WoT EU – Guess the tank

WG has provided a kind of teaser on their social media with the note: „Guess who’s coming back!” .

It is likely the E-25 due to the gun and track size matching.

13 thoughts on “WoT EU – Guess the tank

  1. I hope its “A Black Edition” E25 . One of the few tanks that is enjoyable just because it causes soooooo much misery and i have it 3 marked . 3 man toons and watch teir 8 heavies look like their burning. Ramming wheelies for 600+ , whats not to like ? apart from being the object of its affection in a match.

    1. it could very well be the E 25. Look at its visual model on tanks.gg. The wheel fits perfectly at this angle.

  2. Could this be a Foch 155? Peronsonally, I hope that they tease the bond-shop iteration 2 which could be released today together with the start of Ranked Battles Saison 3. However, a mircopatch would be needed and there is none planned for tomorrow.

  3. looking at the wheels they look German. Looking at the fat wide turret and long gun, my guess would be it’s the WT auf E-100

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