28 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Bourrasque Challenge Requirements Breakdown

  1. Is this challenge a progressive one where we can move on to the next one as soon as we are done with the previous challenge. Or is this a daily challenge event= one challenge per day??

  2. And again a retarded challenge which would make more sense to give something like a month. 10 days is just insane. They could only just sell it right away and dont hide it behind some insane grind.

    1. Why would they? This way they can appear dishonest and make players hate them more, plus the money. Win-win situation.

      I just can’t understand how come there’s no special site and currency for this. Come on, work harder – stamps? dineros? yen? Toss a coin for your challenge? Oh, I know – franks, old french currency. And a web site.

      1. I can’t see the problem of Bourrasque infestation, it will still happen. Not like it’s OP and randoms will cry.

        Whole concept of grind-or-buy is great, nobody complains. It’s when you get supergrind versus inflated price, making most people buy the pixel tank at somewhat regular price, after investing humanly possible grind hours, here we enter dark hate territory.

        Tank like this one, and many before, are mostly cannon fodder, made a little too “balanced”,
        not made to shine or carry the battle, unless in hands of rare unicorns. Most regular players will roll it to make some money even if they die rather fast.

        My point is – if you wouldn’t do this to your family, don’t do to your customers. Either it is a gift, fare and square, then moderate grind and working alcoholics get it (Oh, the Humanity!), otherwise just sell it for a normal price, no bundles of joy, no hidden fees, no small letters in contract.

        Sure, you can also be a perfect consumer and just do what WG tells you,they have only your best interest in mind! Sorry if I get to tell you there’s no Santa, only capitalist greed.

    2. They do it this way to give a sense of urgency and limited time to buy. It also makes it so not everyone can get it for free like the marathons from 2013 to 2016 which had VERY forgiving requirements and lasted I think a month.

  3. I really don’t understand why people get angry about these marathons. The point of the event is never to give everybody a free tier 8 premium tank. WG is a company and it needs to make money in order to keep the game we all love (for now at least) going. As long as they do it without introducing OP premium tanks and excessive P2W elements then it is a win-win for everybody.

    No, the point of these marathons was always to create hype around new prem tanks while giving opportunity for discounts to entice players to buy. It also gives a chance for the truly dedicated players, who don’t mind no-lifing for a week or so, to earn the tank for free. Everybody wins in my opinion (again, provided the tank in question is not OP…which this is not).

    Nobody is making anybody complete the marathon, it is completely up to each individual player. For most people it should be a case of either playing normally or some reasonable amount to earn a discount and then buy the tank if you feel it is worth it. If not, then at worst, you just earn some free rewards for each stage you complete. How is that bad in any way?

    1. svyatoslav123

      I read through all of your latest comments in here.
      You are WG’s DREAM CUSTOMER,not too many expectations,not too much criticism,not too many faults in this game,everything works as intended so everybody pls shut up and p(l)ay.

      According to you,it seems EVERYTHING WG does is fine,ballanced and correct,from Black Market to balance changes in sandbox,to Marathons.
      Plus,you allways write the longest posts,lots of arguments,detailes,opinions (not necessarily correct though)..

      You got a Horse in this race mate?………

      (If not,pls contact WG,they could use people like you in their marketing/PR department)

      1. There are (a lot) of things that WG does which deserve criticism (baiting players to gamble in loot boxes, OP prem tanks, balancing their game around premium ammo, premium consumables that make some tanks broken, introducing wheeled vehicles, OP reward tanks, giving arty the accuracy and burst radius to do consistent damage which actually limits aggressive play in some cases instead of preventing camping, introducing the stun mechanic, etc…). As you can see there are A LOT of things which I dislike about WG’s approach, however, I get triggered when I see people just hating for the sake of hating. It is not constructive and just plain annoying to read.

        PS. Use space after comma.

        1. Good to know.
          Allthough i disagree with you that players only hated Black Market,or super hard Marathons (both promoted and advertised by WG almost as doing us players a favor and offering us amazing deals),for the sake of hating.
          Majority of the community,including most CC’s agreed that BM was disappointing,to you they probably hate for the sake of hating,right?

          Dont get me wrong,WG has all the right in the world to present their game,or their Marathons,or their Black Markets,as a gift to humanity,but for many of us,eventhough we live in a free economy,selling pixel tanks with a gold skin for 100€ or boosting their server population from marathons,where people have to pay 30-40-50€ ON TOP,is on the limit of deception and scam.
          It is still an addictive game, addicted people will still play it,including me,but that does not mean it is right.

          PS:Comma is supposed to be pause (space)

          1. PS2:Yes,WG needs money to keep their game running,but believe me,they make so much more than that.
            Ask Victor Kislyi.

          2. Regarding BM, sure it was a bit underwhelming, but hardly the disaster that a lot claimed it was. The real problem was that many set their expectations way too high due to unfounded rumors that had nothing to do with WG (ie. golden WTF100). And when expectations don’t meet reality people get disappointed and start whining.

            I was satisfied with the BM, I got the deathstar for 22 mil and a tier 8 prem (Swiss Mutz) for 3.5 million. I wasn’t fast enough to get the LeFH but whatever. My only complaint with the BM was the fact they didn’t offer more styles like they did last year. A lot of the CCs have almost every tank in the game, so yeah, they were never gonna get a lot from the event. WG never marketed the BM as something that was gonna offer anything new so why were people expecting it?

