Wargaming Publisher Weekend – Steam Discounts

Whatever your vehicle of choice is—a tank, a ship, a plane, or even a spacecraft—the thrill of victory awaits! During Wargaming Publisher Weekend, which lasts from February 10 until February 14, we invite you to jump in our most famous Free-to-Play PC blockbusters and join the battle alongside 200 million players across the globe. Welcome to the vast community of military action and strategy game lovers on your favorite platform—Steam!

Check out our amazing offers, introduced specially for the occasion: huge discounts, free giveaways, limited-time bundles, and new DLC. In-game, you can discover unique battle missions, gifts, and more!


Seb: The most important offer seems to be a bundle worth 3,65€, containing the following:

5 thoughts on “Wargaming Publisher Weekend – Steam Discounts

    1. Correction… Wg is dying cause they cant keep its playet base.. 95% off lol good burn it to the ground its rotten to the fucking core..

  1. I read the newcomer section on forum. Dead.. maybe 3 to 5 replies.
    That tells me that this game is not played.
    My friend recommend world of tanks top me.
    I think I play something else now.

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