10 thoughts on “Update 1.16: Battle Pass Season 7 – UI Pictures

    1. So, it looks like, left to right, AE1, Cobra, K-91-PT, the new French tank, and I want to say that the tank in question is the Tier 8 Chieftain that was a clan-wars reward vehicle. It doesn’t look like the Obj.777 II.

  1. The tank in the far right is 100% the OBJ 777 III. I recreated the same viewpoint and it’s very easy to see it’s the one.

    1. Are you done kind of not?
      All you do is call everything “shitty”
      Always moaning on the forums … Yawn.
      You’re boring now.
      If you don’t the game then don’t play it.

    2. u got that right… after getting all but the K-91-PT last year i see no reason to play long hours for these crap tanks. I have the Tier 9 AMX 51 and also the premium Tier 8 AMX 49 already. I think the Charioteer is better than the Cobra

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