Shatterline – Open Beta may arrive in the first half of 2022

Remember Shatterline, that leaked upcoming project from WG?

There have been no news about this Wargaming project for a long time. There were expectations that the first trailer would be shown this summer, but it didn’t happen.

Our colleagues at wotclue recently noticed an advertisement for the yet—to-be-announced Shatterline game from Wargaming.

On VK, targeted advertising of the game makes a participation offer for a large closed alpha test of the game with an NDA (11 days). Interestingly, the advertisement comes from the closed official VK community of the game (link) and it is aimed at certain people: those who subscribe to WoT and currently popular shooter genre games (CS:GO, Battlefield, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Escape from Tarkov, etc.).

Interestingly, a closed alpha test of Shatterline with a non-disclosure agreement has been going on since December 2020. And everything is still continuing. NDA tests of the shooter game take place once a week on Thursdays, with a 4-hour game session. New builds for testing have been provided every week for almost a year. Apparently, now they have decided to recruit a large test base straightaway from the CIS region. They have also recruited testers beforehand, but only in Europe and also with the help of advertising campaigns.

  • For the first time, the fully-fledged Shatterline game from WG became known about in July 2020, when it was lit up in the European WG Game Center.

Shatterline is a PvE-PvP dynamic AAA first-person shooter with incredible F2P (Free-to-play) co-op. The game is being developed by the Ukrainian company Frag Lab, owned by Wargaming.

The shooter is based on Amazon (Lumberyard) technologies. The studio employs about 200 people. Previously, part of this team worked on the Warface game. The game is also being made for consoles.

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