16 thoughts on “WoT – Spirit of War. Get the First Tier IX Premium Tank!

  1. ‘First’ Tier 9?
    First SWEEDISH tier9 prem you mean?

    1. we need a full movie of dat music video. WG does good shit these days!
    2. the skin looks very cool, not cluttered, but more like Lansen C viking skin
    3. the tank, on paper, looks very good. Like Centurion+T34+Emil Pikenose thrown together. The stats are epic https://tanks.gg/tank/strv-k?e=2.9.a

    Given you got epic crew, you can drop binocs and put in idk stabs?

    1. Honestly, even with how shit of a crew trainer for the kran, it’s really nice to see an actual Swedish premium heavy that isn’t the 1951. And it’s like kinda underpowered/balanced so that helps massively with my interest in the thing.

    2. No, the other Tier 9 Tanks are Reward Tanks. The Strv K is the first real Tier 9 Premium Tank, which means it has a credit earning bonus. Reward Tanks have crew training bonuses, but no credit earning bonus.

      1. I’d expect it to be in the € 80-100 range. just compare the price difference betweent tiers 8 and 9 in WoWs. and don’t forget the €15 – 25 of bloatware included.

        1. ps. also those tanks get a stage II with extra stuff so…
          given stats, stuff and whatnot… its not the worst deal we ever saw. by far.

          ofc grinding at LEAST 50% should be a given

  2. How much of a credit bonus will it have? If it has only 50% like other tier 8 tanks, it doesn’t seem worth it, I can easily grind credits and bonds with other, better tanks.

  3. Clap Clap Clap. It’s the first tier 9 prem. And in a few years, there will be Tier 9 Bourrasque. And that’s the day WoT collapses.

    1. There already is, it’s called the vz51, you also have garbage like the skoda t50 that are way more disgusting than that garbage frenchie.

  4. This still isn’t in the shop. Didn’t they promise that every new premium tank will be available in the shop without any shitty bundles?

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