Sandbox Test: Crew 2.0 – Feedback & Reactions

Testing of Crew 2.0 on Sandbox is now complete, and once again, we thank you for your active participation in the development of World of Tanks. 

We received a lot of questions, comments, and suggestions from the players, clearly, the proposed concept did not leave anyone indifferent. 

It is now obvious to us that Crew 2.0 requires further improvements. Therefore, the main changes that we proposed in the current Sandbox will not be released in this form. Wnow need more time to keep working on them before we have a new version we are ready to present to you. 

Preliminary Results

The preliminary survey results and direct feedback revealed that the proposed changes did not receive the approval we were expecting from the community. Many players pointed out the need for significant changes and improvements to Crew 2.0. Some of the players agree with the idea of changing the crew, but they still have several concerns regarding the proposed version. Parts of the player base did not like the concept at all, and their feedback largely points to the same concerns as mentioned before. 

Main Discussion Topics

We studied your feedback and highlighted the most discussed points: 

  • Experience of “0-skill is not taken into account in the conversion 
  • No bonus to crew qualifications for a fully trained commander 
  • Randomness in the choice of instructor skills 
  • Effectiveness of different skills in new and old systems 
  • Unnecessary crews remaining from the old system. 

What’s next?

We are now processing all the data collected in the Sandbox. We will go over it in detail, and then try to develop solutions that will address concerns and bring satisfaction for all types of players. Depending on the results of this work, we will decide on a possible second iteration of testing Crew 2.0 on the Sandbox server. We will keep you informed of all the details. 

Once again, thank you for participating in the life of the game – it‘s your feedback and suggestions that help us work out various ideas and ultimately make World of Tanks better. 

Source: EU Portal

24 thoughts on “Sandbox Test: Crew 2.0 – Feedback & Reactions

  1. They seem to listen…miracles DO happen 😉
    I am glad that they are gonna overhaul their concept, because the basic idea of a new crew system isn’t bad at all.

    1. Or they could make it that your crew is trained for a class (light/med/etc) for a given nation and then you can run that crew in any tank of that class for that nation, no matter how many tanks you have.

  2. The problem is for those who have developed 2 heavy lines of the same nationality and reached Tier X, now we have 2 crews with 5 skills, with the proposed conversion in the SANDBOX we lose out, they should let you add the XP of the crew members but not divide it, an example add all the exp of the 2 crews (10 members, but divide it by 5).

  3. Let’s be honest, I log into the sandbox server almost every day, fought in tier 7, 8, and 10, My main account is frequently played, having a WN8 over 2000, never got banned before.
    IDK why I never received a single questionnaire about Crew 2.0, guess our opinion is not important from the first place

    1. I received the questionnaire after the 5th game.
      I think I received questionnaire in every sandbox I try.

  4. And that expensive gold payments? 750 gold there and there… Hmm? Tons of credits and exp sink by retrainin, nothin WG?

    1. how is 750 expensive? its less than to retrain a 4 man crew man crew.

  5. My expectation is that 70% of this system is going to show up. For the instructors I’d at least like to see one being able to make an actual choice of where the skill points go, and a 48 hour cool-down period, tops.

    As for the resources spent on retraining, well, that’s a sunk cost I expect to be out of. Glad I mostly did my retraining when there was sale!

    At least I’m not going to be afflicted with too many excess personnel.

  6. I notice they didn’t acknowledge that having unique crew members turned into crappy instructors you’ll never see or hear sucks.

    1. That bugged me a lot at the start of this process…but I basically got over it.

      I do wonder what the real deal is here is though. Could it be that major changes in database management were coming at WG and, rather than trying to migrate everything forward, this was an effort to clear the decks?

      1. Honestly I think somebody just wants to leave their mark on the game. Office politics.

  7. What will happen to a girl crew member with over 3 skills in my barracks, that is loader and does not fit anywhere but in that 1 premium tank that had weird crew? Now she will be left behind when I convert the other crew members on a non-premium tank, and she will become Instructor. With all the xp on her gone forever??? They need to find a way to compensate a situation with “unique” crew members from the barracks, if they haven’t already.

    1. You’ll have a chance to convert her into a different type of crew for another tank of the same nationality. Her XP will go to a standard crew while she’ll be converted into an instructor. Whatever else this conversion will be it’ll be a great sort. Call it a declaration of war on radio operators!

  8. so, today i was searching something on steam, and guess what. i discovered that the world of tanks (not blitz) is planned to be released sometimes 2021 on steam. could it be that these crew “simplifications” and “improvements” are somehow connected with this business decision?? simplified settings for more general population. one sad thing is that there is a disclaimer that only new wot accounts can be made on steam, connecting your old one is not an option.

  9. This was due to be released in November 2021 so there is still time for the wankers at WG homebase to get this live.

  10. I used to receive a message in my garage saying that my non-recruited crew members from old game events, like the female crew members from the old campaign, before the update, would disappear sometime in 2035.

    Today after the micropatch, I started to receive the same message warning that my 17 non-recruited crew members will disappear 06/18/2021, so apparently Wargaming already has a well-defined date to deploy the 2.0 crew.

  11. Like, what were they smoking? What level of approval WERE they expecting? A semi retarded chimpanzee could tell how bad the changes were just by looking at the change log, and not even by testing.

  12. mmm seems that they read most of my opinion
    -RNG trainers (thats a common problem for many)
    -No commander bonus (i does not read a lot of people pointing this, when i notice it)
    -Effectiveness of different skills in new and old systems (like i said, the old “one crew member skills” are cheaper than the 2.0 but gives the same bonus)

    1. “-No commander bonus (i does not read a lot of people pointing this, when i notice it)”
      You should have seen a “detailed overview” on this blog that whines “your crew become worse” and not even notice what caused that. That’s exactly the player base or people nowadays in general. They don’t even have a full understanding before they post their ideas. Thus they are easily mislead or distracted.

      1. Yea
        I read this blog and NA forum. Most of the people focus on RNG instructors.
        I does not read a lot of people mention it.
        I also read a lot of people mention that 75 points is not enought in most of the forums. (This is also true)

  13. That must have been quite the shit storm to make them back down from the crap they where spewing about crew 2.0.

  14. … And what about the massive P2W aspect? is not a “Main Topic” as well?

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