Caliber is coming to Europe!

Over one million registered players and over 53 million matches in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Registration for the upcoming EU closed beta is underway. A playable version will be available at IEM Expo in Katowice – come to the Wargaming stand and play first!

Caliber, a tactical free-to-play action game from 1C Game Studios and Wargaming, is entering a new phase of testing in Europe. After the successful announcement of the title at Gamescom, the developers are pleased to announce the start of closed beta registration (CBT) for all interested players from the Old Continent.

After meticulous testing in the Commonwealth of Independent States and moving into an open beta, Caliber boasts over 1,000,000 registered players from this region who have played over 53,000,000 battles. The game offers exciting tactical gameplay based on the cooperation of diverse players in the team, rewards communication, coordination and competition of developed strategies. Caliber is a cooperative competition of 4 players against artificial intelligence (AI) in the player versus environment (PvE) system or skirmishes between teams controlled by players (PvP), 4 versus 4 players.

Each team is formed on the basis of 4 different roles (stormtrooper, support, medic and sniper) belonging to the national armed forces of different countries (e.g. Polish GROM, American Navy SEALs or German KSK – Kommando Spezialkräfte). Gameplay in Caliber rewards team collaboration, making full use of your roles on the battlefield and planning for clashes with opponents.

For Caliber, closed beta testing in Europe is another important step in the development of the game. All interested players can register for testing at On this occasion, 1C Game Studios and Wargaming are preparing new content, collections and stories for European participants:

“We will ensure that players in Europe get as much content as possible, including more units from different countries, new maps and a story that will bring more context to the game. Join by providing an email on the site and look forward to further steps – European tests are just around the corner. ” – says Kirill Stadnik, game director of Caliber.

And if we are already in the upcoming beta tests, we are pleased to inform you that it is players in Poland who will be able to try the Caliber game first! Just visit the IEM Expo in Katowice, where between 28.02 and 1.03 at the Wargaming stand, any interested player will be able to check this title! Computers with cooperative mode and 4-on-4 teams will be available, so please visit us alone or with your friends! Try the unique tactical action of special forces units in Caliber!

“We are very grateful for the warm reception of our title in the Commonwealth of Independent States and we hope for a growing player base in Europe. We start new recruits for the upcoming closed beta with a strong accent – the playable version at IEM Expo in Poland! ” – adds Alex Morozov, marketing director of Caliber.

6 thoughts on “Caliber is coming to Europe!

  1. any predictions how long this game will survive?
    I will give it a try, but WG should better stick to their niche games. at least they’re somehow unique.
    Redirect all your money towards your tonks please, WG!

    1. A year or maybe two if it’s lucky. I know for sure that I’m not going to spend money on it. I’ve burnt myself already with WoT Generals and almost with Total war Arena.

  2. This market segment is already full and oversaturated.
    There is no place for newcomers – unless they really do something new and extraordinary.
    So I expect WG just will fail with caliber. Not because it is bad, but it is too late.

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