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WoWP: New Bonus System – Coupons (RU)

Thanks to Vlad for translating! Note: we expect them to come for the other servers too.

What are coupons?
– Coupons are a program of personal bonuses and discounts which you can use while buying in-game goods. This system is already implemented in the store, so you can make use of it right away.

Where can I see my coupons?
– All available coupons can be seen on the “My coupons” page in the premium shop. New coupons are indicated by a red emblem with the number of new coupons in it.

What can I get out of these coupons?
– There are several types of coupons: discounts, bonus gold and bonus in-game items.
– Discount – while buying goods in the premium store, you’ll receive a discount according to the coupon.
– Bonus gold – additionally to the bought item, you’ll receive bonus gold according to the amount indicated on the coupon.
– Gold cashback – a part of the costs of your purchase will be transferred to your account in form of in-game gold. The amount of gold will be calculated according to the bonus displayed on the coupon.
– Bonus in-game items – you will receive additional in-game items. The exact amount of items is displayed on the coupon.

How do I use coupons?
1. Select an item in the premium store and click “Buy”.
2. If you have a coupon available, an option will be available during payment, titled “Select a coupon”. Check it if you want to use a coupon during the purchase.

3. If you have multiple coupons which can be applied to the item, select one of them with the arrows.
4. Select the payment option you want to use and click “Pay”.
5. The information about in-game items recevied will be displayed in the notification window in the game, and also by email.

How do I receive coupons?
– Coupons will be found in premium shop packages, availabe through bonus codes, and also obtainable through various campaigns, for example by completing in-game missions, winning contests etc. We will announce their availability on the portal and by email.

Translator’s comment: In fact, I have received such a coupon in WoWS already. It was due to playing WoWS for 2 years and amounted to a whopping -10% discount off the next purchase…

Leaker’s Opinion on WoWp 2.0

Thanks goes to spy99 for the opinion piece about WoWp 2.0.

“Greetings everyone,

As you maybe can guess: I have participated in the Wowp 2.0 testing and leaked one or the other thing. Normally i wouldn’t dream of leaking something but i wanted to make an exception for this game as my biggest fear is that the WoWp veterans could get WG to drop the whole patch as they don’t like the changes at all. They can’t see the main problem which is: If nobody wants these changes and the game would stay as it is now, nobody would pick it up and the player numbers would stay similar atm and on the worst case would start dropping since Studia Persha does not get enough money for development to put out a decently sized patch every 2 months.

In the long run, such a game wouldn’t be able to survive as it is under life support by WG. This patch it the last chance this game gets.

And now that the second testing phase is over right now i want to address the changes and plans to the live version of WoWp and WoWp 2.0.

Conquest gamemode:

It is a fun gamemode which is a huge improvement over the current one since it it much clearer how to gain points for the ticket counter. The ability to respawn is a nice addition and really allows you to be more aggressive if it just means to capture a base.

The different effects for different objectives is also really interesting.

For one you have the Airfields which either heal you when you fly within their range or they shorten your respawn time allowing you to be back in the fight much sooner.

The factory does give your team a massive amount of points every 1.5 minutes ( guessed).

military bases or missile bases launch an attack at a neutral or enemy base with either bombers or missiles. The addition of AI planes defending the Bases pretty much forces you to attack a base in a group as a solo attack will likely result in destruction.

Continue reading “Leaker’s Opinion on WoWp 2.0” LLP Undergoing Dissolution

Did tanks start getting spoiled? Wargaming recently dissolved the „mother” company in London. (Seb: they also opened a new mobile division recently, so do not be afraid that WG is dying)

The LLP company registered in London, which was owned by the Cypriot Ltd, the developer of MMO games, the most popular of them being World of Tanks, has filed for liquidation. This is stated in the materials of the British Registration Chamber.

The reasons for this decision were not indicated yet. Although the company is liquidated according to the norms of bankruptcy law, an expert in jurisprudence says that in WG’s case, this is not a classic bankruptcy. Market participants believe that this decision was made in order to not disclose the company’s financial statements anymore. LLP in the form of a limited liability partnership was registered in London in 2008 by a group of companies of the British Virgin Islands that became the owners of rights and the holders of the trademark World of Tanks.

British reports indicated that LLP is owned by two companies in Australia and one in Cyprus, who are the owners of other „tank” structures. Earlier it was reported that since 2011 the headquarters of Wargaming is in Cyprus, where they migrated, including the founders of the company. Maybe something has changed since that time? In a press statement of the company it was confirmed that the head office is located in Cyprus, and about relations with other agencies, WG refused to comment.

Wargaming also refused to comment on this information. They also refused reporting their financial earnings of 2016.

Our opinion on this matter? If you read between the lines, you can notice that WG tries very hard to hide their earnings, apparently. We don’t know why, but I automatically assume they are cowards.