Supertest: Manila Map

Tankers! We have another new map heading to Supertest!


Battle mode: Standard Battle

Map size: 1000×1000 meters

Location: Southeast Asia

Setting: Summer.

1 – The primary heavy vehicle clashes are expected to happen in the town. Various distances between positions and the ability to play using terrain irregularities and side scraping create a convenient direction for all types of armoured vehicles.

2 – The center of the map connects the MT and HT directions. Terrain and cover make this space comfortable for LTs.

3 – Distant positions with bushes allow holding off attacks from any direction.

4 – The coastline is closely connected with the fortress. The terrain makes this direction best suited to MTs.

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5 thoughts on “Supertest: Manila Map

  1. Just wow… Another trash mirror map to never put into game.
    They must be trying to save paying the one monkey they use to design half a map and then copy and paste it.

  2. They have to add a manila map as that’s where all wargaming developers are.
    It’s not Belarus or Lithuania. The developer work is all outsourced into Manila.

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