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Will there me more tier X cosmetics like the ones we got in the Christmas boxes? They are a great way to monetize the game instead of op premium tanks.

Yes, we are working on many more of those, you will see quite soon

Considering how some older premiums have already received buffs (Pz 58 Mutz, STA-2 as the latest examples) is there anything planned to say amx CDC, T34, Löwe and so on? These tanks are surpassed by a lot of tanks in their performance and statistics already, like comparing the Progetto M35 46 and the CDC there’s really no contest, or T34 to any other high alpha heavy tank.

We are constantly working on actualizing premiums to current meta game. Currently we are running sandbox tests of new balance for all tiers and vehicles. Whatever the outcome of the tests is: we will balance all the vehicles up to a new scheme. If it doesn’t go to prod, we will do a balancing up to a current scheme.

Nobody likes to have 3 arty in one battle. Are there any plans for reducing the max number of artillery pieces in one match?

With current MM we are trying to make sure that 3 arties battles as well as 0 arty battles happen with predictable regularity. No plans to change the limit from 3 to 2 at the moment.

With the new ammo changes introduced, are we going to see the super heavies with non-existent frontal weak spots (cupolas/lower plates) added weak spots to them?

If new balance changes to ammo and HP goes live, we will have to look into all the vehicles and their behaviour in the new meta. We cannot give a definite answer at the moment.

Are there any plans to reintroduce 9.22 maps which were removed in 1.0, such as Pearl River and Swamp?

Right now, we are looking what maps should be next, Pearl River is one of the candidates.

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World of Tanks players forced to abandon livestreams by fire at Tankfest


World of Tanks remains one of the world’s biggest games, and streamers of the game on Twitch are a big deal. Therefore those streamers would need a pretty decent reason to abandon their shows while playing the game live – such as what happened to World of Tanks streamer QuickyBaby, and other players at Tankfest 2019 today.

Word is reaching us – mostly thanks to QuickyBaby himself and the viewers who caught his stream – of a “fire or explosion” at the Tankfest event at the Tank Museum in Dorset, UK. According to World of Tanks player Eekeeboo on Discord, who was there, “there was a real explosion and a fire. We don’t know more details but we were evacuated for safety. As far as I know no one was hurt, but there was a large explosion and they’re getting it under control now.”

As for QuickyBaby, his viewers soon realized something was up when the people behind him started being evacuated – and he himself was soon forced to abandon his PC, despite streaming live at that moment to around 7,000 viewers.

“Ladies and gents, boys and girls, there’s a fire,” QuickyBaby – real name Will Frampton – explained simply to his audience. “There’s a fire, I’ve got to leave this building, hopefully I am okay! I’m going to have to go AFK in the World of Tanks.” He then left the building with the other players at the event, although would return later.

At the moment there has been no official explanation given for the evacuation or the cause of the fire at Tankfest – although as Frampton was quickly back in the room playing and streaming World of Tanks again shortly afterwards, it would seem that it was contained fairly quickly. The most important part, of course, is that no one was hurt and everyone was evacuated safely – despite Frampton’s attempts to kill more tanks while in the middle of that evacuation.

If you’re not aware, Tankfest isn’t specifically about World of Tanks – although it is sponsored by the developers. It’s a yearly event held at the Tank Museum in Bovington in Dorset in the UK, and it’s described as “the world’s biggest display of historic moving armour” – or ‘tanks’ as they’re more commonly known.

Given that player Eekeeboo suggested that the fire was due to “a large explosion,” we’re wondering if it’s possible that someone pressed the wrong button on the World War Two Jagdpanther. Some sort of tank-type culprit, perhaps. Just a hunch.

Using mods in World of Tanks is a security risk


World of Tanks is manually reviewing mods (modifications) they add to their Mod Hub. Before downloading they warn you about not taking any responsibility, but the Mod Hub itself – including the review process – creates the impression that their mods are safe.

Please note that Wargaming does not bear any responsibility regarding the use of modifications.


Mod developers are complaining that the review process is slow and because of that many mods are not up-to-date. This would not be a problem if there was not a design flaw in the mod interface. In the current architecture, just like in all the past versions, mods need to be placed in a directory that contains the version number of the current game release. This means that after every update (this does not apply to micropatches) all mods become nonfunctional, they must be updated, and uploaded to the Mod Hub for a new review.

Why mods pose a huge security risk?

Mods themselves consist of Python program code, images, and flashes. Python code is human readable and even Python Byte Code can be easily decompiled back to the source code. This makes checking mods easier and should provide tools for Wargaming Mod Hub reviewers to verify that there is no malicious code included in the Mod Hub. Unfortunately this works only in theory. Many mod makers appear to be obfuscating their Python Byte Code using PjOrion. The program breaks the byte code so that it cannot be decompiled and checked. This means that Wargaming Mod Hub have actually no real means to check the mods and make sure they are not malicious. There are several tools available for deobfuscating, for example Bytecode simplifier, but they do not work with the Byte Code that is embedded in the currently available mods.

I could, for example, write a mod that appears to be legitimate and useful, but hide into the mod malicious code that activates later so that Mod Hub reviewers will not see it at the time of the review. Or, I could trigger the malware of the mod remotely after the mod has been included in the Mod Hub because there are no restrictions (and cannot be) for what mods can do. Firewalls do not help because the game must have an internet and browser access in order to work, and mods are running with the same permissions. Antiviruses cannot deobfuscate code either to detect malware. Such malware could contain anything: a keylogger to steal passwords, encrypting user’s files for demanding ransom, installing a backdoor, etc.

How to fix this mess?

Wargaming should demand that the Byte Code in mods must not be obfuscated. This way malicious mod makers could be detected and rooted out. To fix the issue with updates, the mod architecture should be revamped. Mods should not be in a version specific directory and there should be a way to enable or disable them in case of problems. There could also be a warning telling that you have not updated your mods since the last game update, and an option to disable mods if the user is uncertain.

I quit using mods a few years ago thanks to the issue with updates. As long as mods are unsafe, I am going to trust only those mods that are not obfuscated or which I have created by myself.

Subwars Event Bonus Codes (EU)

Subwars ‘The Beginning’ is coming on 16.06.2019 at 18:00 CEST, the first battle will take place between Dakillzor & SirFoch. Subwars is a player initiative and WG has supported the concept by having prizes to giveaway during the event. There are also privately donated prizes for viewers/players. The website for full details is Important to note whilst WG is supporting the event it is run by players and all questions should be through the discord to Svitman / David.

These codes should be live this afternoon (UPDATE: THEY WORK):



The codes give 2x or 4x +200% XP for 1h personal reserves, depending if the player guesses the victor.

1.5.1 Release Date

As reported by Wotclue, the date of the new patch release on the RU server was scheduled for June 11. For this reason, two new mod folders will be created: /res_mods/ and /mods/

The EU/NA servers will probably receive the patch the next day, June 12.