8 thoughts on “E 25 Available on EU

  1. Seems like WG are either getting super greedy or Lootboxes did not sell so well, as they wanted.
    First they make this epic auction to dump players gold and FreeXP (which basically is also gold) and now they sell E-25 for quite a “cheap” price.
    Also RIP Tier7 machmaking for the upcoming days..

  2. Look the tank they said it was not getting on sale again because it was too powerful …… like the mutant that was supose to be “special” for players that dumped cash in the game during the beta test period …… next they will bring the su-76i to make the game more “fun” ……

    1. After all these years there are still retards like you who say WG said they won’t sell the E25 when they literally never said that.

      1. But they indeed said this about Type 59 and told everyone the Type will just be a special tank given away as a prize for challaneges
        etc., and then they sold it right away after a few years!

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