WoT: January 2022 Bonds Store Update

This is the 3rd update of the Bonds Store, after 4 months. The goods have ALREADY been updated January 6 at 16:00 (Moscow time).

New products:

Premium tanks:
• VIII T-34-3 – 8,000 bonds
• VIII leKpz M 41 90 mm GF – 8,000 bonds
• VIII Strv 81 – 8,000 bonds
• VI Tiger 131 – 5,000 bonds

• [NEW] 2D Rat Rod – 450 Bonds
• 2D Moonlight Style – 450 Bonds
• 2D Songkran style – 450 Bonds
• 2D Australian Expeditionary Style – 450 Bonds
• A set of 4 new 2D styles – 1600 coupons (11% discount)

Where can I find merchandise for bonds?

In the game client: Shop ==> Items for bonds (the last section on the left).

What to choose from the Bonds Shop?

Of course, players are interested in the new premiums. The best of the four is the T-34-3 (requires skill), then you should pay attention to the leKpz M 41 90 mm GF. That’s all. The Strv 81 is simply the worst (!) tank at tier 8.
Then you can take the 2D styles.

6 thoughts on “WoT: January 2022 Bonds Store Update

    1. T34-3 is awesome with the special mm the armor is really good, and the gun is quite nice aswell. 192 pen is enough in most cases and 390 alpha really does hurt

      1. The “special MM” is a meme by now, you’re guaranteed to get full Tier 8 or Tier 8/9 matches most of the time and that’s not what pref MM was (these premiums lost a ton of value when WG changed the MM, and I mean back when they thought 3-5-7 in every match was a good thing).

        T-34-3 is still a strong tank and IMHO it’s better than Type 59, but that’s thanks to the many buffs it received over the years.

  1. For which tank(s) are the 2D styles?
    Think the Australian Expedition one was for either the RAAC or the AC4 Experimental?

  2. I have one of the worst winrates of all my tanks on the T-34-3, but I played it mostly in the times when it still had abysmal pen and handling stats.

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