Vote for WoT at 2017 Golden Joystick Awards

World of Tanks is nominated this year for the prestigious Golden Joystick. Its category: “Still Playing” – here are nominated projects that have long been released, but are still popular with millions of people playing. Recall that WoT already has 2 golden joysticks, made in 2012 and 2013. We expect XP bonuses in case WoT recieves the award.

„Since 2013, when we got our second “Golden Joystick”, a lot has changed. Since then, you’ve helped us make World of Tanks much better. The matchmaking, hardware changes and other large-scale improvements, new interfaces and modes that we have already released and we are still working on are all for you, our players. You, in turn, sacrifice your time, show patience and enthusiasm in order to bring something of value to World of Tanks. Many thanks to you for this! World of Tanks is your game, and we hope that it makes your life brighter.

Therefore, the Golden Joystick nomination is as much your merit as ours. We could not achieve this without you. Let’s work together again and help the game get a bonus. Let the whole world know that, having united, millions of tankmen can achieve a triumph! Together to victory! ”

You can vote and support your favorite game here:

Among the nominees of this category:

● Diablo III
● EVE Online
● FIFA 17
● Final Fantasy XIV
● Hearthstone
● Minecraft
● Overwatch
● Pokemon GO
● Rocket League
● The Elder Scrolls Online
● World of Tanks


[World of Tanks] Micropatch 0.9.21_1

NA: There are plans to release Micropatch 0.9.21_1 on October 19th, 2017

Maintenance will begin at 03:30 Pacific Time (10:30 UTC) and will last approximately one hour.

* Fixed some technical issues.

*Fixed an issue with badly displayed badges, gained during the second beta of ranked battles.

During maintenance, World of Tanks servers may become unavailable, however you should still be able to login and play.


Due to the micropatch World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 19.10.2017:

WoT both EU servers – 4:30 UTC (06:30 CEST)
WoT Eu 1 – 5:00 UTC (07:00 CEST)
WoT Eu 2 – 5:30 UTC (07:30 CEST)

Each restart will take approximately 25 minutes.

WoWS Info – 18th October 2017

ST, AA mechanics

Ship detectability while using AA guns is always equal to the maximum range of those guns. This change will eliminate the situations wherein the ships with low detectability range can fire at planes without being spotted.

ST, Japanese battleship Musashi, tier IX.

Hitpoints – 97 300
plating – 32 mm
belt – 200 – 410 mm
Main battery – 3х3 460 mm
Firing range – 26.5km
HE damage – 7300
AP damage – 14800
Reload time 35 s.
180 degree turn time – 72 s.
maximum dispersion – 275 m
HE initial velocity – 805 m/s
AP initial velocity – 780 m/s
Sigma – 1.8
Maximum speed – 27 kt
Turning circle radius – 900 m.
rudder shift time – 18.7 s
Surface detectability – 17.5 km
air detectability – 16.0 km
Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 19.3 km.

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers.

ST, Italian сruiser Duca degli Abruzzi, tier VII.

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World of Warplanes 2.0: The New Beginning

Source: Portal

Greetings, Pilots!

We kept silent for a long time while preparing for the release of World of Warplanes 2.0. Finally, the global game update—the largest since the game’s release—went live, and now you can evaluate the result of many months of the team’s hard work.

You can learn about all the new features on the game’s website or simply by logging into the game client and playing a few battles. Don’t miss your chance to participate in the “Special Project” event that offers a rare opportunity to get the first three bombers in World of Warplanes for active involvement in battles! Meanwhile, we will tell you what lies ahead for World of Warplanes.

Before the update was released, we conducted several series of different tests, including the Public Test for players in the RU, EU, and NA regions. Based on the test results, we defined several main suggestions that you made and that will be addressed in the upcoming updates.

For example, we plan to add the options for enabling an attitude indicator, altimeter, and airspeed indicator that will display dangerous and critical altitude and speed ranges back into the game settings. These options will be disabled by default, but players who got used to them will be able to restore them in their battle interface. Also by popular request from players, the option to manually control flaps will be restored. Continue reading “World of Warplanes 2.0: The New Beginning”

ASIA Emblem Bonus Codes


Use this code to unlock the mission for a Kangaroo AUS Emblem: AUSKANGA2017 

Use this code to unlock the mission for a Kiwi NZ Emblem: NZKIWI2017

Australian tankers recieved this email:

Tank Commanders,

Good day. I’ve been instructed to deliver orders from high command.

