World of Warships Blitz Domains Registered

Russian sources tell that World of Warships will be released on mobile devices this year. We wait for the official announcement, presumably the reveal will come until the end of this spring. Most likely this spring, the game will enter the phase of Closed Beta Test – exclusive to iOS devices (as WoT Blitz before release). Then the game will see a soft launch in some countries, and then be released worldwide. About WoWS Blitz rumors circulated for a long time, and now Wargaming has registered these domains this week. Victor Kislyi, at the end of the last year, gave some hints. According to our assumptions the primary market of the game should be in Asia. The domains: 2017-03-21 R114-ASIA (1376) 2017-03-21 R114-ASIA (1376) 2017-03-21 2017-03-21

This time the game might be released in Asia first, but the EU/NA players as always will have to wait some more. The development of the game took place outside the CIS region. Remember that WoT Blitz is a success and the game is in first place by revenue from all the CIS mobile games as February 2017. The mobile market is a very good and profitable trend in the gaming industry.


WoWS: 0.6.3 Public Test Update

Souce: Tuccy, WG Staff

Based on our evaluations of 0.6.3 during testing, as well as the feedback received from the community, we’ve decided to implement these additional changes:

  • The “Concealment System Modification 1″ upgrade will receive an additional effect which reads “+ 5% to the maximum dispersion of enemy shells that fire on your ship”;
  • The cruisers Ibuki, Zao, Baltimore, Des Moines, Neptune, Minotaur, Roon, Hindenburg, Dmitry Donskoy, Moskva will receive an increase in accuracy for main caliber artillery (tighter grouping of shells inside the dispersion ellipse  -sigma increased from 2.0 to 2.05).

With the above change destroyers and cruisers which previously relied exclusively camouflage for protection and which choose the above upgrade will receive additional protection. It will be most noticeable when under fire from large-caliber guns at long ranges, when the dispersion ellipse (which defines the scatter of shells) is quite large. This means that entering a melee, for example, for control of a point, you will need to worry more about those enemies nearest to you and less about those who prefer to stay far away from the action, playing passively.

Further, improving the accuracy of tier IX and X cruisers is aimed at strengthening their role of universal ships, whose artillery is a threat to any target.

We’d also like to note that we are aware of your fears about a possible deterioration in the combat effectiveness of a number of ships. We will closely monitor these ships after the release of version 0.6.3 and will make adjustments in version 0.6.4, if any are necessary.


  • Fixed the bug where an airgroup of torpedo bombers or bombers flew over the edge of the map instead of returning to their ship
  • Fixed the bug with the task text  of the Epicentre mode overlapping the countdown in the beginning of the battle
  • Fixed the bug with the continuous cascade shooting when holding CTRL at the moment of releasing the LMB
  • Fixed the bug with the inability to give an order to the airgroup when giving the order via navipoint
  • The V170 ship’s fore torpedo tubes’ angles have been corrected, they are now more symmetrical: the left tube’s sector has been reduced by 1 degree, the right’s – increased.
  • Fixed the bug with the inability to fire when posting messages to the chat.
  • Fixed the bug where Ctrl or Shift couldn’t be assigned using RCtrl, RShift
  • Fixed the bug that led to emergency shutdown of the game client when the mouse hovered over or was removed from the navipoint off-screen before it was removed
  • Fixed the bug with the incorrect display of the smoke timer when the PC is suddenly loaded at the moment the timer ends
  • Fixed the highlighting of the quadrant on the tactical map when “Attention to the quadrant”
  • Fixed the bug that led to the commander getting 20 times as much experience in every battle
  • Fixed the inability to give a quick order via F3 in the air camera
  • Now, only fighters may try to give an order to withdraw from the attack
  • Fixed the problem with the firing and sinking bot ships after destroying them
  • Fixed the bug that led to the possibility of losing aircraft during the execution of the maneuver of exiting the battle with a group of enemy fighters dying before the execution of the order
  • Fixed the bug with the inability to switch user tracks during battle. The track switching buttons are changed to < >
  • Fixed the bug with the inability to click to attack in the area between the ship and the ship’s marker when playing the aircraft carriers
  • Keys in the settings are arranged in order according to the groups of binding
  • Fixed the bug with the absence of notification of server restart in the battle chat
  • Corrected the visual on the Akatsuki – added the rangefinder
  • Udaloi: the minimum range of artillery fire is set more accurately
  • The keys previously hidden for the binding are opened
  • Fixed the bug, which led to the monitor selected by the user to being saved when exiting the game
  • The ” Concealment System Modification  1″ modernization: added the “+5% to the maximum dispersion of the shells of the enemy firing at your ship” effect;
  • Saint Louis, Henri IV, Roon, Hindenburg, Ibuki, Zao, Dmitry Donskoy, Moskva, Neptune, Minotaur, Worcester, Baltimore, Burlington, Des Moines: the salvo accuracy inside the dispersion ellipse has been increased (the sigma number increased from 2.0 to 2.05);

