Supertest: Bofors Tornvagn (Initial Stats)

The Tier VIII Swedish Bofors Tornvagn heavy tank has been sent to the closed Supertest stage.The vehicle has a 120mm gun with 400 damage per shot. The standard APCR shell penetrates 248mm, while the special APCR shell penetrates 297mm. The shell velocity is comfortable, but it is worth remembering that APCR shells lose their penetration rate a little more with distance than AP shells. The gun has an accuracy of 0.45, an aiming time of 2s, and a reloading speed of 14s.

The turret has an unusual design. The nominal armour thickness reaches 280mm in the turret and 260mm in the hull. The gun depression elevation angles are impressive at -10/20 deg. The vehicle has 1,600HP. Its top speed is 32km/h and the power-to-weight ratio is 11.6h.p./t.

The Bofors Tornvagn is a tank that will perform well among terrain irregularities thanks to its good gun elevation/depression angles, and its rather powerful gun should help deal with any enemy. However, the relatively slow turret and hull traverse speed can make it an easy target for manoeuvrable vehicles, so you should stick with your allies.

Additional Statistics

Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.25
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.11
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.11
Dispersion after shot – 4
Shell Velocities – 1000/1450/680
Terrain Resistances – 1.2/1.3/2.1

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22 thoughts on “Supertest: Bofors Tornvagn (Initial Stats)

    1. It’s mainly for tanks like these that are brawlers, and honestly I’m glad they’re not doing what they used to do which was giving every tank .31-.35 base dispersion. Hopefully this tank gets good on the move dispersion to compensate.

  1. Yah gotta give tech-tree tanks better accuracy so you have some reason to play them!

    Assuming I’m still interested in playing this game in a year this does look interesting.

  2. This thing is stupid, near-same armor as the Type 5, with a much smaller profile and a MUCH smaller turret (which seems unmanned, I’ve seen those in AW), in Tier 8? WG go home, too much vodka for one day.

  3. Just because it has those thicknesses, doesn’t mean they’re distributed the same way as a type 5. I mean the T34 exists, and it’s frontal turret is about the same nominal thickness. Doesn’t mean it’s broken is it?

    The side armor on the turret is much thinner, if it turns too much, like any tank, boom, side pen. And it’s not really much of a smaller profile if the height of the turret is still pretty standard.

    Like most of the Swedish Heavies, hull down might be all its really good for.

    1. I’m guessing based on the shape of the frontal arc. The flat vertical surface is probably the one that’s 260mm thick, sort of like the Tiger P and Ferdinand, the upper plate is heavily sloped so it will probably be autobounce with some angling (easy job with -10 gun depression); as for the turret, while it’s true that it’s just 1mm thicker than T29/T34/T30, it depends how it’s distributed, and I suspect it will be something like the Maus, with the protruding middle being the thickest, and the rest being less nominal but similarly effective due to sloping.

      Lastly, please keep in mind this turret looks very small. T34 turret is gigantic and has an overmatchable roof as well as a rather prominent cupola, this here seems to lack anything of the sort.

      That being said, hull down is where this tank will shine… not that it’s surprising at this point, arty was nerfed for a reason.

  4. This is actually a straight up tier 9 tank at tier 8 but just with slightly worse accuracy. I really don’t like this, along with tier 9 perms, this feels like WG is just milking the last ounces out before closing up shop. So greedy playing the short game when there is a long game still to be had.

    1. The game sustains itself through selling premium content, including premium tanks. Standards have changed as well, so what was considered good five-six years ago is most likely trash by now, so it’s in WG’s interest to keep crapping out new premiums, the stronger the better because people want to buy strong stuff, since strong stuff wins more and makes more credits.

  5. Was wondering when that would appear. Been suggested on the forum a few times over the years. Tho comparing the suggested stats they had vs this… As with the actual plan this had a 660 HP engine. So way more power to weight to name one.

  6. Mmm since WG is bringing up the first tier 9 into the game why not put this tanks as a premium tier 9? It has everything to be higher than 8 for sure with a little tweaks for sure

  7. I’m going to make a new Klan and to be in it you have to have this tank.
    That will mean I will get only the best players!

  8. Fair enough, Looks very similar to the Hagglund design for a turreted UDES 03 ( And on a number of accounts Bofors and Hagglund had similar designs.

    If it is a design for the UDES 03 project I then question why it’s a heavily armoured HT and not a turreted TD or just lower then gun caliber to be the first actual Swedish tier 8 prem MT

    1. Honestly we need more sweds in general, only premium swedish heavy is a tank that you can’t get anymore at all, and the only meds they got are shit crew trainers and a mediocre tier 6.

      Also waiting for swedish lights, like they got more than enough for a full line, and who wouldn’t want the ikv90 at tier 10 besides people who have ptsd about it from wt.

      1. Well there’s the Strv K thats in-game now, the Emil1951 should realy be in the bonds store by now (Emil 1 needs to be redesigned into the actual Emil 1 not a incorrectly modeled Emil1951). But the only other Swedish HTs were the Strv A and T that don’t have any information other then that they were both armed with a 120mm gun and that the Strv T would have more armour.

        The Sweds are a case where they just didnt do any development into HT because of their home terrain. Heaps of designs for MT and TD or turreted TD which would just play like the MT, enough for an Arty line if they do the Bkn 1 with a single shot 155mm instead of an autoloader, and like you said, enough for a LT line with the IKV 90 (they did test a 105mm gun on one so that could even be tier 10 with the 90mm at tier 9?)

        1. It seems that WG won’t sell autoloader things in bond shop, for now. This tank looks like tier 10 at tier 8

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