in our game, we’ve decided that only players who own or have researched at least three Tier X ships will have access to them. Furthermore, in order to purchase a Supership, a player must have also researched the Tier X ship of the corresponding branch. With these restrictions in place, we can ensure that it is far more likely that players commanding Superships into battle already have significant game experience under their belt.

The purchasing cost of Superships depends on their class:

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WoWS: New Dockyard and Other News — 0.11.3 Closed Test

Let’s review some new features and activities planned for the next Update.

“Italian Destroyers: Part 2” Event

Early Access to the Tier II-X Italian destroyers continues in Update 0.11.3. In honor of the occasion, we added a new Italian collection and the “Italian Destroyers: Part 2” flag.

The reward for completing each section of the collection is the ability to mount 2 flags on Italian destroyers, cruisers, and battleships, respectively. The final reward for collecting all elements of the collection is Italian destroyer VI Leone, a commemorative flag, and an achievement.

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