Huge WoWS Q&A – 25th March 2017

META and related:

Question: He mentioned that the way Overwatch balances is by looking at three aspects, players, stats, and internal feedback but rarely these things are aligned so they have to make compromises. How does StPB balance ships? Have you ever had to make compromises regarding a line? It it purely following stats or is it more a feel thing? (In regards to a QnA given by the director of Overwatch)

Answer: Yes, we had such cases. The director of Overwatch (unsurprisingly, as Blizzard are almost gods of balance, I think) put it absolutely right. These three aspects are always involved, and they often contradict. We, however, have additional issue – our game is based on IRL naval warfare. And despite of numerous conventions and “gameplay first” principle, we cannot act however we wish in balancing. We cannot make BBs purely tanks, cruisers purely support and DDs purely damage dealers, for example. While that would probably make balancing the game much easier, at the same time, that would greatly harm the immersion and historical accuracy, which is quite important for our core audience.

Question: He later went on to mention that their PT isn’t accurate for data gathering because players only stick around for one or two matches, does the same thing happen with World of Warships or does the fact that you get live server rewards help people to test more?

Answer: Again, this is right (although, I wouldn’t say that our players do only 2 matches – there are different levels of involvement across the board). PT stats are helpful, but they are not good enough for fine-tuning. The best two things about PT are players feedback (perception of changes) and version polishing (in terms of quality). Rewarding players for PT participation is good practice, I think, but more for adequate player quantity. Engaged and interested players are hardly motivated by the rewards – they want to be ahead of things and care about the project, that’s why they participate.

Question: Maps. In World of Tanks, players have the option to select/deselect which battle modes they want to engage in – why can’t Warships implement this same system. Many players dislike the Epicenter and Bastion game modes you’ve experimented with and would prefer to just play Domination. When can we expect a similar option, such as in World of Tanks, to opt out of crappy game modes.

Answer: Such option is not planned for any future updates. We remove the stuff that is not enjoyable, like Bastion, but not going to split match making

CARRIER and rework:

Question: are tier V CV’s getting protected MM where they won’t see tier VI CV’s ?

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WoWS: Supertest Patchnotes

– Fixed an error displaying the description of secondary guns in the help window;
– Fixed an error which caused airgroups to move to the location of the CV icon, instead of selecting the CV;
– Prinz Eugen draft changed from 7,19m to 7,7m;
– Fixed an error with line breaks in the localization;
– Fixed an error where the XP scale overlapped the captain’s skills during retraining;
– Fixed gun angles of the rear gun on the Jurien, now 0/+25 vertically, -138/+138 horizontally;
– Fixed an error where the secondary guns of the Duca d’Aosta could clip into the main gun’s rangefinder;
– Fixed firing ranges of the Jurien from 9150 to 9330 (without top GFCS), Friant from 12210 to 11720 (without top GFCS), Duguay Trouin from 12670 to 13650 (without top GFCS);
– Fixed an error which made it unable to prioritize AA targets in alternative mode for CV’s;
– Fixed an error with displaying the AA priority icon on an own airgroup when clicking on it in alternative mode;
– Improvement of the characteristics for Grozovoi, Z-52, Chester and dogfighting for American CV’s;
– Isokaze: fixed an error where one gun on the stock hull landed its’ shell on target earlier that the other two;
– Fixed reward icon position when hovering over the reward display in port;

WG Dev Stream Q&A (23rd March 2017)

Thanks to Vlad for translating and watching the stream.

– We’re thinking about allowing 3 arty platoons, currently it’s 50/50;
– After various considerations, we’ve decided not to touch premium LT stats, but they will get the reduced MM (as normal LT’s do after LT-10);
– If you have XP on for example the AMX 13 90, it will stay on tier 8. However, players will receive a tier 9 and 8 tank, and the crew will move to tier 9;
– Personal missions for LT will stay as they are;
– New premium tier 8 LTs are quite possible;
– Less players on the server means tough times for the new matchmaker;
– Skill-based MM will never come to random battles;
– We’ve been thinking about buffing IS-7 and T-44 for a long time now, we want to do this quite soon (not next patch though);
– When changing the ST-1, it will receive a new mechanic. Not telling anything about it for now;
– With the new graphics, people will still be able to play comfortably on low settings if they were using them before;
– Inter-team chat is not coming back;
– Perks will be redone quite late, it’s a very difficult process;
– Arty will splash much more tanks but kill less;
– There are thoughts to remove teamkilling or fight it somehow, there will be tests regarding this;
– There will be a second season of personal missions;
– XP for tanking will not come;
-To buff some tanks, they have to be redone completely. For example the KV-5 and the T54 mod. 1.