Due to the opening of a new battle front in Australasia, soldiers previously declared AWOL are urged to get back in their tanks immediately.

Local PC servers are operational daily from November 1st, 6pm-midnight AEDT. Reinforcements were needed by yesterday, so put down that banjo and get ready to bug out. You’re reporting for duty, twinkle toes!

Celebration Package (Personalized code for each mail)

Redeem this code before 30 December, 2017

You’ll get:
– 3x Personal Reserves: +100% EXP for 1 hr
– 3x Personal Reserves: +300% Crew EXP for 1 hr
– 3x Personal Reserves: +200% Free EXP for 1 hr
– FREE M4 Improved Tank
– Garage slot

Emblem Mission

Players from Australia and New Zealand can use the following codes to unlock a mission to earn an emblem of their country’s national animal!

Use this code to unlock the mission for a Kangaroo AUS Emblem: AUSKANGA2017 

Use this code to unlock the mission for a Kiwi NZ Emblem: NZKIWI2017

Mission: Animal Emblems

Start: October 15th, 2017 (5pm AEDT)
End: December 31st, 2017 (5pm AEDT)

WoWS: Update 0.6.12!

Brace yourselves for Update 0.6.12! Please make note of the scheduled maintenance times, necessary for the implementation of the new update.

Update 0.6.12 will happen October 19; preparation begins at 07:00 CEST until 09:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Update 0.6.12 Patch Notes

A Daring Discount

Want to change up your fleet? Get a -100% discount to respec your Commanders and demount upgrades from October 19, 08:00 CEST through October 24, 08:00 CEST.

Halloween Event

Ancient texts suggest that on the last night of October, vast masses of the undead squeeze out of their ‘final’ resting places and roam the Earth, expanding the boundaries of their possessions.

Inspired by the well-established tradition, Commanders from the World of Warships go on the prowl for monsters.
The Saving Transylvania event will be available during the first week after the release of Update 0.6.12. After that, the event will be available for the duration of Release 0.6.12, but only for teams assembled by players (just like other previous Operations).

But wait– have you ever ask yourself what happened to the Transylvania and her heroic defenders once they made their daring escape through the Portal? This time, the event will involve two parts, and we invite you to dive in to the sequel of the beloved tale of monstrous ships and hellfire-slinging catapults!

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9.20.1 Patchnotes

New Features

  • Update to the Personal Missions

Idea Behind Changes

  • Reworked the visual and sound component
  • Added new rewards
  • Revised mission conditions: to receive a reward vehicle, completion in vehicles of higher tiers is no longer required
  • Added Orders that simplify completion of the Personal Missions
  • Learn more about the changes to the Personal Missions in a special video that can be watched in the game client

Interface and Sound

Reworked all interfaces of the Personal Missions:

  1. Changed the point of entry to the Personal Missions: now it is located on the upper panel of the Garage, under the Battle! button. The tab name is Campaign
  2. Added the “General” screen that displays all operations
  3. Completely reworked the screen of operations: now it looks like a geographical map with objectives displayed as map areas
  4. Completely reworked the Campaign reward screen:
    1. now the main reward (a vehicle) is located in the center of the screen
    2. added operation statistics: now players can see how much more credits can be earned

Added new sounds:

  1. Added a special sound track for the Personal Missions
  2. Added interactive sounds: the more missions within a set are complete, the more intensive music is played

New Way of Earning Reward Vehicles

Commendations were replaced with Components:

  1. To receive the reward vehicle for an operation, all five Components should be collected: hull, suspension, gun, power unit, radio
  2. Each component corresponds to an appropriate mission set within the operation:
    1. Power unit: set of missions for light tanks
    2. Suspension: set of missions for medium tanks
    3. Hull (+turret or cabin): set of missions for heavy tanks
    4. Gun: set of missions for tank destroyers
    5. Radio: set of missions for SPGs
  3. To receive a component, the final (15th) mission of the corresponding set of missions should be completed

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