            For F2P players, they had a chance to get 2 tier 8 premiums for 3.5 mil credits each, that’s practically free considering that many made a lot of credits in FL last year, and a great tier 8 prem, the Lansen, for 8.5 mil. I doubt any F2P player complained about the BM.

            Whales that already had the 59G and tank collectors who got screwed over by the su76i debacle didn’t have much to be happy about, sure, but that’s a small population of the total player base. It all depended on whether you had the tanks they sold or not (like the EBR for example as they don’t sell that tank very often).

            And you know what, as you yourself said, this is a free economy so it is up to you whether you want to spend or not, nobody is forcing you to. You have all the information available to you so if you either have the time or want to buy or some combination of the two then that’s up to you. If you look around, in a free market, if you want to get something new, like the latest smartphone for example, you have to be prepared to spend a bit more than usual. Alternatively, you can always wait and get the item cheaper at a later date, again that’s up to you.

            PS. If you respect others on this blog, put spaces after your commas, otherwise it is hard to read.

            1. I totally agree with your point that the unrealistic expectation on BM is a problem. But the other factor is that WG scheduled the BM at the time when people should be sleeping and they are disapointed for getting nothing new. I can’t tell it is whos fault but criticising WG for not introducing new content is nonsense. WG never made anyone sacrifice their sleep to get pixels. It’s your choice to do so or not. And getting nothing is the probability you should take. What is essentially wrong is the time itself. Not people choose to get in and blame for not getting new content that nobody promised.

              1. While I agree with you that the times were not convenient at all for some people, the problem is that their player base is spread over something like 20 time zones. Since they have to release the offers simultaneously across all servers in order for the information not to leak out, there is literally no way for them to cater to everybody. The introduction of the auction system partially mitigated that but that introduces a different issue of price inflation for offers everybody wants.

    2. You dont understand why people get angry about the marathons because you dont understand how they promote it. They tell you that you can get the tank for free (if you “do your best” and grind hard enough”. That you need to do a ridcilous challenge which even Oedipus would be afraid of, this one they dont tell. So they bait their customer in believing that is is “doable”.

      The one thing i give you, is that this marathon is more fair than the “Puerto Rico-Disaster” they had in WoWs. In the marathon you can get at least something even when you dont finish the challenge while you did get nothing, when you didnt finish the tasks for the PR.

      They should be more honest when they promote it. It should be more like “You want a discount? You can choose how much! And if you are really nuts, then you can get if for free…but you have to be really nuts and a pretty good player”.

      1. Except that they don’t tell you it is doable. They release the requirements to complete each stage up front before the marathon even starts so you can easily estimate how long it would take you. If you can’t figure out that it will take you A LONG TIME after seeing that information then it is your fault mate…

  4. The “fun” part: The Bourrasque will be sold in a package, which will inflate the price to the double with filler items.
    So even after you reach 50% discount you will still pay the original 100% (the normal) price.

    1. Then just wait for when they sell it normally (which they will eventually). Buy the tanks that they sell now without the bloated packages.

        1. Actually it is the opposite, there are a few exceptions that WG set aside for special events such as loot boxes (progetto) and BM (EBR75) but most other tanks gets sold by themselves EVENTUALLY.

          Take me for example, I was a F2P for 7 years until this past Xmas when I decided to buy 33 loot boxes. I was lucky and got the 703, progetto and the su130PM. Then with the gold I got from the loot boxes (in addition to 5k gold I saved from event rewards such as FL until now), I bought the LT432 (6500 gold) and amx 13 57 (5500(?) gold) off of advent calendar. Then a few weeks later, in January, with the gold I had left over I used the trade-in option and got the ELC EVEN 90 for the T28HTC (a reward tank I got for doing missions). Finally I traded in the STA2 I got by playing FL to get the STG for an additional $15. That’s 7 high tier premium tanks for $75 or $10 and change per tank. Admittedly I got pretty lucky with the loot boxes but even discounting that, it’d be $15 per tank. Now the only premium tanks I want are the Lorr40t and the IS3a. The Lorr40t was actually offered in the advent calendar but at the time I thought it’d be redundant with me already having the progetto. I only realized how wrong I was after trying out the rental of the Lorr this month (I loved it more than the progetto).

          I rambled on a bit, but the point is that I got almost every premium tank I want without having to buy any bloated packages all because I got the tanks a lot later after they came out when the opportunity presented itself.

  5. Maraton, tankrewards, campaigns, special events etc. all are designed to make us addicted to game. We are like heroin addicts buying the drug from dealer and be angry with the dealer to sell you. This is a general problem in gaming industry. Gamers are complaining but still buying it 🙂 For example, we hate EA for microtransactions, same call of duty game every year etc.but we are buying all and EA is getting soooo rich of course they will not change anything because it works 🙂

    1. Ahhh….those were the days…
      At the start of the battle, we would rush front and whatever tank appeared in front of us (Maus, IS-4, IS-7) we would send to oblivion with a single clip… XD
      WE WANT OUR WT-100 BACK!!!!


  6. How dare you, WG, give us the change to get something expensive for free, but make it hard to get! How dare you!!! We will go Full Greta on you, greedy pigs!!!

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