World of Tanks – Update 1.8 Patchnotes

Main Changes

Battle Pass

Any Tier VI—X vehicle is allowed. When playing in Random Battles (excluding Grand Battles), players will earn points, progressing from stage to stage and earning rewards along the way. Progression in Battle Pass is divided into two successive parts: Main and Elite Both include a certain number of stages. To advance to a new stage, a player should earn a particular number of points. Players can only progress through stages. Regressing to a previous stage cannot occur.

Point Limit

Each vehicle has a certain Point Limit to points earned. It is calculated for each vehicle with respect to its Tier. Once the Point Limit has been reached, points can no longer be earned, and another vehicle should be selected. If the player reaches the limit on a particular vehicle, they will receive an additional bonus to points above the limit as a reward.

Main Progression

During the test, the Main Progression will have 20 stages. To complete a stage, a player should earn a particular number of points.

Within the Main Progression, the reward for completing stages is divided into Base Rewards and Improved Rewards. When the event begins, all players will have access to the sequence of Base Rewards. To gain access to the sequence of Improved Rewards, players need to purchase the Improved Pass. Once the Improved Pass is purchased, the player will receive the rewards of both sequences for all subsequent stages, and will also receive all Improved Rewards for the stages that have already been completed.

In addition to purchasing the Improved Pass, a player will be able to buy a certain number of Stages that will be automatically added to their progression. All costs, number of stages, and intermediate rewards are preliminary and used only for testing the functionality.

Elite Progression

Access to the Elite Progression opens immediately after completing the final Main Progression stage. The Elite Progression starts with stage 1. Once stage 50 is achieved (the value is set for the time of the test), the Elite Progression is considered complete. Within the Elite progression, points are earned according to the same rules as within the Main Progression. However, the required number of points will increase with each subsequent stage. At the same time, the Point Limits for vehicles will not be reset, and such vehicles will be unable to earn points for the Elite progression.

All players who reach the Elite Progression will receive a dynamically changing badge that will display their current Elite Progression stage.

Bounty Equipment

A new type of item that initially corresponds to the characteristics of standard equipment, but can be mounted irrespective of the vehicle’s specifics (similar to Improved Equipment). Bounty Equipment obtained can be upgraded by paying a certain amount of credits (the amount will be conventional for the time of the test). Once upgraded, the Bounty Equipment’s characteristics will improve and be on par with Improved Equipment. Two types of equipment will be available: Bounty Rammer and Bounty Gun Laying Drive.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue when the pop-up hint overlapped with the Comparison List button.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

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  1. Not related to WoT, but does anyone know if/when AMD plans to release software DXR support (fallback layer) in their drivers for their current GPUs?

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