Kentucky Derby Is Coming: What Horse Racing Games Can You Play? (P)

Despite the popularity of horse racing and billions of fans globally, there aren’t many horse racing games on the market. At least not as much compared to other genres in the gaming space.

Well, don’t lose hope just yet. There are some horse racing games that managed to sneak through that are actually really good. But before we dive into them, there are a few things we need to mention.

Don’t expect games with a level of realism like Red Dead Redemption 2, after all, most of these games are developed by small companies that don’t have a high budget for creating games. Additionally, the horse racing niche isn’t really popular among casual players and it is only appealing for horse racing enthusiasts.

But horse racing games can give you a behind-the-curtains look at the sport, and help you learn more about how races are organized and the finances behind owning a horse. Lastly, they are the perfect spare-time activity that will fuel your passion for horse racing while you wait for the big 150th Kentucky Derby.

With that said, let’s dive into some games that can warm you up before the Kentucky Derby.

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars is a visually appealing racing game that features quite a hilarious name generator, a well-rounded cast of endearing characters, and a well-paced gameplay progression.

Depending on your expectations, the game’s UI-based gameplay may not seem impressive, but at least it doesn’t have a tedious minigame like hoof choosing that lasts for a minute. I’m interested to see what Rival Stars’ future holds with recent additions like cross-country jumping and free riding.

You may breed, train, and compete with elite horses in Rival Stars Horse Racing, which puts you in the role of a racehorse owner. This game stands out for its realistic racing simulations, meticulous attention to horse management, and breathtaking graphics that perfectly convey the excitement of the racetrack.

There are plenty of interesting mechanics that will make the game fun to play. For example, you have Breeding, where you can produce champions by combining horses with good traits. You also have training, where your horse’s stats can improve, and finally competitive races against NPCs.

Rival Stars Horse Racing boasts over 10 million downloads worldwide, making it a fan favorite in the virtual horse racing community.

Winning Post 10

When it comes to overall graphics and mechanics, Winning Post 10 is one of the best horse racing games on the market. It might not have Triple-A game-worthy graphics, but it is still much better than most other horse racing games.

Additionally, this is a game with incredible camera motion and viewing angles, allowing you to have POV settings where you can truly experience what is like to become a jockey.

On top of that, this game features one of the most complex and detailed horse profiles with characteristics, abilities, and unique traits. On top of that, you can dive deeper into race analysis, competition, and training.

Just like when you are observing the previous Kentucky Derby results before making a bet. You can do that with the link below:

The Winning Post 10 limited edition will be released for PlayStation 5 this year, and it is definitely going to be one of the best horse racing simulation games on the market.

You get to manage every section of your stable from training regimens to jockey assignments and race tactics. Additionally, this is an online multiplayer game where you can compete with other people from all around the world.

Since the Winning Post series has a dedicated fan base in Japan, the only problem with this game is that it does not come in the English language. We’ve seen previous Winning Post series with English versions, but as of now, nothing has been confirmed for Winning Post 10.

Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge

Phar Lap is basically developed by the same company (PikPok) that made Rival Stars Horse Racing. This is a quite similar game to Rival Stars Horse Racing, but it is only available for consoles.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a free mobile game that comes with in-game purchases, while Phar Lap is a console game that started to sell at around $40 and now you can buy it from console markets for $29.99.

Named after the legendary Australian racehorse, Phar Lap offers a historical journey through the world of horse racing, allowing players to relive iconic moments and compete in legendary races.

It is a detailed game with fair graphics. The game features cinematic graphics, online racing, and quite a good breeding system. On top of that, it also features a betting system where you can place bets with your friends and watch the race play out in real-time.

It supports up to 8 players at the same time, and you get to manage your stable, and homestead, and train your horse to improve its stats.

The difference between this game and Rival Stars Horse Racing isn’t big. It all depends on which device you choose to play on.

Star Stables Online

For players who love a mix of fantasy and horse racing, Star Stables offers a unique experience set in the magical world of Jorvik. Ride mystical horses, explore enchanting landscapes, and compete in thrilling races with friends and fellow players.

Fantasy Adventure: Embark on quests, solve mysteries, and uncover hidden treasures while bonding with your magical horse companions.

Customization Galore: Personalize your character, horse, and stable with a wide range of customization options, from outfits to horse gear.

Community Engagement: Join a vibrant community of players, participate in events, and build lasting friendships in a shared love for horses and adventure.

This is more of a casual-style game rather than a full-on horse-racing simulation game. It is aimed at the younger audience, and the graphics are a bit cartoonish. But the game is still quite fun to play!

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