8 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Getting to Grips: CT.1.8 Battle Pass

  1. Ekk makes it sound all a lot more complicated than it really is

    Common Test server is open and its easy to understand what this all means

    ie: spend GOLD on each stage x 20 times for rewards (as Ekk explained) more Gold you spend the more rewards you get faster (much faster)

    at completion stage 20 you get
    a New Commander with 3 skill/ perks + 3D styles etc
    + Bounty gun layer Bounty gun Rammer (same as “Improved” but not cost Bonds

    so go Buy LOTS of Gold more Gold get your fat wallet out baby and spend that cash
    and enjoy easy P2W gameplay

  2. The old TAP

    was so much better faster in every way than this “new” version
    now ……………..
    it loads slow/ does not load
    Error loading
    will not load at all

    jeeez Seb
    this new Website isn’t doing you or TAP any favours at all

    gotta ask? why change from what was fast good always loads ~ to this buggy whatever it is?

    1. I can give you the answer but you won’t like it.
      At the very least Seb is aware of the problems and just as upset about them as you are, but fixing them is going to take a while. Damned providers…

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