Projects WG is working on (Shatterline, Javelin)

Wargaming is working on a new class-based shooter with PVP and co-op modes, it was renamed to Shatterline a few days ago, here is the (transparent) logo. Looking at domains hosted by WG, it will have both EU and NA servers.
There was another project WG was working on called Javelin. It was basically World of Mechs and should have been completed years ago.

16 thoughts on “Projects WG is working on (Shatterline, Javelin)

  1. Partly fake. GDI logo on the side of a tank in the mech game (stolen Command & Conquer asset), that game is rip. Shatterline, whatever it is, has existed for a while. Just don’t expect any actually good games from WG.

    1. the fact that hybrid wars was one of the stillborn projects that actually made it to release makes me wonder what terrible desasters their other incompetence fail games must be… and how much of our WoT money they are wasting on those projects instead of working on WoT’s years old issues.

      1. They want another big hit, to keep them full of cash for another 10 years instead of fixing the game that already brings them money.

  2. How nice, they dog out that Renegade mod for TIBERIAN SUN …
    I swear this looks like it in UT3 engine…

  3. Now that I know what I’d be getting into I’ll never touch another Wargaming product. I’ll enjoy WoT for what it is, for the time being, at least but i’ll never sink time or money into another WG product, ever. I’ve learnt my lesson.

    1. My government and its tax office want to know where a large proportion of my last 10 years earnings have gone. They sent the police around thinking it was drugs. Then I showed them my garage, and port.

  4. Its gonna crash and burn like all their other 9 other previous projects because WG is just shit at building a community before trying to monetize things.

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