9 thoughts on “WoT: KV-2 (R) Available on EU

  1. I got it a year or so ago and it’s by far one of the best premiums I’ve ever bought. A great crew trainer too. Those games when you one shot a Cromwell or a type 64 are wonderful. But I’m more of an ambush player. Set up on a common known route and knock out the first enemy to one through. And the derp is still pretty effective in the high tier battles. Just aim over the back of a tough armored ally and stay back until you’re ready to shoot. One of the tanks I’ve mastered.

  2. Good marketing timing from WG. Just after telling everybody they ”won’t mess” anymore with the HE shell mechanic, they are selling a HE dependant tank.
    Yes, they said both KV-2 will keep their HE penetration, but it was not guaranted and final, since logic wasn’t there anymore (like : KV-2 has pen but O-I with derp has not, cuz reasons…)
    And the tank is just like the one in the tech tree, no OP premi here.
    Nice move WG, this is ok.

    1. Tech tree KV-2 may get screwed over by HE rework, but KV-2 (R) should be pretty safe. WG really doesn’t want to mess up with premiums. Look at that French premium arty at tier 5. It’s characteristics didn’t change after the grand arty rework and it even kept it’s AP and HEAT shells.

  3. Actually fork out 26 euros for the pleasure of meeting Skorpion’s, Defenders, Progettos and premium wheeled crap as a tier VI one hit wonder? No thanks, I’ll stick to the tech tree version!

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