World of Tanks – Bourrasque Store Price

The RU server had a brief premium shop error yesterday, allowing us to get a glimpse at the price of the tank. The bundle is around 60 €. A 10% discount applies for each completed marathon stage. For example, completing 6 out of 10 stages will cut 60% of the starting price. Purchasing it will give you all the rewards for the unfinished missions and will automatically complete them. You will not have access to them anymore after purchasing the tank. It goes the other way too, if you complete the marathon you can no longer buy the bundle. The bundle can be purchased once per account and cannot be gifted.

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Bourrasque Store Price

  1. “The RU server had a brief premium shop error yesterday”

    I honestly doubt that 🙂

    These “mistakes” are as intended, cause these leaks are always helpful for others, so people can prepare wallets 🙂

  2. This does not worth its price.
    People realistically can grind to 50-60% discount during the marathon.
    The Bourrasque bundle does not worth 30 € + the grinding.

  3. €60 Euro Wow!!
    that’s a Rip Off price ever I see it REALLY good job its a non interest weak/balanced Tank then isn’t it

    poor Gun Stats everywhere zero Armour – Only Unicums make it look ok
    190/ 240 pen for AP/ Gold pen (nice 360 damage if hits that is, that aim time?
    3.5 sec aim time
    0.43 dispersion accuracy

    and it gets to see Tier 10 all day long!

    nah! well that one long boring grind-athon Marathon I can happily miss this time

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