5 thoughts on “WoT: Update 1.8 Video Review

  1. wtf in last info they was say you can get 2 IX tier vehicles as a reward from fl now they speak about one 4:33

  2. Technically you can get TWO vehicles overall, but can only unlock ONE during Frontlines, and ONE during Steel Hunter (due to the max amount of tokens you can get). So they are correct as both ‘events’ are considered as one for 2020 (they share tokens/rewards).

      1. Also, if you can’t fully commit to these events, you can play a little but of frontline and a little bit of steel hunter, and earn some tokens from each one, to hopefully be able to afford at least one reward tank.

  3. It’s embarrassing how long it took them to adjust their own sessions statistics to have the basic functionality of session statistic mods available like a half decade ago. A welcome change nonetheless.

    I hope they will approach vehicle stats panel with the same idea of allowing players to resize and customize it. Maybe in another 5 years?

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