WoT RU – Game chats disabled

Due to the military operation in Ukraine, game chats were disabled in World of Tanks on the Russian cluster.

Yesterday, from ~16:05 (MSK), the ability to write on the game chat during battles and in private messages has disappeared, and the General Chat has been completely disabled.

This was done in order to remove insults, hatred, enmity, and hard trolling in chats. All this can be seen in the game chats in large numbers since the aggravation of the conflict in Donbass.

The measure is temporary, but how long it will last is unknown. Made technically in the form of issuing an endless chat ban on each account.

“General and combat chats on all servers, as well as personal channels are temporarily unavailable. We will inform you about the resumption of these services later.

We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Remember that WoT was the most popular game in Ukraine in 2021.

18 thoughts on “WoT RU – Game chats disabled

  1. Unsurprising.

    There have been plenty of demonstrations against Putin and the war in Russia, all suppressed violently.

    I guess WG wants to avoid scrutiny by censoring any and all possible anti-Russia chat traffic. The mods are going to have some work to do in the forum too.

    1. what a dumb comment! you do realize is not working like that! and all nato together dont stand a chance facing Russia + China + Iran + North Korea

      1. Yea, because they were busy with inclusivity and shit like that. And now Putin and the chinese lols hard at them.

        1. U do realise that that ‘inclusively sht’ isn’t just for show – its for operational effect.
          “Hay boss, I don’t think we should roll across that border until we have a credible plan, radios, spare parts, and fuel – or a Ukrainian farmer will kill us all in his field.” Said no Russian troops ever – for fear of getting chucked in the mobile crematorium and his parents never bring told the truth.
          So – the Ukrainian farmer got him, and he still went to the mobile crematorium.
          People of Russia, rise up against the criminal dictator Putin.

    2. The strongmen would lose too much if they were to go for nukes (it’s why nukes are great as deterrent, but terrible as actual weapons of war). If anyone had the balls to do it, by now Russia, China and the United States would be radioactive deserts.

      Also, NATO is joke. You can expect them to watch and use some moderately strong words and little else while Russia conquers Ukraine and puts another Yanukovich in power.

      1. NATO can be a force, if they will ditch the useless things like the inclusivity bullshit, and prepare for war. The problem is the nuke part….

    1. Especially US airforce , that made flight suits for pregnant women… But they have a “respectable” president now, Joe “The senile” Biden 😆

  2. OH LOOK … a f bad chat system bit them in the ass…

    its not like I post about this crap regularly for years now 😀


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