11 thoughts on “WoT: E 25 Available on EU

  1. 50 EUR minus 20 EUR for the 6000 Gold makes it still 30 EUR.

    For a tank which can not pen anything at Tier 8 without Gold Ammo, not to mention Tier 9 nowadays….

    I used to play it a lot, 5 years ago… since then, I have not touched it.

    1. Tryhards these days run full gold by default, a tank having bad base pen is inconsequential to many, what with the excuse that they only fight superheavies in corridors (guess what, not true, but don’t tell anyone that or you mark yourself as a WG shill).

    2. Yea you are right It was good and fun years ago not today,still a fun tank to buy.

    3. What r u talking about? It never sees tier 9 battles. It’s still a very strong tank. Only in skilled hands of course.

    4. Good that you don’t mention Tier 9 as E25 can not met Tier9 with his PMM status.

  2. had a funny encounter last night……at start of battle guy on my team accused me of insulting his sister in previous battle (it was my 1st battle that night)….he went on how he reported me then and that he will report me now again……and then it began: 6 other people on my team claimed they were there in last battle and saw me insulting him and that they will all report me….well the battle ended with us winning….us being me winning 1 vs 4 at the end…..I was in my E 25,top tier….and those 7 guys did less than 1k dmg-all together (4 had zero)

  3. The E25 is still plenty potent and is often a game winner with E25 platoons often dominating due to being able to permatrack, whittle away and reposition against any enemy that they face.
    A decent counter to the E25 is the gokarts but OP vehicle countering an OP vehicle is par for the course in WoT.

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